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Earth Day April 22, 2013 Interview With Dr Robert Bruck

Dr Bruck is one of the most sought after speakers on the state of our planet. He motivates and inspires, tells the plain truth and the facts on the ground. Listening to an up and down emotional roller coaster ride, hopefully, you will land on your feet like a cat with nine lives. One thing for sure, we better get our tush in gear and do something to improve the state of our little fish bowl earth. We've been pooping in it for too long. 


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Dr. Robert Bruck is an alumni distinguished professor of plant pathology, forestry, environmental science and environmental technology and management at North Carolina State University. 

Dr. Bruck received an undergraduate degree from Buffalo State College of New York, his PhD from Syracuse University, Post Doctoral work at Cornell University, and has been teaching and doing research at North Carolina State University for 33 years.   

Dr Bruck is a recognized expert in the field of global warming, plant pathology and forestry and has been given numerous honors. His research on air pollution on forest ecosystems and his life-long career culminated with him being named the 1997 laureate of the North Carolina Award for Science by the governor. 

He developed the Department of Environmental Technology at the University and presently teaches environmental science classes to over 3000 NC State students every year.  One of his courses is "Global Climate Change Health Effects." which is the topic of todays show.


Most people call him a walking encyclopedia and he has been named by his students "Mr Planet" like a super hero. He has taken hundreds of students on travel experiences to South America to study the tropical ecosystems and instill a desire to learn about and protect our planet. 


Dr Bruck has hundreds of publications to his name, an award winning documentary, traveled the globe, testified before Congress concerning our environment, researched solar energy and sustainability, developed a distance education curriculum and journeyed with National Geographic to Mount Everest. He loves to climb mountains, read books, experiment in the kitchen making hot sauce and roasting coffee beans. His passionate lectures get rave reviews, challenges his students to be critical thinkers and advises many college students.  


Please join us and ask any question you like! I'm sure he'll have an answer.


