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Coping with the Social Media Cyber Bullying Environment


The Health Inn for Monday August 27, 2012

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Visit NissanCommunications to view our live show.

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  • Comment and ask questions.
  • Call in to talk, if you wish.



Amnon Nissan produces the Health Inn Show and numerous other educational programs on the internet from His specialty and expertise in computers  has been recognized in North Carolina over two decades. In business since 1981, Amnon hosts a live radio show that garnishes up to 5,000 listeners each Sunday.

Ask questions and get help with your computer programs, spyware, safety and management, tune in Sunday from 9 till whenever (eastern USA), 'Nissan Communications Network' brings you "Computers 2K Now". Amnon provides guests and hosts the show from Deltaforce with Spencer Shoemaker and attorney Mike Phillips. Other regular guests include Steve Guessed, Bruce Turner and Parham Shaw (Mr. Apple). The gang takes calls on all computer, networking, technology and Internet related topics.
Airing since 1993, the show can only be watched or Listened to on the Internet by clicking "Watch Live".



Definition of Cyberbullying |  Not all aggression should be classified as bullying, he cautions; bullying must be intentional, occur with some degree of repetition, and involve a power imbalance between the perpetrator(s) and victim.

Olweus also notes a high degree of overlap between traditional forms of bullying and cyberbullying, with a large majority of self-reported perpetrators and victims of cyberbullying also classifying themselves as perpetrators and victims of traditional bullying.

  • APS Fellow Dan Olweus, a research professor from the University of Bergen, Norway, who is known as the “founding father” of research on bullying

Maneuvering The Internet 

We've all had to overcome the hurdle of entering a new unknown space and we want someone to lead us through the forest. When we don't understand the language, the etiquette, the environment and any repercussions, we can either be daring and make mistakes, or sit back in the corner just watching the world go by.


Since the boom of MySpace, FaceBook, Blogging and YouTube, more people have joined the online community. Stepping out from behind the bushes, getting on the internet has become part of daily life and even some would say, a necessity. Individuals, organizations, industry, business and government all do work and communicate via the internet. 


The Hazards

As with everything in life, we find the good and bad, the gains and losses as people use these tools in appropriate and inappropriate ways. 


It's best to keep your cool, be polite, and be aware of the group of people who listen, visit your pages and interact with you. 


Sometimes unsavory folks will attempt to take advantage of your good graces. This show we will talk about dealing with folks who may try to get you to respond from that negative perspective. If you have concerns and questions, please join this show. Send us questions and comments early, especially if you can't attend the live broadcast. 


Some thoughts

  • How to respond to someone who says nasty things?
  • How to respond to someone who continues to leave oppositional replies?
  • How to respond to someone who attempts to hijack your blog with other topics? 
  • How to deal with people who down rate your website?
  • How to deal with website security?





While we know that time heals all wounds, it does not help to say these words when living in the moment of grief. Sadness, emptiness, gloom are healthy natural responses to loss. Homeopathy helps us cope with whatever ails us.  


Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.
 ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson



Deltaforce is an Internet Service Provider, and computer service, owned by Amnon Nissan. It is a full service ISP. Amnon Nissan, owner, has been involved with computer technology pre-internet era and grew along with this technology. He helps people solve problems. 





Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change - this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress. ~ Bruce Barton



Mark your calendar

  • September 3 - Mary Ellen - How similar suffering of plants helps our wounds to heal. 
  • September 10 - Jayney Goddard on anti-aging
  • September 19 - 
  • September 24 - 


Please contact Debby if you have ideas for show guests



Childhood and Psyche, Power Drugs, Miasms 


 2010-I, Childhood and Psyche, Fear-Autism-Agression-ADHD
2010-2, Power Drugs, Cacao, Cola, Coca & Co
2010-3, Miasms 1828 




Homeopathic Medicine for Defiant, Aggressive and Violent Children
As the previous books Ritalin free kids and Prozac free, Rage free kids is aimed at the general public. The scope of this book is more ambitious than its predecessors, as rage, unlike Ritalin or Prozac, is not as easily cirscumbscribed. The main value of the book, perhaps, is its educational content about homeopathy, which does much to familiarise people with its modalities of action and practice.

The publisher:

A Drug-Free Answer to Overcoming Rage
Although anger is a normal emotion, in certain children it can spiral out of control and become something much less manageable—rage. If your child exhibits bouts of uncontrollable anger, tantrums, aggression, or violence, you should know that there is a safe and effective treatment that is completely drug-free. In Rage-Free Kids, renowned homeopathic physicians Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman and Robert Ullman present a natural answer to extreme anger that has worked for over 1,500 challenging children. If you have a difficult child, this book is a must read.

Here is what parents say about the Ullmans' work:

"Jason's completely different from before. Zero fits or threats. His progress reports had only praise."

"I've seen a 97 percent improvement in Caroline. Like night and day. It's so incredible. I never dreamed this much change was possible."

"Christopher's teachers have seen a dramatic difference in his behavior. No more violent outbursts."



Video below. If you don't see it, just refresh your page and it will pop up. 

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