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Have you heard this one?

'Whatever you give a woman,
she will make greater.

If you give her sperm,
she'll give you a baby.

If you give her a house,
she'll give you a home.

If you give her groceries,
she'll give you a meal.

If you give her a smile,
she'll give you her heart. 

She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.
So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.'

Okay, we know that the woman has potential to create when she has a partner who provides the seed. Some wise crack decided to make a joke of her ability to birth, go forth and multiply. Maybe this wise-cracker had a relationship where he did not serve up the best and got it back in a big way. Let's learn from the wisdom of women, mother earth and our intuition. Where did we go wrong?

Get ready for this educational hour. Do you know someone who has a problem with fertility? Invite your neighbors to join this broadcast. Send in your questions and Mary will respond.

  • You will learn how times have changed for those attempting to start a family.

  • What has happened in our environment that lowers both male and female fertility?

  • What choices have we made that affects our fertility?

  • We want to hear your questions and your experience.

Our guest this week, Mary Aspinwall, homeopath, has been involved with many health issues of our time, both in our bodies and in our environment. In fact, Mary speaks out as an activist who aims to create awareness in the public eye about maintaining freedoms, preserving our natural world, setting straight the politics and ethics of the country and, of course, teaching about homeopathy. You can see in her photo that she wears the TWIBBON to show her affiliation with the homeopathic community. You can also follow Mary on Twitter and wear your own Twibbon.

Last week we introduced the the annual World Homeopathy Awareness Week [WHAW] and talked about the selected theme for this year. Mary will talk all about what world events contribute to reduced fertility, both in nature and in people's individual lives. We will learn a lot from a real solved infertility case.

You, the viewers and listeners make our shows extra special with your participation. If you participated in WHAW this year, or have helped couples solve the infertility puzzle, we would love to hear your views. Do send us an email, comment on the live chat, call in via skype of the phone line. We want YOU to be a part of these interactive productions.

Click to go directly to the "Health Inn" show where we discuss how to bring "health in" to our bodies, minds and spirits. A safe haven where soul food and nutritional healing comes in many forms. Click and enter your name to join the live chat. Please send feedback, comments and questions. Let us know from what country you tune in. The telephone and skype connection will be announced on the air.