Earth Day Slogans



‹Debby Bruck› 99.9% mercury comes from burning coal. Methyl mercury in coal as aresol into our lakes, streams, oceans and the AIR again
‹Gisa› I hope, I've time today. Sun is shining and the weather is great - spring comes just now! - Hello all together (and nobody is here )
‹Amnon› Hello Gisa.
‹Gisa› Hello Amnon, I hope you feel fine
‹Amnon› I am fine thank you.
‹Gisa› (y)
‹Debby Bruck› Welcome everyone. If anyone has comments or questions, please post here or call in to SKYPE or 919.518.9773
‹Gisa› Hi, when does you begin ? In minutes?
‹Amnon› four minutes
‹Gisa› thx
‹Gisa› What kind of change is meant? A change in the practice of medicine? A change in the mental attitude of the people? Or the change in the perception of homeopathy, more mental symptoms than just the collection of physical complaints?
‹Gisa› or other change?
‹Debby Bruck› Show in 2 minutes, then REFRESH
‹Kavitha› Hello Everyone
‹Gisa› thx
‹Gisa› there is an alternative: free energy as from Tesla. No burning, no oil derrick, no nothing, only real free energy - if allowed by petrol firms etc.
‹Gisa› explained also in English by Prof Turtur, Germany
‹Gisa› he is physician
‹Debby Bruck› Thank you Gisa - we shall ask and comment after he gets going on the presentation
‹Debby Bruck› hello Seniya and Kavitha
‹Seniya› Hello Everyone
‹Gisa› The link (somewhere he has the same in English)
‹Gisa› http://www.energiederzukunft.o...ndlagen
‹Seniya› Hi, Debby,
‹Dr Deepak India› Hello Everyone
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Deepak -- Happy Birthday on EARTH DAY!
‹Seniya› "Earth laughs in flowers..., so a flower to everyone
‹Gisa› a href=">">>; that's English
‹Dr Deepak India› Thank you ji
‹Seniya› On our Mother Earth's day and thank you Gisa
‹Gisa› welcome
‹Gisa› If you are interested, copy the documents because Dr Turtur is mobbed because of his studies and researches. We do not know how long it is possible. He agrees, I know him.
‹drkulbhushan› hello everyone and welcome
‹Debby Bruck› Welcome Dr Kulbhashan
‹Debby Bruck› Snow is heavy - made of water.
‹Debby Bruck› Packed snow
‹drkulbhushan› how u doing dr debby
‹Gisa› yea indeed
‹Debby Bruck›
‹Dr Deepak India› welcome Dr Kulbhushan
‹Debby Bruck› Frozen ice all the information is locked in the water. Just like homeopathy
‹Debby Bruck› dendrochronology
‹Dr Deepak India› Which plant is producing high levels of oxygen night and day?
‹Debby Bruck› the record of our universe
‹Gisa› just like stones and earth
‹Debby Bruck›
‹drkulbhushan› thank you dr deepak n so nice of you
‹Debby Bruck› removed the air from the snow
‹Debby Bruck› small air bubbles
‹Debby Bruck› ENCAR
‹Debby Bruck› second largest super computer array
‹Debby Bruck› Sonia!!!!
‹Gisa› no matter how tightly packed snow - there is still enough space even to conserve air.
‹SoniRose› hi momma
‹Gisa› excelent pic !!!
‹Debby Bruck› The Ring of Fire
‹Debby Bruck› B.C.
‹Gisa› it's demonstrative - therefore
‹Debby Bruck› Every moment in time is documented and recorded
‹Gisa› exactly
‹Dr Deepak India› as I know there is 2 plants which produce oxygen day and night 1. Ficus religiosa and Osimum sanctum
‹Debby Bruck› thank you
‹Debby Bruck› Pine Trees.
‹Gisa› nice names for those plants: "religiosa" and "sanctum" - the elder knew too
‹Gisa› sanctum = holy
‹Dr Deepak India› yes in ancient time and today also Osimum sanctum (Tulsi) is present in every home in India
‹Debby Bruck› a href=">">;
‹Dr Deepak India› Rob Sir Which country is most affected by Green House Effect
‹Gisa› so far we are only a short-term event, what they already know for Mother Earth.
‹drkulbhushan› osimum sanctum has its own properties and the peepal tree
‹Gisa› More dangerous than the earth, this is for us humans. We can not live with the consequences.
‹Gisa› that's I meant - who is the winner - not we I suppose
‹Gisa› meth-what?
‹Debby Bruck› methane
‹Gisa› ok
‹Debby Bruck› the gas from farmed animals like cows, pigs and chickens
‹Gisa› he speaks very clear, but some words I do not know
‹Gisa› in English
‹drkulbhushan› our peepal tree has medicinal properties and sacred properties
‹Dr Deepak India› Methane is a poisonous gas CH4
‹Gisa› We think that the earth is fixed. This is a serious mistake. Also, the earth is alive. She has a metabolism. It is constantly changing - we notice it's not just.
‹Debby Bruck› however, it is not proper to poop in the home where we live.
‹Gisa› And we have an economy which makes it necessary to have a car. Otherwise no money, no pc, no comfort in this society.
‹Debby Bruck› It must be separated out from living spaces.
