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February 17, 2014 Mike Menkes Talks About Stress Relief

The show is broadcast live on NissanCommunications at 11AM ET

You will find Mike very active on LinkedIn providing expert information linked to current events in the medical and science fields, as well as, advise on vitamins, supplements and stress reduction. He works out of Miami Beach, Florida 


Headaches, stress, anxiety, pain relieved by at least 50% in your 1st session.


Mike's clientele has included NYC Ballet, NY Gov Pataki, Rod Dixon Boston Marathon winner, Bill Koch's America's Cup team, Burt Reynolds, Earle Mack US Ambassador to Finland.




Mike-Menkes PPT


A Video About Cranial Balance


Simple Stress Relief technique within 2 minutes while sitting in a chair. By relieving pressure ABOVE the top of your spinal column, your brain-body connection will readily de-stress and go to parasympathetic status. Safe and effective as a stand-alone therapy and as the first treatment prior to: chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, acupuncture, counseling, Reiki, reflexology, TENS, Guided Imagery, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, breathwork, meridian therapy, herbs, emotional release.

Alleviate computer eye strain, migraines, neck and shoulder tension, fatigue, anxiety, ADD, post-traumatic stress disorder...Everyone, including children, can learn to give and receive immediate Stress Relief.



The Difference Between Men and Women Is Not Taken Into Account When Prescribed Drugs

Earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration made an unusual and surprising announcement. It cut the recommended dose of the most popular sleep drug in the country, Ambien, in half for women.  It turns out men and women metabolize Ambien, known generically as Zolpidem, very differently, leaving women with more of the drug in their bodies the next morning, and therefore at a greater risk of impaired driving.
 Ambien, Zolpidem, is now the only prescription drug in the country with a different suggested dose for men and women. But we’ve discovered it is far from an isolated example of differences between the sexes we never imagined.  More and more, scientists are realizing that the differences are dangerously understudied and that pervasively and fundamentally, sex matters.
Take aspirin. Low-dose aspirin lowers the risk of heart attacks in healthy men; but in healthy women, turns out it doesn’t though it does protect women against stroke.  And drugs are just the beginning.  Sex differences have been found in pain receptors, liver enzymes, even the wiring of the brain. 
  • Ambien News
  • Full disclosure of facts and data are never given to the consumer and patient


MeMi Morning everyone - blessings ;D

MeMi That's fantastic...I love Life Extension ;D

Gabriele another simple method:  A hand on his forehead, one hand on the back of the head. I call it front-rear hold.  For several minutes. It calms the energy flow between pituitary gland and pineal gland

Gabriele second approach:  Thumb on the mastoid process. The fingers spread to the skull. De-stresses the gall bladder meridian. Also for a few minutes.

Debby Bruck Have you used these often?

Gabriele very - for 4 years by myself

MeMi I did side was weak.  It made me little dizzy

MeMi Am out of whack...those seem like pressure points

MeMi Activator method chiropractors are much more gentle

Gabriele the palm of the hand

MeMi It's self-empowering and easy for people to do for themselves.

Gabriele if you have a 24-hours-service (dement lady) for 4 years, you need something to calm down.

Debby Bruck explain Gaby?

Gabriele I have served an old dementia lady for four years. So I was very stressed. The technique above I used for an own healthy body and soul.

Gabriele together with yoga technique like on my page.

Gabriele the shoulder perhaps was not straight? To become dizzy?

Gabriele drink a glass of water, please

Debby Bruck thanks !

Gabriele pleasure

MeMi It was only slight and I agree - dehydration and b/c I'm out of alignment right now.

Gabriele (y)

Gabriele f.example with cocculus (stressed, no sleep) or arsen (too stressed, also because of economic reason).

Debby Bruck good comment. arsenicum for economic reasons

Gabriele arsen feels poor, each reason

Debby Bruck We must move!

Gabriele Theoretically, everything is great. The key point:  You have to make it!!!

