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February 10, 2014 Ambika Wauters On Sexual Health

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Get ready for a unique view of sexuality, homeopathy and health with Amika Wauters

About Ambika Wauters, CCH, RS.HOM(NA)

Ambika Wauters is the director of the Institute of Life Energy Medicine. She is a classically trained homeopath, certified by the Council of Homeopathic Certification, and a member of the Society of Homeopaths,

Ambika Wauters, 
CCH, RS.HOM(NA)director of the Institute of Life Energy Medicine, formerly in the UK and currently in the USA. She received her diploma in homeopathic medicine from The School of Homeopathic Medicine, North Yorkshire, Britain, and was a member of the Society of Homeopaths in the UK, from 1995-1998 before returning to America.


Ambika has articles published in “The American Homeopath” on treatment for autism and in the international homeopathic journal, “LINKS”, on homeopathic color and sound remedies, which Ambika created in 1990 in the UK.

Ambika Wauters, CCH, RS.HOM(NA) talkd with Kermie Wohlenhaus, Ph.D., ATP, Angelolgist


Ambika talks about her most recent book entitled “Experiential Kabbalah” on Kermie and the Angels show.

Ambika has worked in the corporate sector offering homeopathy and holistic healing consultations to the John Lewis Partnership, Visa International, Piatkus Publishing and Cranfield School of Business Management, all in the UK. She currently maintains a private practice in classical homeopathy with people around the globe. She uses Skype, email and telephone to connect with people. She offers trainings, on line and in person, on her eclectic approach to healing.

Ambika is author of twenty books on chakras, homeopathy, and the realm of angels. Her work is translated into over ten languages. She is currently writing about healing martyrdom and finding fulfillment in freedom, creativity and sexuality. Ambika‘s work supports total regeneration.


Ambika Wauter's latest book delves deeply into the nature of healing through the simplicity of gratitude and the ease of pleasure. She discusses sexuality as one of the highest forms of pleasure and encourages readers to keep their life force vital and resilient. The book offers discussions, meditations, questions, visualizations, and prayers. It is informative , inspiring and wholesome reading. Learn more at

Lac Remedies in Practice by Phillip Bailey

Philip Bailey uses his wealth of clinical experience working with Lac remedies to flesh out fully rounded pictures of 8 milk remedies. Each chapter is based on personal experience using the remedy, and includes many original observations. With the help of this knowledge, homeopaths can deepen their understanding of Lac remedies beyond rubrics and stereotypes, to the complexities of real people.


The breadth of Bailey’s clinical descriptions is matched by their depth. The essence of each remedy picture is fully explored in the book, and studied from numerous angles. The result is the kind of rich and nuanced materia medica that is easy to relate to, and easy to apply in clinical practice. Each chapter is accompanied by case histories, expressed in the actual words of the patients, enabling a thorough examination of how each remedy’s themes and essence are expressed verbally.

Bailey paints a rich psychological picture of the main themes in Lac cases, from early dynamics of inadequate bonding to mother, through victim-consciousness to compensatory spiritual idealism, whilst emphasising the split in every Lac case between the worldly and the spiritual, and the ambivalence which results from this split. 


Homeopathic Guide to Sex, Sexuality and Sexual Disorders by Dr Rajiv Saxena

Sex is one of the most important aspects of human life. No human being is perfect unless he or she enjoy sexual experience. Sexual activity is meant for 

procreation as well as for controled sexual pleasure. This has been the Indian thought on sex.

Homeopathic Color & Sound Remedies

Homeopathic pioneer Ambika Wauters explores the healing properties of the electromagnetic spectrum in this updated and expanded guide to using color and sound äs potentized remedies for emotional and physical ailments. Weaving together ancient knowledge and new evidence from recent findings about the effects of color and sound on the human energy system, Ambika presents complete profiles of the major chakras, a primer on using the vibration of color and sound waves to heal energetic flow and repair damaged fields, and thorough descriptions of each remedy and its qualities.

Charting new territory in the field of homeopathic medicine, Homeopathic Color and Sound Remedies is an ideal guide for novice practitioners, homeopaths seeking to broaden their repertoire, and energy healers who want to address a broad range of conditions.

AMBIKA WAUTERS, Dip Hom Med, SHM (UK), is a homeopath, psychotherapist, teacher, healer, and author of sixteen books. She is the founder and director of the Institute for Life Energy Medicine in Tucson, Arizona. 

Spectrum Of Homeopathy 02/2010 Powerdrugs | Cacao, Cola, Coca & Co



Power Drugs are now a major part of our daily life, yet consumption of these drugs is culturally speaking an ancient issue of human existence. Ephedrine, for example, is currently a widely used doping agent, yet it has also been used in different cultures for over 5000 years. Instead of the limited ritual or medicinal use found in older cultures, stimulants are used on a daily basis in our modern competitive societies especially to increase performance. They make us faster, better, and more effective!

