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Flower Essences Lise Battaglia March 31, 2014


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Lise M. Battaglia, BFRP, HMC, CCH(cand) works in Port Orange, Florida
Check out her website 

Isn't it time you found out a little about Bach® Flower Essences? Tune in and find out, ask your questions.


Flower essences gently help support the client through life transitions.


Lise is a Homeopath, Bach flower essences practitioner and Professional Chef whose unique blend of modalities brings forth the self healing in all her clients. A Crisis Counselor since 1981, Nutritional coach and chef since 1989, Bach Flower Practitioner since 1995, and Homeopathic consultant since 2007.

Crisis Counselor 

Lise started in mental health and counselling as a peer crisis counselor in 1981. At the Women’s Counseling Project at Columbia University’s Barnard College she was a health advocate, crisis counselor and member of the board. At Saint Luke’s’ Hospital Crime Victim’s Unit she served for 12 years as a Rape Survivor Advocate and advocate trainer.

Special Diets Chef & Educator 

Ms. Battaglia graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University with honors in European history, philosophy and art history. In 1986 she began her culinary studies – apprenticing in Traditional Northern Italian Cuisine in a Renaissance villa outside of Florence, Italy. After rigorous study in cuisine, the anthropological roots of healing cuisines, and an integrative curriculum in “Food for Healing” at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School with Annmarie Colbin, “Healing Meals Personal Chef” was established. As the Special Diets Forum moderator for the American Personal Chef Association, Ms. Battaglia’s expertise was sought by nearly 4000 chef/members for more than 6 years. She was the chef to the Chair of the American Juvenile Diabetes Foundation , Mary Tyler Moore. As an Educator she has conducted hundreds of workshops and been on the faculty of the New York Restaurant School and the Natural Gourmet Cookery School.

GAPS™ Protocol, Certified Educator 

GAPS™ education for the specific homeopathic training and human sciences with The New York School of Homeopathy and North American Homeopathic Master Clinician Course in Minneapolis. She has studied with world class homeopaths; Lou Klein, Rajan Sankaran, Robin Murphy, Jan Scholten and Dr. Ramakrishna. She currently is in practice as a homeopathic and integrative healthcare consultant in Port Orange, Florida. She teaches Intro to Homeopathy for Medical Professionals at Daytona State College, Florida and in 2014 she launched the: Becoming a Self-Healing Powerhouse webinar series .


Vaccine Free Homeopathic Immune Support 

Lise is one of only 54 Certified Homeopathic Supervisor in the United States for Homeoprophylaxis, medically supervised program dedicated to educating our children's immune systems to ensure natural development while defeating childhood diseases.

Bach Flower Essences Practitioner 

As an official spokesperson and representative of Nelson’s Bach, she conducted staff trainings and introductory classes for retail health food stores and community groups in North America. Ms. Battaglia has been a Bach Flower Practitioner since 1989. She is registered with the Bach Center in England.

The Naked Scientist | Humans can actually detect one trillion different odors, rather than the belief that humans could differentiate 10,000 odors. 