‹Gisa› Nearly not possible, because there are economic reasons to overlive.
‹Debby Bruck› Our technology, energy use we poop all the gases and wastes and metals etc into our living space
‹Gisa› we need a new model of life
‹Debby Bruck›
‹Gisa› we need to live independently again: own potatoes and own energy (free vacuum energy, because exhaust fumes).
‹Kavitha› Happy Birthday Dr Sharma
‹Gisa› same from me
‹Dr Deepak India› Thank you Kavitha
‹Debby Bruck› Happy Birthday Gisa!!! EARTH DAY PARTY
‹Kavitha› Hope you were in full swing with WHAW
‹Debby Bruck› Millions Chinese dying from cancer due to burning of fossil fuels
‹Gisa› I'm not sure, if they die because of fossil fuels, but of the bad situation they live now.
‹SoniRose› theres carbon capture and storage, but they havent figured out how to store it efficiently enough
‹Debby Bruck› Stop burning coal. They need SOLAR POWER
‹Gisa› but it is bad, very bad to live in this dirty air. That makes ill. The feeling is ill.
‹Gisa› We try to do here. But: we MUST HAVE new lines to channel the energy. Now that is our problem over here.
‹Seniya› For example growing hemp is great solution - medicine, fuel, food, clothes, building suplies etc. cancer cure....
‹Seniya› Saving trees....
‹Seniya› Happy Birthday to All of You and a flower smile on Earth's Birthday
‹Gisa› Here in Germany we do all this. Against the opposition of the energy firms. But it is maxim expensive, so that it becomes problematical to buy the food.
‹Debby Bruck› $6 trillion dollar fighting the middle east wars, instead of investing in the technology of sunlight
‹Gisa› therefore I plead for free energy. No cool, no fuel, no gas. And possible for each, who has round about 2-300 dollars.
‹Gisa› for the mashine
‹Gisa› that's the problem. All the patents are in their cellar
‹drkulbhushan› Thank you Seniya
‹Debby Bruck› India will be the #1 green house gas producer
‹Gisa› and that's not necessary. With all the energy a growing economy needs!
‹Debby Bruck› Not just farms. I introduced at the beginning that all energy will be local.
‹SoniRose› if you decide to have a neoliberal mindset of development then there will be no progress towards a postdevelopmental mindset
‹Debby Bruck› Sonia please call in to 919.518.9773
‹Debby Bruck› please explain this MINDSET concept
‹Debby Bruck› you can also call in via SKYPE on Computers2kVoice
‹SoniRose› you have to add me on skype
‹drkulbhushan› YOGA will help here to detox and maintain health
‹Gisa› nuclear is like to sit in a aeroplan and no airport to come down !!!!!
‹Gisa› this is true in principle for each energy of today
‹Debby Bruck› sea level will rise 16 feet this century
‹Gisa› indeed
‹Seniya› I have to go now and will finish listenning later,Thank you Amnon, Debby, Dr. Bruck, Dr. Deepak and everyoine. Have a wonderful celebration.
‹Debby Bruck› bye Seniya
‹Gisa› save the link abouve, dear Seniya
‹Seniya› Bye, talk to you later.
‹Amnon› I added you Sonya
‹Amnon› SoniRose
‹Debby Bruck› 1.8 million excess cases cancer this year from air and water pollution in China
‹Debby Bruck› World market in environmental technology 980 billion $/year
‹Debby Bruck› US share is 19%
‹Debby Bruck› Solar energy tripled. Jobs created
‹Gisa› dear Debby, you need lines to transport from warm and shiny area to the northern part of the country.
‹Gisa› The sun only shines at day. What do you take in night?
‹Debby Bruck› need lines to transport?
‹Debby Bruck› We have storage of the sun's energy.
‹Gisa› "pipe"
‹Debby Bruck› The special ceramic tiles will hold the heat energy over the time.
‹Gisa› how will you storage so much that the next factory can work?
‹Debby Bruck› The technology is available for storage.
‹Gisa› for example to produce aluminium
‹Debby Bruck› Because as I said -- energy will go local
‹Gisa› they take a lot
‹drkulbhushan› Viable alternatives have to be worked out
‹carrie› carrie sorry ive been trying to sign into chat but FINALLY
‹Debby Bruck› Why do we need aluminum?
‹Debby Bruck› hello Carrie
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Thomas
‹carrie› Hi Debby
‹Gisa› the method to produce energy must change. The sun is nice, the water is nice, storm is nice (wind too). But you need something with more potency.
‹Debby Bruck› Gisa -- we already have the technology already.
‹Gisa› therefore I think we should speak about free energy. That's the energy of the whole universe. No end
‹Gisa› No, we have not.
‹Gisa› believe me, I stay in the "green" Germany with a lot of suncollectors on the roof
‹Debby Bruck› very good.
‹Debby Bruck› The Dust Bowl again