For the 2010-2 (August) issue of Spectrum, we are glad to present a raft of well-known authors on the topic of “Powerdrugs”: Andreas Richter, Anne Schadde, Jürgen Becker, Willy Neuhold, Norbert Enders, Peter Tuminello, Maarten van der Woud, Sunil Anand, Dorothea Weihe, Massimo Mangialavori, and others. You can find articles on Coffea cruda and tosta, Guarana, Thea, Cacao and Chocolate, Mate, Ephedra, Coca, Damiana, and the Piperaceae as well as – although not a typical stimulant – Tabacum.


Excerpt:  Damiana helps cure the physical and genital complaints of a lively female patient who is addicted to work, sex, and stimulation.

Damiana (Turnera diffusa), commonly used as an aphrodisiac, is the stimulant with the strongest effect on libido and sexuality, as illustrated in the following case history.


Gisa yellow = third chakra, that one, which decides, to take or not to take, to accept or not to accept.

Gisa shame = not to enjoy

Dr Deepak Sharm yes chakras and a color therapy is effective one of my friend using it

Gisa I have a script about the color therapy - how to send?

Dr. Bob Environmental Estrogens and Hormones effect ***ual organs

Dr Deepak Sharm I found the counselling is the best part of treatment for ***ual health

Debby Bruck We will have to learn more about the COLOR REMEDIES if they may be taken along with other remedies.

Dr Deepak Sharm Yes Dr Bob

Dr Deepak Sharm We first find what is the cause

Dr. Bob Bisphenol-A is a hormone disruptor that is found in all of our water and any food exposed to plastic- this is causing an epidemic in developed countries

Dr Kulbhushan D Color therapy is nowadays making a great headway with homoeopaths

Gisa just uploaded: a href="" target="_blank">>

Dr. Bob are there homoepathic color remedies??

Gisa It is, Dr. Welte, Narayana publisher

Gisa also in English, if I remember correctly

Dr Kulbhushan D Pink color is a Valentine color/

Gisa but you will need the original book, for finding the right color

MeMi Dr. Bob - colors are visually energetic and part of the light spectrum.  I don't think they can be quantified in substance to be prepared homeopathically

MeMi But affect the being none the less (vibrationally

Gisa they are analogue to the color.

Gisa not prepared as remedy, of course. But you can use the color itself!

Gisa violet as amethyst

Dr Kulbhushan D Ambika is more of an indian name?

Gisa and to stop alcoholics

Gisa for reminding: violet and violent (stopping it)

Dr. Bob 44% of married couples over 40 sleep in separate rooms

Dr Deepak Sharm Bob sir we are talking about potencies

Dr Kulbhushan D Lemna minor is another good remedy for snoring

Dr. Bob if colors emit energy- why cannot they be captured in a homeopathic remedy?

Dr Kulbhushan D Can be due to sleep apnea

Debby Bruck She's answering the question about creating the color homeopathic remedy

Gisa try it: take a piece of paper, write the expression for the color. Put a glass of water on it. Wait 15 Minutes and then drink a sip. If you take "red" it should push your energy. You can wait and watch.

Dr. Bob so it can be used in dextrose?

Gisa try it - may be.

Debby Bruck welcome maja, parvenu, Gisa, Michelle, Susan, Mary, Fairy mom, Dr Bob


Debby Bruck Lemna minor is duckweed. Thanks Dr K

Dr Kulbhushan D Colors do have a great impact on ones personality that is why they are used astrologically also

fairy mom is there any effect on our body when we use spices of different colors?

Gisa intercultural knowledge works world wide. In each holistic way.

fairy mom in food?

Gisa also in meal - of course

Gisa turmeric is also yellow, = to differ

Gisa what is what, and where to do it

Dr Kulbhushan D Yes Gisa this is very true the use of turmeric is one big example & needs long explanations

fairy mom How frequently you use these color remedies in chronic diseases?

Gisa constantly - red to give power, yellow to differ, green to be friend with....

Gisa blue for clear thinking, violet to calm down, white to be with all

Gisa you can also take gemstones

Gisa red is the ruby, yellow is the citrine...

Dr Kulbhushan D Yes gem stones are very effective colorwise as well

Debby Bruck GEMSTONES Also related to color.

Debby Bruck Thanks Gabrielle

fairy mom Thanks Gisa!

Gisa and you can take music. Best is Mozart, sonates for piano

Dr. Bob yes what about colored gem stones- vibrational energy?

Gisa yes, it is one of the best because the purest color

Dr. Bob metals in the solid form or as a liquid tincture?

Dr Deepak Sharm read "The healing power of Metals by peter Morrell"

Gisa best green for my opinion is the Prasem (expensive because seldom) He cleans the heart and the skin.

Gisa Violet best gem is amethyst

Gisa berg crystal (german diamond) the best for "white"

Dr Deepak Sharm its a fantastic description on homeopathic medicines according to color and chakras

Gisa for Orange (2nd chakra) the sunstone

Debby Bruck

fairy mom Thanks All!

Rianelli Great show: CONGRATS!!!

Dr Deepak Sharm yes a very colorful show

Debby Bruck Glad everyone enjoyed the show

Gisa sorry, patient. Thanx a lot, was great!

Color Therapy by Gabrielle

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