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Health Freedom – A New Solution For The American Health Care Dilemma


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Special Report | Health Freedom Interview with Manfred Mueller, Diane Miller and Alan Phillips. Everyone welcome. 

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March 25, 2013 Health Freedom | A New Solution For The American Health Care Dilemma

Join Moderator and Host, Debby Bruck along with Diane Miller, JD, Director of Law and Public Policy, National Health Freedom Coalition, Manfred Mueller, Health Freedom Activist and President of the North American Society of Homeopaths; Alan Phillips, JD, NC attorney, in this critical debate.


Visit NissanCommunications to view our live show.

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    • Comment from viewer after watching this program: "I listened to this discussion and as usual, Diane Miller and the others made SOO much sense. The answer to the entire Health Care dilemma is so obvious that of course, a politician cannot see it. Freedom of choice for health care would bring the costs down very rapidly while improving the Nations health at the same time. The program also did a good job of pointing out how licensure laws have been misused by those who promote their own self interests. Again, Health Freedom would take care of that problem. So tell your friends to listen to this and encourage them to get actively involved with their nearest Health Freedom Coalition."




Health Freedom – A New Solution For The American Health Care Dilemma


The American health care system is broken. It is too expensive and relies too much on treatment with synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. You can’t solve every health problem by throwing medication at it. There are multiple health conditions that can be better treated by alternative therapies. We need at our fingertips all available alternatives, preventive measures, nutritional advice, supplementation, herbal treatment, homeopathic treatment, naturopathic treatment, traditional medicine, energy medicine, etc.


The current American system of medical practitioner licensing creates a narrow monopoly for the few preventing broader access to alternative care. It fails the silent majority who suffer from conditions that could be better helped by experts in the alternative health care professions.

Rather than creating a state-sanctioned licensing monopoly we need to free alternative health care professions from restrictions. Health freedom/safe harbor legislation can restore patients’ rights, protect alternative practitioners, and make alternative care available for everybody.

Health Freedom Live TV Debate – A New Solution For The American Health Care Dilemma March 25 at 11AM ET


Mr. Mueller, MA, DHM, RSHom(NA), CCH is a homeopath in private practice working with adults, children and animals. He is certified in classical homeopathy by the Council for Homeopathic Certification, a Registered member of the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) and has been president of the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) since 2005. He served on the board of Council for Homeopathic Education (now called ACHENA) from 2006 to 2008, and has served on the board of the Homeopathic Action Alliance (HAA) since 2008.


Manfred Mueller is a California-based homeopathic practitioner and founder of the The Homeopathic College.  A veteran health freedom activist, he, in 2003, authored and helped introduce the North Carolina Consumer Health Freedom Act, which, by 2009, was co-sponsored by 14 House Representatives. From 2003 to 2006, he served on the board of Citizen for Healthcare Freedom (CHF), a North Carolina-based health freedom group. He has also served as National Health Freedom Leader with 
National Health Freedom Action.  


Manfred Mueller, principal lecturer and founder of THE HOMEOPATHIC COLLEGEhas been a regular guest on Homeopathy World Community BlogTalkRadio. We welcome his return on Health Inn as a leader in the community toward promoting Health Freedom. 


His previous talks on The Cancer Diathesis, cleansing methodologies and reversing illness has provided much needed information to those seeking alternative methods of healing.

In his work he integrates current scientific insight into Hahnemannian methodology without sacrificing the principles of classical homeopathy. Beginning in 1990, he developed Reverse Chronological Tautopathy (RCT), a comprehensive approach to homeopathic treatment for adverse effects of  infections, vaccinations, x-rays, radiation and other medical procedures, drugs, and toxic exposures. 

Visit Manfred's website



Diane Miller is a Minnesota attorney who successfully helped to defend a Minnesota farmer from charges of “practice of medicine without a license.”


After State v. Saunders, Miller proceeded to design health freedom legislation for the State of Minnesota and was the lead lobbyist and legislative consultant to the Minnesota Natural Health-Legal Reform Project responsible for passing the consumer driven legislation entitled the Minnesota Complementary and Alternative Health Care Freedom of Access Act.


