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Erica Perlow Mother & Legal Advocate Talks About School Bullies

October 22, 2012 - Erica Perlow on School Bullies


Erica Perlow, Esq., Vice-President

Erica Perlow has collaborated with the local school board to help reduce school bully activity. This partnership began from a situation in her own family. Erica's legal and community organizing background provided the necessary skills to make this program a reality.

Resource: August September Newsletter

Chatham County Policy Against Harassment 

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Erica Perlow has 26 years experience helping to develop and manage local, regional and national businesses. She is a lawyer, an activist, and a scientist, and has "done at least a little bit, if not more, of all of it". She has created new businesses and helped get them off the ground. She is a trained facilitator and community organizer, she is an editor, a professional fundraiser, a public speaker, a media relations person, and has sat on the Boards of several organizations. Erica has helped hundreds of people get fit, get into shape and lose weight as a certified health coach


Erica truly loves being a mom to her incredible daughter and dog, spending time in nature, singing and writing music with her husband, and traveling!  Erica also loves creating custom jewelry and doing home shows.  



This video illustrates the tip of the iceberg of the bullying crisis. This represents our internet environment, the face of anonymity, the voice of insecurity, fear and domination. This represents playgrounds, school grounds, FaceBook, social networks, blogs and much more. 




See her work at


Cyber Bullies Petition | PETITION: Arrest Cyber Bullies Responsible for Amanda Todd's Death 

To: Royal Canadian Mounted Police & Canadian Security Intelligence Service

Cyber bullying is a serious crime that needs to be addressed. Please show authorities that we want the people that bullied Amanda Todd to death arrested and held responsible for their actions. We may have not been there to help Amanda when she was alive but we can do something to make a difference now.
What are the limits of free speech on Social Media's such at Twitter and FaceBook? When is it considered harassment? With millions of tweets, personal and public conversations every day, how can this be supervised?


Daily News | October 2012 Another Young Girl Commits Suicide Over Bullying

January 31, 2013 -- New York Daily News 

Seth Acevedo breaks down in tears after explaining his side of the bullying story, in which he says he was robbed and punched by 7-year-old Wilson Reyes in the Bronx.

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healing4innerpe How about when the bully's do it outside of the school grounds
healing4innerpe follow the kids
healing4innerpe my son and his friend  had this problem and nothing was done
healing4innerpe we told the school and school community police officer
healing4innerpe and they only talked with the kids
healing4innerpe and it went on for a while more
healing4innerpe my son's friend is stillin fear of them
Debby Bruck hello
Yvonne bullying is everywhere
Yvonne homeopathy can sort it out
Debby Bruck not everyone wants to take homeopathy, but it certainly can be a tool
Yvonne we should say that it should be given a chance
Debby Bruck absolutely, we will be mentioning it
Yvonne thank you
Debby Bruck this show is very practical. Action steps.
Debby Bruck feeling safe and secure
healing4innerpe My son's friend is very much in fear and carry's weapons, he finds on the side of the road, sticks, metal,  to protect himself or other victims of bully's
Debby Bruck I'm so sorry.
Debby Bruck Let us see what Erica says...
Yvonne its a holistic healing where fear is addressed because if its left untreated or suppressed it will manifest into other illness
Debby Bruck any more comments or questions?
Yvonne Erica should really be introduced to homeopathy being a Co-
Yvonne chair person
Yvonne maybe she should try it out as its 100% without side effects
Yvonne and then she can introduce it into her programe
Debby Bruck Thanks all listeners. I must run now.  :-)

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