Gabriele Most problems arise because people make it NOT.

MeMi I like when you do slides - it helps to read and hear the info

Gabriele me, too

MeMi they're busy surviving

MeMi We used to have to move to survive..things changed a lot over time

Debby Bruck right Michelle

Gabriele therefore, but to survive is to think and do the own need

MeMi I love him

Gabriele yes he is

Gabriele something you cannot do yourself, but your beloved can: Put the palm of the hand at the point of the thoracic bertebra No 4.

Gabriele Your breath and your heart calm down.

Gabriele vertebra

Debby Bruck Hello Maja

MeMi I know that's real.  Energetically it's part of someone's energy system of having an empty spleen.  It makes someone able to feel what others feel and intuitively know

Gabriele right

Gabriele it's the back door of the 4th chakra (heart)

MeMi I know that from Human Design.  Even though we all have these energy centers, some people have them fixed and always active and others (like me) have them non-fixed and open

MeMi I love essential oils...very healing

Gabriele imagine a blue sphere around you, so that only "good" energy is allowed to pass.

Debby Bruck vetever

MeMi I have that and I love vetiver

Debby Bruck centralizing

Gabriele the homeopathic remedies are phosphorus and arsenicum album in this sense

Debby Bruck sandlewood

Gabriele the woman on the picture looks like Ignatia

Debby Bruck exactly

MeMi lol...she does look like that

Gabriele Ignatia does not look into your eyes. She looks a bit laterally

MeMi cranial-sacral has been very helpful for me

Gabriele as long as the families were larger, this was not a problem. It has become a daunting task.

Debby Bruck thanks for comments

Debby Bruck families have separated and dispersed. . . leaving people alone and needing support

Gabriele yes, and that IS the problem.

Gabriele Ignatia feels guilt

Gabriele Sepia does,too

Gabriele Staphisagria, too. But becomes very angry.

MeMi Natrum?

Debby Bruck yes. Natrum mur

Gabriele also, Nat-m, with inner weeping.

Dr CArlos Anacardiacea that feeling

Gabriele yeah

Dr CArlos Anacardium!

Dr CArlos Staphisagria, as more the feeling of repression

Gabriele Sepia you see, on the nose there is a brown place

MeMi repression of anger in Staph

Dr CArlos Yes

Gabriele sepia NEVER give in the evening - she cannot sleep in follow

Debby Bruck I didn't know that Gaby

Debby Bruck Hi Shelley

Gabriele typical for Sepia: she cannot sleep in night. That's an indication. But if you give the remedy in evening / night, she will not sleep for real!

Shelley Hi, meditation or a time out helps along with the remedies

Gabriele yes

Gabriele lady left has a problem with the thyreo gland

Debby Bruck We don't take enough TIME OUT.

Gabriele so it seems

Gabriele there are two folds from right to left. Means: the needs are not considered

MeMi I loved Mike and loved learning about these techniques...great healer

MeMi Thank you Mike, Debby, Amnon for setting us up to learn about this!

MeMi wow, thanks for that Debby..look forward to see those photos again ;D

Dr CArlos thanks all

Gabriele very nice and thank a lot - a very good show because that's the point to stop feeling ill!

Dr CArlos fantastic program

Gabriele it is

MeMi awesome show, as always

MeMi Ciao <3 See you next Mon

Shelley Thanks!

Debby Bruck Glad folks joined us. FUN FUN FUN

MeMi THX Debby

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Hello Debby,

how are you doing?

I have come back to the forum after about 4 to 5 months , everything seems different now, I have tried to view the Nissan presentation but I could not see any video there, could not even see the videos being loaded above also. Could you please make me clear how to reach these videos now. and all the shows those have been happening...




Dear Parveen. I can see all these videos with no problem. I suggest you try a different browser and check the preferences set up. Perhaps you have some type of pop-up blocker or other program on your computer preventing you from seeing these available programs. Please email me directly. 


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