She designed the first health freedom bill for the State of Minnesota entitled the Minnesota Complementary and Alternative Health Care Freedom of Access Act. The new law exempts unlicensed health care practitioners from charges of "practice of medicine without a license".

In 2000 Miller co-founded the National Health Freedom Coalition, a national information resource for health freedom decision-making, to support individuals and states that are interested in health seekers access to complementary and alternative health care.



Diane Miller, Director of Law and Public Policy
National Health Freedom Action
National Health Freedom Organization

National Health Freedom Coalition 

Health Freedom Expo June 2013


Alan Phillips May Not Be Able To Attend, But Tune In To Our Shows On Thursday on BlogTalkRadio.

Alan Phillips co-hosts the Homeopathy World Community weekly show Vaccinations and Your Rights in the US with HWC founder Debby Bruck. They have been creating waves of awareness, informing the public about constitutional rights and freedoms, the risks associated with vaccines, and discussions on current events each Thursday at 1PM ET USA since 2010, now on BTR FreedomizerRadio. Since then, Alan has written numerous white papers and defended many vaccine rights issues throughout the country. Alan Phillips also writes for Natural News and broadcasts shows with Dr Eisenstein and Mike Adams. 


Alan Phillips, J.D. Attorney and Counselor at Law of Asheville, NC, is one of the nation's leading vaccine rights attorneys. He advises individuals, families, attorneys, groups and organizations throughout the U.S. on vaccine exemption and waiver rights; supports legislative initiatives aimed at expanding vaccine freedom of choice; is published internationally on vaccine health and legal matters; and appears regularly at rallies, conferences, and on radio and TV shows discussing vaccine rights issues.  

Alan stumbled on the vaccine issue when his son was an infant. A friend informed him about another child who became permanently damaged by a vaccine. Then Alan began researching and writing about vaccines after that, and was motivated by that to go to law school to better address vaccine issues. Alan didn't become a lawyer until his son was 8 years old.

Since then, Alan has been a pioneer in a country with few advocates for vaccine damaged children, and others concerned about the potential harm from vaccinations. Learning that d
octors will tell people routinely that events are not connected to the vaccine became an impetus to carry on the freedom fight. 


In addition, Alan is a talented musical artist, producer and singer. 


We are looking forward to a lively discussion. Please ask everyone you know to join us.




