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Health Inn with Dr Isaac Golden ~ Can Energy Medicine Protect A Community from Infectious Diseases?

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Monday June 23, 2014
8:00AM Eastern Time USA



PowerPoint of Data

GOLDEN June 2014.pptx

This concept of using science inappropriately to malign and misuse information to manipulate laws and government authority crosses all borders and all subjects and professions.Just as climate change advocates must deal with skeptics towing the old lines, so too, homeopathy has its foes who want to remove health freedom from the people. 


Science, technology and innovation must be used to advance rather than undermine development, and developing nations should not be blocked from acquiring affordable technology or from benefiting from their genetic resources, a major political grouping of developing states has warned.   The heads of state and government of the Group of 77 (G77) and China have issued a declaration following a summit in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, last week (14-15 June) marking the 50th anniversary of the group’s creation. The G77’s mission includes promoting global social and economic equality, and advancing the interests of the developing world.   The declaration, For a new world order for living well, touches on issues including climate change and the next set of global development goals.  

It affirms the importance of science, technology and innovation, and their links to industrialisation and infrastructure “as essential elements for developing countries to attain higher development levels in a sustained way” and “in improving the quality of life of our people and in the sustainable development of our countries”.  

But it also expresses concern that science and technology can be used to undermine nations’ sovereignty, their sustainable development and attempts to eradicate poverty.   Martin Khor, executive director of the South Centre, an intergovernmental organisation of developing countries, said in a press release that the declaration is a “valuable and quite remarkable document which encompasses the political state of thinking of leaders of the South”.

Dr Isaac Golden of Australia on the Homeopathy world Community Health Inn Show will update us on homeopathic prophylaxis news. 

Dr  Golden provides his patients standard homoeoprophylaxis programs for infectious disease. This means he provides steps that each person may take to prevent a disease from affecting them, especially during a time when a particular disease may be spreading.   

Most of his research delves deeply into diseases that are continually present in an area and affects a relatively small number of people, that we call endemic, like malaria.

We will have to ask him next time why governments do not avail themselves of these types of effective and powerful options, especially when there is no proven highly effective vaccine available for epidemic diseases like swine flu.

We were so busy asking organically many other questions that we did not delve more deeply into the details of the 2007 mass inoculation using homeopathic medicine. At that time, the Cuban government  immunized 2,400,000 people against endemic disease and again in 2008 to 2, 200,000 resulting in remarkable success rates at a nominal cost.

I encourage you to tell your friends, post the link on Facebook and tweet on twitter. Each week we talk about health issues of concern and interest.

Dr Isaac Golden does much of his work with long-term prophylaxis where diseases are endemic. He is available to help you with a remedy program for when you travel to an area with potential health risks.

The epidemic issues highlight some weaknesses of orthodox vaccines which take time to be developed as disease strains change, making them no longer useful whereas Homeopathic Prophylaxis can adapt to changing strains very quickly.

We will learn more about the government instituted health care program which utilizes homeopathy and has been shown to save lives and reduce illness.

In general, vaccination and homoeoprophylaxis (HP) both offer protection against targeted infectious diseases. We know HP is safe, so the key question that governments, populations and world health organizations will ask deals with the efficacy of Homeopathic Prophylaxis. We will hear the testimony to that effect.


Rochelle I don't know much about prophylaxis as it is not something I have ever been asked for except for Influenza instead of the flu jabs!!

Ann,, Hi Debby its Ann from Ireland,,homeopath,,

Rochelle Got you now emoticon_smile.png

Debby Bruck hello Ann, Karen, Cats

Rochelle I grow lettuce beetroot, carrots, spring onions, rocket, tomatoes , zucchini and they are all being overtaken by weeds!!

Debby Bruck Hello Ireland!

Debby Bruck Yes. I have weeds too. once I can get outside will pull the weeds

Rochelle strawberries have been good!!

Debby Bruck Federation University Australia

Debby survey will be published in September in Homeopathic LINKS magazine

Debby Results of world survey.

Ann,, does Dr Golden have any plans to come to Europe over the next year?

Debby Australian position is different than other countries.

Debby We can ask him, Ann

Debby First survey gave more questions than answers. We need more information

Debby What are the attitudes to homeoprophylaxis. Where do they agree and disagree?

Ann,, thank you Debby

Debby Resolve misunderstandings. 34 countries responded to first survey

Debby survey of homeopaths. Went out to mailing lists. Went out to the association lists


Debby 738 usable responses. However, those who did not fill out the survey completely were not used.

Debby Number of years of practice using homeoprophylaxis of these homeopaths who responded.

Debby Did practitioners want to PREVENT disease?

Debby The classic attitude is that people should get the disease and then treat the symptoms.

Debby 17% said NO, do not attempt to prevent the disease.

Debby Those who said YES we should prevent. General protection through constitutional treatment, diet, herbal medicine, supplements

Debby We are worried about a specific disease and target that disease with a homeopathic remedy

Debby The United Kingdom more likely for general protection

Debby For those who want specific protection? Vaccination, homeopathic, or mix of both?

Debby 25% would look at combination

Debby If using HP - use at any time or only epidemics?

Debby Dr Hahnemann used HP in 1789 for specific epidemic. While whooping cough has a continuous background level in the environment

Debby Dr Golden says it makes sense to cover this disease. Many questions arise.

Debby When does this background contagious disease become epidemic?

Debby US and Canada support HP - Homeopathic Prophylaxis

Cathy An ounce of prevention . . . . . . .