‹Amnon› Good morning
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Maja and Gisa. There is a PDF to go with show
‹Gisa› now or in one hour? - Hello together 
‹Gisa› we had time change and my brain is mixed up
‹Gisa› Topic Bach Flowers? (Cathy told me)
‹ashok› DR Bach preferred to be called "DR. Batch"
‹Debby Bruck› Dr Bach gave up homeopathy; actually focused on what makes people well.
‹Debby Bruck› What we focus on creates our life experience.
‹Debby Bruck› 38 FLOWER ESSENCES to elevate the human soul to have an optimal experience on earth.
‹Dr. Bob› So how do Flower Essences prevent disease?
‹Dr. Bob› So how do they WORK?
‹Gabriele› they give you a proper mood, so that you can react more normal to each situation
‹Gabriele› if mood / feeling is the cause of each feeling ill, it is the way to find a good way.
‹ashok› Regarding simillimum, Dr Bach's method works by flooding out the negative negative emotions with the flower essence that resonated with the state a person was in. The BFRs do not create similar emotions that they are supposed to overcome, so it's not by simillimum
‹Dr. Bob› OK but mood indeed is biochemically mediated- dopamine etc.
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Mary, Jake, Dr Bob, Ashok, Amalia, Gabby, Maja, Amnon, Dhuma,
‹Gabriele› Dopamin is the body expression (reaction managed by substance) to the psychic situation.
‹Debby Bruck› People can use these at home as an emotional first aid kit
‹ashok› dopamines are ultimates of a mental state which precedes it.
‹Gabriele› You need adrenaline for reaction, so that your body can work eg.
‹Dr. Bob› yes but it is the mediator of mood --- no?
‹Gabriele› but Dopamine is not the cause for your mood / reaction...
‹Gabriele› The mediator only works, if you send it.
‹Gabriele› your mood is the advicer
‹Dr. Bob› got it---- so how do Bach effect the mood?
‹Gabriele› with changing the oscillation of your inner situation
‹Dr. Bob› NOT biochemically?  ummmmm?  The BRAIN  works biochemically
‹Gabriele› the biochemical way is the material expression of your oscillation, it's the tool
‹Dr. Bob› Odors stimulate olfactory sensors which stimulate the brain centers mediating  moods
‹ashok› a living creature is a complex adaptive system, so trying to map a one-one relationship with hormones is too simplistic. The mind is not described by the brain which is a smallish electrochemical machine
‹Gabriele› only if you are open for this information, not if you block it.
‹ashok› the chips and resistors in your computer are not the programs or applications
‹Gabriele› the being HAS a system, but it is not the system.
‹Gabriele› so as if you have a computer, but you are not the computer
‹Gabriele› good example !!! thx
‹Jhuma Biswas› Just want to confirm - Star of Bethlehem, which is also in Rescue Remedy - that does NOT antidote homeopathy?  Thanks!
‹ashok› so lets leave the chemistry out of a discussion on healing.
‹Debby Bruck› thanks Jhuma
‹Dr. Bob› LISE-- flowers SMELL- how does it effect mood if not stimulation of the brain?
‹ashok› jhumpa, none of the BFRs antidote homeopathy
‹Gabriele› by your openness to the smell -
‹Debby Bruck› We will wait to ask her a question. Okay?
‹Pam› I do some manual therapy and often times I can feel the energy moving around in the brain if my hands are on the head. I would not feel biochemistry. It is more of a shifting. There are many energies and rythms.
‹Debby Bruck› Hi Cathy
‹Debby Bruck› Hi Pam
‹ashok› respected doc bob, no odors involved here, its subtle effects
‹Debby Bruck› Welcome Kumra
‹Pam› Hi Debby
‹Gabriele› Pam: that's I mean.
‹Debby Bruck› Make a 7 remedy dropper bottle; take 4 times a day
‹katharine› Can the remedies be taken separattly?
‹Amy› Yes
‹Debby Bruck› Sounds all wonderful
‹Gabriele› separat by what?
‹Pam› I once had a suicidal young woman whose Mom brought her in. She was yelling at her Mom and then turning away and pulling a hoodie over her head and curling up apologizing. She went back and forth with anger and apology. I put one drop of agrimony on her left pulse point and she sat up. Took the hoodie off and made eye contact with me. Perfectly calm. Amazing
‹Amy› Gabriele, I'm thinking she was asking if they don't have to be mixed but separate remedies.  One flower at a time.
‹katharine› Yes, can they be taken one remedy at a time?
‹Pam› I have used both
‹Pam› No I did not. I used energy testing
‹Dr. Bob› Still don't get it AshoK?  I smell the Bach Remedy essences- it has odor that stimulate the olfactory sensors in my nose and hence my brain
‹Pam› She was with many drugs i system. Prescription since 14. She was in early 20's
‹Gabriele› the mixture is for the situation you cannot differ between the different points of situation. - For my opinion.
‹Debby Bruck› RESCUE REMEDY 5 flower combinatin