Gaby also those, who believe in the allopathy
Amnon Good morning
Gaby Hello, how long till beginning, please, today?
Amnon Sorry, another 25 minutes Gaby
Debby Bruck Hello everyone. :)
Debby Bruck When we begin remember to refresh page and look for the LIVE ON AIR
Debby Bruck The Red Button says LIVE!
Dr Deepak India Hello Everyone
Gaby back, and I hope free till the end :)
Gaby hello everyone - for a nice show today
Dr Deepak India Hello Gaby
Amnon Hello Dr. Sharma
Gaby hello Dr Deepak from India :)
Dr Deepak India Gaby we always thankful to every viewers and listeners and request to share your thoughts by call-in regards
Gaby As another base for discussion, this page may be interesting for all of us:
Gaby wrong - better:
Gaby I don't get it black written, no idea why
Amnon If you want an actual link Gaby, use the <  and the  >  around it.
Amnon Otherwise, ommit the <http://www>
Gaby ok - good idea, I will
Gabya href="">;
Gaby isn't that nice - it works
Amnon Let me as you, when you go to a link on the net, do you type the http://  ?
Gaby yes
Gaby if you marker it above in the chat, you can see.
Amnon You know you don't have to.
BB ? all i have is last week's show 3/18 with Lewis, no red button. Does it work with Chrome?
Dr Deepak India yes its work with chrome
BB got it, thanks
Carrie Hey everybody!
Amnon Hi Carrie
Carrie Morning!!
kavitha Hello Everyone
Dr Deepak India Hello Kavitha, carrie
Carrie Hello
kavitha Hello Dr Sharma
Dr Deepak India anyone can call at 919.518.9773  or computers2kvoice -- via skype
Wequar JUst joined,and hello to all
Debby Bruck Welcome Nancy, Carrie, Rumen, Kavitha, Dave, Wequar, Gaby, BB, Dr Deepak, Heidi
Debby Bruck Thank you Dr Deepak
Drkulbhushan I am not able to hear you
Debby Bruck Refresh your page
Dr Deepak India they are making and only making the money by experimenting on animals and used in human
Carrie I hear just fine
kavitha My question to Diane- What action a homeopath should take in order to make their state health freedom state.
Drkulbhushan drdeepak areyouthere
Dr Deepak India yes dr Kulbhushan  I am here
Dr Deepak India do you hear the live show
Dave the man yes
Debby Bruck Welcome Jyothi, BB, Dr Kulbhush
Jyothi Just joined here. Hello to everyone!
Debby Bruck Nancy -- If you wish to call in, we welcome you
Jyothi Hi Debby
Debby Bruck Hello Judy -- I shall call you later today!
Heidi Naturopathic physicians want the health freedom to practice the way they have been trained.
Debby Bruck Hi Carrie - we even mentioned psychics :)
Carrie yes-i know that
Carrie lol
Debby Bruck Hello Heidi -- Where are you located?
BB My 16 year old wants to go into healing arts and has excellent grades/test scores.  What would be a good path ?  She isn't interested in medical school at this point, but I could try to influence her.  She uses homeopathy often and loves psychology and wants to help people. Is medical school necessary to avoid prosecution in the future?
Dave the man no
Debby Bruck We need Health Freedom acts in every state
Carrie I think my psychic healing would be more of the spiritual in nature
Debby Bruck Osteopathic school
Debby Bruck I see, Carrie
Heidi PA has introduced a Naturopathic Licensing Bill and has incorporated a Safe Harbor Language that would protect the term "naturopath"
Debby Bruck Disclosure is Key for consumers
Carrie although I have helped with many health issues
Debby Bruck Hello Dr Wequar :)
Drkulbhushan iamnotabletoheardrdeepak
Wequar Hi there
Heidi Naturopathic Bill in PA would not stop the sales of any homeopathic remedies sold at retail stores or lay homeopaths from practicing.
Debby Bruck FREEDOM
Dr Deepak India Is there any homeopathic association which are fighting against Govt
Debby Bruck Very good. Glad to hear that Heidi
Heidi However, it is the Health Freedom groups that are impinging the freedom of those who have attended 4 year naturopathic medical programs.
Carrie with many of my readings--been able to diagnose potential health issues through my guardians
Heidi IF Health Freedom keeps resisting our efforts, the PA Medical Society will introduce legislation that will keep naturopaths from practicing
Gaby No pharmaceutical company will ever admit that it undermines peace in medicine. No allopathic doctor will do it. But to talk with this economic might want to make peace, will not work, because in a real debate would have to admit this site that arises from allopathy no cure.
Dave the man PA Medical Society is promoting legalized racketeering.
Heidi I agree with you, but they are a powerful force in PA 
Wequar As long as corporate America rules health care as we desire is going to be difficult
BB Thanks Dr K, we love Amma and she may be led to train in India under one of her hospitals