Join us at 11AM Eastern Time on April 30, 2012 ~ WORLD CLOCK

‹DebbyBruck› Hello everyone. Sitting in the production studio. We will begin soon. Thank you for joining us.
‹vik› lalala
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Hello Everyone
‹Kavitha Kukunoo› Hello Debby, Dr Sharma and every one
‹Yvonne› Hello Debby, Dr. Sharma and everyone here, Im in Fairfax Virginia
‹secret pigeon› Hello Debby, Dr Sharma and all, I am from India.
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Hello Yvonne
‹borealbob› everybody looks terrific!!!!
‹Rupali› hello everyone..
‹Kavitha Kukunoo› My understanding is Infertility topic
‹drviral1› Well how does this discussion starts shall I just be a person watching these video broadcasts
‹drviral1› ?
‹borealbob› infertility and the environment
‹drviral1› dr deepak sharma is this going like I need to look at this discussion as a seminar guide me if i am correct
‹drviral1› ?
‹borealbob› what case does Dr. Sharma have??
‹Yvonne› contraception of today is making hell for the health of a woman who wants to eventually have kids
‹Rahul› Hello Everyone!
‹drviral1› bye got to go ---great to join in
‹julie› when I visited with a homeopath in southern India (kottayam, Kerala), he often prescribed, along with the homeopathics, fresh carrot juice, or coconut water
‹DebbyBruck› Thank you Julie
‹DebbyBruck› Is kerala bitter melon?
‹julie› Kerala is a state in Southern India
‹borealbob› water is filled with estrogenic compounds
‹borealbob› ONLY reverse osmosis will do this; cheap filters do not work
‹vik› I agree with this, but it's all about money again. see, the money makers win again.
‹DebbyBruck› i hope this information is helpful
‹Yvonne› Cilantro and parsley actually does a kidney detox
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Cinnamon cause infertility if taken regularly as many of lady take it for weight loss
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› many like Ignatia, Sepia, Staphysagria
‹Yvonne› Med should be considered when a woman has multiple abortions
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Yvonne you are right. I will present a case with Med
‹Yvonne› nice, I am trying to call to tell you of a woman who got pregnant with homeopathy
‹Dr. Sagira› hi everyone... this is Dr. Sagira from Nagpur India
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› hello dr Sagira
‹Dr. Sagira› Hi Dr. Deepak
‹Dr. Sagira› Well at our infertility clinic we have great and satisfying experiences with homoeopathy
‹DebbyBruck› Hello Dr Sagira
‹Dr. Sagira› Males have to be involved totally as well
‹DebbyBruck› thank you for listening and contributing
‹Dr. Sagira› the pleasure is all mine
‹julie› Dr. Sagira didn't get to say much.....  maybe he can be a guest speaker in future &  us about   his infertility clinic & some case descriptions
‹Dr. Sagira› sure...
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› right Julie
‹Dr. Sagira› I agree... a professional homoeopath needs to be consulted
‹Dr. Sagira› When a full fledged homoeopathic therapy has to be done for infertility
‹isis cubis› hello everyone!
‹Dr. Sagira› we have numerous cases of PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which is a major cause of infertility
‹Dr. Sagira› in our area
‹Dr. Sagira› responds wonderfully to the homoeopathic similimum
‹Dr. Sagira› talking about scars.
‹Dr. Sagira› yes
‹Dr. Sagira› even I use Thiosinamum
‹Dr. Sagira› in 1x or 3 x potencies
‹isis cubis› its incidence is increasing
‹Dr. Sagira› even Silicea 1x
‹Dr. Sagira› acts very well
‹isis cubis› probably linked with the metabolc disorders
‹Dr. Sagira› yes
‹isis cubis› mainly linke to onsulin resistance
‹Dr. Sagira› ya .. called as Syndrome X
‹Dr. Sagira› Oophorinum also needs to be thought of for maturation of follicles
‹isis cubis› what is the series>
‹isis cubis› apis, bry
‹isis cubis› etc
‹Dr. Sagira› it was a lovely show
‹Dr. Sagira› congrats
‹isis cubis› yeah same opinion
‹Dr. Sagira› Hi from Dr. Aadil
‹Dr. Sagira› we will be back
‹Dr. Sagira› on Wed for Dr. Aadil's show
‹secret pigeon› Thank!
‹Dr. Sagira› thanx
‹DebbyBruck› thank you
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› thanx everyone
‹DebbyBruck› everyone is welcome to keep chatting
‹DebbyBruck› Yvonne - did you call in?
‹Theresa› hello from Vienna, Austria
‹DebbyBruck› hello from Vienna
‹Theresa› Theresa Schreieck, via facebook
‹Theresa› Jeremy Sherr is so nice, he played harmonica and from the homeopathic band, claudio and his nice ideas where I was singing and his talk over dinner in the RIGA congress over the salmon proving where I first heard him talk
‹Theresa› Mary is on facebook ---and that the anti-depressants immobilize sperm in men, per Sherry Tenpenny, do, from Ohio, USA
‹Theresa› and some of the vaccines block the action of the HCG which I heard are deliberately given in the Phillipines only to women of child-bearing age!
‹DebbyBruck› I'm sorry. I was having a conversation here.
‹DebbyBruck› Thanks for information Theresa.
‹Theresa› ok,thank-you
‹DebbyBruck› I'm going to have to leave studio. So, enjoy your day
‹Theresa› ok, and have a great day!-bye!
‹Theresa› also estrogen found in water flushed in toilet-old birth control pills. fyi
‹drmumtazpakista› Hi
‹Theresa› hi
‹Theresa› I dont understand..what was the remedy you prescribed?
‹drmumtazpakista› Theresa did you ask me about remedy?
‹Theresa› What was the one you just recommended, you said for the man
‹Theresa› and, are you at facebook
‹drmumtazpakista› I am Homeopathic Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz from Chiniot Pakistan
‹Theresa› remedy, folliculinum for women prescribed since the taking of birth control pill disturbs the woman's body fertility rhythm it was a proving-talk of dr. christiane ari, Austria last year, in May, RIGA Latvia euro congress.
‹Theresa› I am bringing my son back from autistic regression..he no longer has and help with an epilepsy..note to dr. mumtaz pakista..thanks
‹Theresa› bye
‹madhavi› Thrive full movie. Good watch after 55 mints for many interesting things
‹madhavi› It talks about all these factors
‹madhavi› we have to think about hypothyroidism in most of the cases with repeated abortions

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