‹Debby Bruck› migration
‹Gisa› and although we produce 19 % with the sun (more not possible), we have not enough for producing aluminium
‹Dr Deepak India› Which country is producing lowest pollution?
‹Gisa› you can storage with water, you bring it in the height. In night you let it down.
‹Gisa› for this you need the pipeline.
‹Gisa› the pipelines are old, very old, not good for lining the energy.
‹SoniRose› geothermal
‹Gisa› It is theoretical to think about the energy by Netherlands.
‹Gisa› for Norway
‹Gisa› and then think about the material you need for the pipeline, that disturbes the contries in Africa / Australia, where you find in Earth
‹SoniRose› energy will be gathered different ways different places
‹Gisa› please tell me, how to transport through the arabian spring? When the next mullah says "no"?
‹Gisa› but for electric energy
‹Gisa› same political region.
‹Gisa› but our little country has no desert to collect the sun
‹SoniRose› you have to use other resources if solar energy is not viable--hydro, geothermal
‹Gisa› with the sun energy our energy became much more expensiv. Not only 7 cent for the kW but 29 Cent/kW
‹Gisa› that's reality
‹Gisa› your voice - be careful
‹Debby Bruck› He is loud!
‹Gisa› hi hi - and wonderful
‹Debby Bruck› passionate about it all
‹Gisa› so it seems
‹Gisa› me too, when passionated
‹Debby Bruck› Hello Innu
‹Gisa› it is right - energy must be local. Therefore please think about FREE energy.
‹Gisa› Read Tesla and Turtur
‹Debby Bruck› Energy will be free. Individual homes will sell back to the big electric companies
‹Debby Bruck› We must stop FRACKING for gas
‹Gisa› all the knowledge are common.
‹Gisa› Fraking gas? oh noooooooooo !!!!!!
‹innu› hi
‹innu› sorry am late
‹Debby Bruck› Cars have ability to be self sustaining energy.
‹Debby Bruck› Innu - you can watch the archive.
‹Debby Bruck› EDUCATION.
‹Debby Bruck› Start with the young.
‹innu› yeah sure, its Basima
‹Gisa› also Tesla drove a car with free energy.
‹Gisa› in US
‹Debby Bruck› The information is there.
‹Gisa› yes
‹Gisa› no, start now!
‹Debby Bruck› The ocean may come back and cover the earth with Global Climate Change
‹Gisa› you can start yourself. All the material you get in the building market.
‹Kavitha› Thanks Bob, Debby and all. Sorry I was away for some time, had interruptions. Will hear the recording.
‹Debby Bruck› Use your pocketbook to speak politically, economically, socially.
‹Gisa› to repaet the link: a href=">">>;
‹Debby Bruck› We have not spoken of the pollution by radiation of oceans which have already happened.
‹Debby Bruck› Fukushima meltdown
‹Debby Bruck› crusteans and other ocean life extinct -- mutations -- we will need these homeopathic remedies
‹Gisa› we need not speak about, better we forget it. Forever
‹Debby Bruck› Do not speak about what, Gisa?
‹Gisa› nuclear possibilities.
‹Gisa› It disturbs Earth
‹Debby Bruck› It has already happened
‹Debby Bruck› no nuclear
‹Gisa› that's the pity. But to change future we must think about the possibilities which are senseful
‹Gisa› nuclear is NOT
‹Debby Bruck› come together in our small neighborhoods.
‹Debby Bruck› VIRAL!!!!
‹Dr Deepak India› It is very necessary to know for us that how a particular gas effect our mental state and then find out the correct remedy
‹Gisa› For Robert: a href=">">>; (alumni)
‹Gisa› it's english
‹Debby Bruck› Thank you
‹Gisa› better to speak about that I can do but about the bad air of cool etc.
‹Gisa› good idea, very good ,the ppp
‹Gisa› but show the alternatives, mostly about that.
‹Debby Bruck› We need to show a place on earth which is a model of environmental stewardship.
‹Gisa› yes, but...
‹drkulbhushan› Very true Debby
‹Gisa› This model will be destroyed. The petroleum companies will be guaranteed working there. We are talking about trillions of dollars, which are then no longer deserves.
‹Gisa› Tesla died of it. Turtur know the problem already.
‹Debby Bruck› Gisa - we must find PEOPLE ENERGY. The greatest force of energy, China, India. OUR VOICE MUST BE HEARD
‹Gisa› not "most" - it IS the important subject
‹Gisa› It's 5 minutes before 12 We have to go another way.
‹Debby Bruck› If we know the effects of gases and CO2. Taxes on these cities. Cure the disease, but there are the blocks of pollution
‹Gisa› Before we drown, suffocate or die of starvation and thirst.
‹Debby Bruck› They keep pouring MORE CHEMICALS into the air and water and soil
‹Gisa› yes, so it is
‹yvonne› nice butterflies
‹Gisa› I'll send you a mail, bye and have a nice time. Thx for the interesting show.

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