‹Debby Bruck› ROCK ROSE - TERROR - nearly getting hit by a car.
‹Gabriele› right - for the emergency situation (where you can NOT differ).
‹Amnon› (off topic) Anybody having problems with Audio or Video ??
‹Amy› where can I get a copy of the powerpoint or was that a comment to Debby?
‹Debby Bruck› CHERRY PLUM - fear of loss of control. Fear of hurting self or others
‹Debby Bruck› PDF
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Rescue Remedy is a miraculous remedy in emergencies
‹Amy› thanks Debby
‹Pam› I used Rescue for my son when he took drivers license test. He chatted normally with testor. Also amazing
‹Debby Bruck› Rescue can help you when you are in healing crisis
‹Amy› Nice, thank you for the tip.
‹Pam› Used Rescue for seatmate I was afraid I was going to have to do CPR on. He changed immediately
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› At present the networkis fine Mr Amnon
‹Dr. Bob› Amnon- looks and sounds terrific  
‹Debby Bruck› nothing goes against our higher good.
‹katharine› I use Rescue Remedy for my dog's anxiety.
‹Dr. Bob› Can BACH be used as a prophylactic to prevent problems???
‹Debby Bruck› Clematis - like not being there
‹Debby Bruck› Star of bethlehem
‹Jhuma Biswas› Thanks, Debby!
‹Gabriele› Bach Flower is like Homeopath = no prophylactic. But if you are in the mood to fear a situation, you ARE in this mood.
‹Jhuma Biswas› And, Lise, for clarifying about Star of Bethlehem as I had heard otherwise.
‹Debby Bruck› L. Klein says we become more of who we are
‹Pam› Would clematis be good for dementia then when the person is not "present"?
‹Debby Bruck› If has a bitter client; sad; ignatia; trauma from past; physical symptoms.
‹Debby Bruck› during the suffering Star of Bethlehem which the person can use during this time
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› White chestnut Walnet Mimulus Starof beth crab apple are wonderful bach remedies
‹Gabriele› Star of Bethlehem: after effects of physical, emotional or mental shock. Despondent and desperate. Comforter. Schmerzbesänftiger.  When bad news: accident, the loss of a man, all that threatens to derail. If you look at so does not want to be comforted.
‹Amy› Love that description Lise.  Thank you.  The soul can so use help 
‹Debby Bruck› Hey Shirlee, Katharine,
‹Amy› help ease the changes the remedies are making.
‹Debby Bruck› Welcome Dr K and Amy
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Star of beth gives SOLACE to the patients
‹Debby Bruck› Simplicity with Flower essences
‹Gabriele› Here you can find Bach Flowers, mostly English:
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Holistic
‹Gabriele› >;
‹holistic› Hi Debby! Thank you
‹Debby Bruck› How to make flower essences? Same as making homeopathic remedies
‹Debby Bruck› With Cognac
‹Gabriele› and sunlight 
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› I would like to know if ASPEN causes some side effect is this safe like other remedies
‹Debby Bruck› Glycerine for alcohol sensitive. Spray the room for sensitives
‹Debby Bruck› Pick up energies of clients.
‹Debby Bruck› Body workers can improve with CRAB APPLE AND WALNUT
‹Debby Bruck› WALNUT - protection of outside influences
‹Debby Bruck› Crab Apple - to cleanse the air
‹Debby Bruck› clean the aura
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› How safe is to practice hom &Bach side by side
‹Debby Bruck› Rescue remedy acute for always in crisis. Look deeper...
‹Debby Bruck› Personal formula will be needed.
‹Debby Bruck› Hello doeoorah
‹Dr. Bob› Is aroma therapy the same as Bach?
‹Gabriele› I have similar Homeopathy Bach flower remedies produced in globules: One drop on paper towels, then let globules roll above = Bach flower in globules
‹Pam› No Dr. Bob
‹Pam› No smell
‹Pam› Can use both homeopathy and back
‹Pam› bach
‹Gabriele› No, aroma is with smell. Bach Flowers you take as drops or globuli (like my method)
‹Debby Bruck› TRICK: write in journal. Column on left. What flowers could be used?
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Debby my two questions?
‹Pam› I used hyos niger for angry demented grieving person then used Cherry plum and star of bethlehem at different times for depression and grief
‹Debby Bruck› Self questionnaires
‹Amy› Sounds wonderful Lise.  Appreciate the information you are sharing.
‹Dr. Bob› 30 people on CHAT!
‹Gabriele› what's about the 7 fear healer in BF? (I don't know the English expression). Would be nice to hear a bit about.
‹Debby Bruck› I don't know this Gabby
‹Debby Bruck› 7 remedies for fear?
‹Gabriele› in origin Bach found out.
‹Debby Bruck› His 7 original remedies?
‹Debby Bruck› Centaure for people pleasers
‹Gabriele› seven Bach Flowers in this method
‹Debby Bruck› LARCH - self confidence
‹Gabriele› yes Debby
‹Gabriele› sorry I only know the German expression, may be different in English