Amnon Drkulbhushan, is your space bar broken ?? :-)
Dave the man Corporations are just owned and ccontrolled by people.
Gaby No president, no American president can afford it, against this economic power to enforce a law that leads to equality.
Dave the man forcing equality can lead to injustice and inherent inequality.
Debby Bruck It all depends upon us! The CITIZENS
Debby Bruck Hello Seniya
Debby Bruck Michigan Health Freedom Coalition Hire a full time lobbyist
Drkulbhushan Amnon is it betternow if i have got it thanks
Gaby no, not against this economical power. In the crisis of economy the last 3 years only one part has never had any brake-in = the pharmy industry.
Debby Bruck You lose your voice if you don't speak
BB Boiron US is based in PA.  Any lobbies sponsored by them?
Debby Bruck Do not know? BB
Debby Bruck Everyone must learn how to lobby
Heidi Boiron is a supporter of the PA Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Debby Bruck Thank you, Heidi
Drkulbhushan Why is it difficult to get a medicine like CRATAEGUS OX q in us
Debby Bruck NASH is supporting and forming state associatioins
Debby Bruck 8 states have health freedom laws
Ruth How do we get information on the talking points such as what Manfred is talking about - how the medical establishment could benefit from health freedom?
Debby Bruck Welcome everyone
Debby Bruck need leadership
Gaby which states, please, Debby ?
Debby Bruck Shall ask...
Wequar Not only Crategus but many others are also not easy to get
Heidi Lobbying is EXPENSIVE!!!  Why not support the PANP that is trying to pass this Naturopathic Licensing bill?  PANP has no interest in preventing traditional naturopaths from pursuing their livelihood or preventing pateints from saving them.
Debby Bruck National Health Freedom dot org
Debby Brucka href="">;
Gaby thx
Debby Bruck Hello Maryann, Vera
Debby Bruck Hi Howie
Heidi By supporting the Naturopathic Bill, it would save the Health Freedom Group a ton of money!  PANP is lobbying and this bill has safe harbor language built in!!
Debby Bruck Please send me information, I'll put it on the HWC page
Drkulbhushan Why is it so I would like to know this from drDebby
Debby Bruck Hello Marilyn
Debby Bruck NASH website
Marilyn Hey deb
Seniya Hi, Debby, am now hearing it,  and am back from  my 2 weeks trip to Europe.
Carrie hey Marilyn
Debby Bruck These practices are NOT DANGEROUS! Yet -- this is the message that is sent to the public
Debby Bruck Glad to see you Seniya
Seniya And Hello to everyone. 
Maryann Hello Debby. This is very interesting.
Seniya There are interesting news to share with you later on.
Debby Bruck a href="">; Pennsylvania Naturopaths
Heidi The AANP has written a letter of support stating that they do not believe that the public interest is served by limiting the use "naturopath" and "traditional naturopaths"
Heidi Would the National Health Freedom Group and NASH consider writing a letter of support for the licensing bill in PA?
Debby Bruck Thank you for your involvement Heidi
Wequar "uncertain legal atmosphere" well stated
Heidi I just had a meeting with PA Medical Society last week, and if this bill doesn't go through, they will be introducing legislation that limits the term naturopath
Debby Bruck Americans Spent $33.9 Billion Out-of-Pocket on Complementary and Alternative Medicine a href="">;
Debby Bruck They listen to lobbyist
Amnon Somebody here trying to call and having a problem?
Gaby in Germany more but 50 % of the citizens pay a similar money for homeopathy - but its a lay-homeopathy.
Wequar I agrre with  DrDeepak.
Gaby mostly, only a smal part of the population goes to a homeopath.
Heidi Is there an e-mail contact for Manfred Mueller and Diane Mueller?
Debby Bruck Nancy Gahles, past president of National Center of Homeopathy speakig now
Debby Bruck restrictions to access choice, first have to go to medical doctor to go to homeopathy
Debby Bruck Heidi please go to HWC and click the banner to the announcement page
Debby Bruck Email me
Debby Bruck<>
Gaby here too, but not that this would be the law. The people are donditoned to believe, that this is the only way to get health.
Wequar Well spoken
Debby Bruck We are in CRISIS -- FREEDOM
Gaby they believe, the drogist knows enough. We have a word: "If you don't know enough, ask your doctor or drogist."
Gaby you see this sentence after each promotion for a drog in TV
Dave the man It's the evil people behind the corparates.  
Gaby it's so easy to manipulate people
Dave the man yes it is.
Ruth Nancy, can a homeopath work with the chiropractor to provide homeopathic services?
Gaby I do both - of course it works
Dave the man Many do
Dr Deepak India We may need a supports from the politicians