‹Amy› Gabriele, 7 groups:
‹Gabriele› fear remedies
‹Pam› So when you reach 90 and do not remember anymore...probably because it hurts to much. Would there be a remedy that would help that?
‹Debby Bruck› 7 categories of concern matched to Bowel Nosodes
‹Debby Bruck› Let me ask Pam.
‹Debby Bruck› Hi Ovais
‹Debby Bruck› Personality imbalances -
‹Amnon› Right Pam !!!  How about 60? (LOL)
‹Debby Bruck› WHITE CHESTNUT - can't leave things behind
‹Gabriele› Bach called it the "seven helpers"
‹Debby Bruck› when healed are we fixed?
‹Pam› or 50?
‹Debby Bruck› Like is DYNAMIC RELATIONSHIP with our experience
‹Gabriele› Olive, if pale and weak, full of grief, Illness.
‹Gabriele› Gorse, if pale, with the feeling of fail of hope
‹Debby Bruck› ASPEN - unknown fears, with no reason, terror something will happen. Haunt by day or night. The other shoe will drop
‹Gabriele› Oak, if pale and the feeling, to fight hardly
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Homoeopathically White chestnut is Aesculus so how would you diffreentiate
‹Gabriele› Vine, if the belief, that the know all and how to manage
‹Gabriele› Heatzer if large body, much power and a bit hypochondric
‹Debby Bruck› CHICKORY or WILLOW -
‹Debby Bruck› Martyr
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Todays programme is very interesting
‹Gabriele› Rock Water, if hard to themselves, working hard for all
‹katharine› What is Willow?
‹Debby Bruck› ADDRESS MOOD passing phase and PERSONALITY more structure
‹Amnon› I am finding a lot about myself here !!!
‹Debby Bruck› No one is listening to us - VERVAIN
‹Gabriele› And if nothing helps, to take Wild Oat.
‹Debby Bruck› VERVAIN can pull it back in and not tell others how to live their lives and then you become an inspiration. Gives space
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› What have you to say about Mustard?
‹Debby Bruck› WILLOW - Resentment. Other people's actions effects their emotions. Surrendered their self determination
‹Gabriele› Mustard:  Melancholy, deep despair periods for no apparent reason  Moody to desperately cold dark cloud overshadowed the joy of life. Almost impossible to justify the state or explain. Happiness seems impossible.
‹Pam› Maybe willow for the dementia that doesn't want to remember?
‹Debby Bruck› Willow finds inner strength to find choices. No longer angry that other's have made choices
‹Pam› so now they have to be cared for
‹Debby Bruck› For folks struggling with their true vocation - WILD OATS
‹Dr. Bob› WHY only flower essences-- why not use vegetables- I am being serious!!
‹Debby Bruck› Are you serious Dr Bob? We are talking about 38 flowers
‹Debby Bruck› I shall ask about carrots
‹Dr. Bob› I am talking about eggplants and rutabegas!!!
‹Gabriele› Bach never said you shall stop eating - what do you mean, Dr. Bob?
‹Dr. Bob› they have FLOWERS- all plants
‹Debby Bruck› GRAPE VINE. Wild oats.
‹Dr. Bob› perhaps there are hundreds of remedies not just 35
‹Debby Bruck› Not in his set of remedies.
‹Gabriele› Bach went into nature, to the trees, the meadow, the river, to find out, if a flower (and water = Rock Water) can help. His impression was that we now know as "Bach Flowers)
‹Dr. Bob› I make new set  Dr. Bob's Veggie Essences !
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› GENTIAN & GORSE?
‹Gabriele› He found out, that (he was homeopath) that most people could pay for homeopathy, but they could buy the essences. So he created this.
‹Pam› Great talk. Hope she comes back again. Thank you Debby
‹katharine› Great Program!
‹Jhuma Biswas› Great talk!  This was wonderful!
‹Gabriele› there are a lot of sets, till Dr. Bach found out. You can buy the Californian Flowers, Australian Flowers end so on... - a lot different to the origin.
‹Gabriele› also Austria Flowers, too 
‹Dr. Bob› Fun Show- bring her BACH!
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Thank you Debby &Mr Amnon & Mr Bob
‹Gabriele› thank you - nice show today
‹Mary› Learning about homeopathy, but new to Bach. This was so enlightening. Thank you so much Debby and Lise.  My study group leader gave me the heads up on this site.
‹Dr. Bob› This place is where da action is!
‹amalia› Thank you . Debby. For a great job!
‹Mary› It seems so!
‹Gabriele› thank you, Lise! Great job 
‹Andrea› Excellent presentation Lise!  So enjoyed the program - very informative and lively!
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› NAMASTE
‹holistic› Thank you Ladies!
‹Dr. Bob› great show!
‹Dr. Bob› Bring Lise BACH!
‹Gabriele› great - I will write a bit more about the Flowers on my website.
‹Gabriele› You find them in each illness, too, because they are helpful
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› THANK YOU ALL
‹Gabriele› bye and feel well
‹Gabriele› namaste

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