Debby Bruck PROTECT OUR LIBERTIES by putting in EXEMPTIONS in the bills
Ruth For my question, would insurance then cover the homeopathic services by the lay homeopath working with the chiropractor?
Debby Bruck In Colorado - don't want to put naturopaths out of business.
Debby Bruck We will license you but don't put freedom piece
Drkulbhushan Allof us together can help change the CRISIS FREEDOM
Debby Bruck this is our era -- Freedom
Dave the man The board of insurance carriers are all allopaths.  They will not cover
Debby Bruck RAY OF HOPE -- Integrative Coalition -- contact nancy gayles
Gaby I am a homeopath - I guess you also. As a homeopath, we know that we need to see the whole in order to clean up the details. The same applies if we want to change our health care system. This system is the detail of a much larger whole. This much is going wrong. So we have a global crisis. Our economy has rich and poor. Wrong, no equals. There are people with no clothes, no food, no water. Wrong.
Debby Bruck THE FREEDOM MOVEMENT -- That's the issue and the watchword
Dave the man It seem that is is social consciousness.
Debby Bruck Yes Dave
Debby Bruck across the board.
Gaby Wrong, no equals. There are people with no clothes, no food, no water. Wrong. "Thrive" the movie shows clearly where something has to change. There simply is not enough to change the health care system only to want. We need to see the big picture, if we are to have a chance. Only then can I recognize human rights.
Dave the man The answer may be in initiate a deregualtion of the health care industry.
Gaby wonderful idea - but how to do?
Dave the man I suppose we can start with a focus group discussion pannel to study the idea.
Dave the man Ma Bell broke up...this led to a whole better way..
Gaby my website partly has a red warning button (dangerous). I write a lot against the healthcare industry. But we can try - of course
Dr Deepak India yes Dave its not a single person job we need to go all together
Dave the man What is your website?
Gaby yeah !!!
Wequar Does florida has that?
Gaby >; translater left above
Debby Bruck telephone communication is in big trouble. Big monopolies
Gaby right
Debby Bruck we have no choice in america
Gaby we have no voice over here, too
Gaby I have an idea. I will write it in HWC
Debby Bruck The People's Pharmacy with Joe Graedon a href="">;
Dave the man Government contracts promote inequity in the markets by promoting monoplies.
kavitha Very nice
Wequar Thats very interesting indeed
kavitha statement
Debby Bruck It takes all of us
Debby Bruck Must fight against domination
healthleader FYI: Nutrition is in the scope of practice of nurses.
Debby Bruck We must work together
Debby Bruck We need a model to follow
Gaby totally right !!!
Wequar Arizona model?
healthleader Michigan had a big fight regarding nutrition. The State finally gave up trying ot change license as ADA blocked holistic nutritionists at every turn. But there was such an outcry they gave up
Debby Bruck Let our voice ring!
Dave the man There are those out there that will try to limit one's freedom of speach.
Debby Bruck I agree Dave. Our freedom of speech is becoming squashed
Gaby the whole world is bigger, so that if you are not allowed to speak, there must be others
Debby Bruck Homeopathy can be a gentle form of care above allopathy
Gaby of course - it is!
Gaby after this show we all need a portion of Causticum, I suppose.
Ruth I understand that Arizona has licensed homeopaths, and I agree with certification, not licensing of homeopathy, so I'm not sure Arizona would be a good model.
Debby Bruck When people tell untruths? I want to freedom to research and access on my own
Wequar May be ignatia too;
Gaby :)
Debby Bruck I don't care if you think homeopathy works. What i think i need when i am in crisis.
Debby Bruck Stay out of the battle.
Gaby that's the point.
Dave the man People want physical proof and only believe in the physical.
Dave the man I think there are some studies that proves this.
Ruth We are not telling others what to do.  We want the freedom to do what we want to do with our own health!
Gaby of course, but ignored
healthleader Is there You tube videow of animals before and after treatment. Physical proof
Dave the man Promote the proofs
Gaby that will be very important for the moment: to bring the medical freedom into the Constitution.
Ruth There already is a medical dictatorship!
Gaby no vaccination, no rules how to care health. That must be fundament to have the time to change the way
kavitha Thank you so much to Diane, Mueller,Debby, Dr Sharma & Amnon
Dr Deepak India Thank you everyone
Gaby thank you - very informative
Gaby thank you all

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