Rochelle I have 1 patient who insists on taking Influenzinum 200 every year in the winer season once a month

Debby potential inconsistencies in the data

Debby USE OF HP in the chart

Rochelle If that's what she wants for her and her family that's fine by me

Debby 50% homeopaths use HP  . 2/3 of homeopaths use HP

Phyllis Wouldn't the continued uses of a remedy as Homeoprophalxis that you find that the remedy begins to PROVE?  And therefore, children will only bring up their miasms  by continuous uses of a nosode that is not a needed remedy at the present?

Dr. Bob how can a double blind study be done on two populations to confirm results?

Debby in UK total current use is 60% in Australia in the 80%

Debby 75% in America

Debby Hi Phyllis

Debby I will ask questions after his presentation

Phyllis There is no way to know (as in allopathic vaccines) what the point of proventions and for how long?

Debby only 40% read Hahnemann's article of 1798 about the use of Belladonna for Scarlet Fever

Debby in other countries many differences in the knowledge of history of HP

Phyllis Belladonna is a remedy and not a nosode.

Debby strong correlation between having read essay and using HP.

Debby True, Phyllis - but it is HP use of this remedy

Debby You don't have to be a homeopath to use these remedies at HP

Debby Builds confidence and decision to use the homeopathy

Debby correlation of reading essay and belief in law of similars

Amnon Hi Phyllis, how are you?

Cathy I saw all six on the one right before this one-- it's at the bottom of the chart.

karen its up now

Phyllis Lathryis Sativa for polio prevention and cure is also a remedy and not a nosode.  Nosodes tend to bring up or need to be for miasms.  Gelsemium is also a genisdpidemicus for Giullian Barre Syndrome.  I understand. 

Phyllis Hello everyone. 

Debby Use of genus Epidemicus during the outbreak

Phyllis Go back to PROVings of the remedy if used whenever there is not a present need withing the system .

Debby Hahnemann used Belladonna during outbreak.

Phyllis Yes.  During an outbreak..

Debby problem. That means a number of children will become sick before deciding the remedy. With nosodes...

Debby can use nosodes ahead of cases becoming unwell

Debby can have a number of genus Epidemicus remedies during an outbreak.

Dr. Bob so nosodes PREVENT disease in first place- right?

Debby Last time Dr Golden in Cuba, was there during formulation for Dengue Fever

Debby It has many STAGES and 4 STRAINS of Dengue Fever

Debby Many differences in symptom outcomes. Looking at EUPATORIUM

Debby Good for first stage. Then the reptile remedies commonly used for secondary stage with hemorrhagic fever

Debby What to do?

Phyllis That is not a homeopaths issues. That is only if there is only a cause for protection is necessary. Keeping the child or adult healthy with they own present remedy will also ward off flu symptoms.  I have seen this in my practice over and over again in the 30 year of my practice.

Debby The Cubans mix the remedies all together

Dr. Bob Chickamauga is now epidemic in Caribbean- is anyone doing HP for that viral disease?

Debby We have had Regina from Brazil who mixes up many remedies all together. These remedies reach the poverty stricken and they works

Debby We must be PRACTICAL as well as THEORETICAL practitioners

Phyllis I will use singles, but have been known to make my own combos for and individual patient.

Phyllis I want my immune system to handle this and pass the immunity onto my children and aid so that in future generations of my genetics releases the miasms that cause the need for these epidemics in our genome.

Cathy Will want to see if this article will be published.  They like so firmly to say that it is not "ethical" to have an unvaccinated population-- that such a study simply cannot be done.  That is tainting the results from the very beginning.

Phyllis Autism or the symptoms that are realized through vaccine damage trigger the worst case scenario of an specific contagious disease.

Debby the protocol of HP will not initiate a proving

Debby is there evidence of using the HP program of high potencies will cause weakening of immune system?

Debby ages 4-14 years of age. looking at 5 major diseases and categories of immunization

Debby Those who used these methods or did nothing at all.

Phyllis Miasm is needed to be released from the system of the individual so that they do not pass them on.  The epidemic disease have shown to be needed to be experienced to release these trigger to the miasmatic issues.

Debby Would expect the constitutional method would be healthiest. Whereas the HP group were just as healthy.

Debby That showed no evidence of using appropriate HP program caused long term issues

Phyllis I did not vaccinate My youngest was a premature birth of 34 wks gestation .  My study has found that when he experience chicken pox his experience was  far less severe then his old siblings that had either a miserable  bout or experienced it twice.

Debby we should not be afraid of simple infectious disease. We have Homeopathy.

Debby a starving child in S. Africa could die from health compromise.

Debby If you challenge the immune system with high potency nosode. you are stimulating and allowing the release. Hahnemann said provings can be beneficial

Phyllis I have been vaccine damaged and so has two of my three sons.  I know what my experience of mumps and measles and rubella and chicken pox were all handled well  making me healthier from the horrible experience of the DPT of my infancy that caused horrible ear infection and the extraction of my tonsils and adenoids.

Dr. Bob good question- does PROVING  induce a form of immunity???

Phyllis I don't see that provings cause immunity.. That was not Hahnemann's research.

Phyllis I do not give remedies that are not needed in the present.

Phyllis I may give the parents a remedy or nosode for a use if their children are immediately exposed.  The Lathyris was given in the US in the 1870's was in children who experienced Polio symptoms a high fever immediately after the uses of the remedy.

Phyllis The high fever is the key to cooking the virus or the bacteria and to educate the immune system.  Releasing Miasm is the more important issue for the individuals  and for the future genetic pool from that individual.

Phyllis Children who were vaccinated with the MMR as 15 month olds may and have been seen in 16 yr old who were exposed to their peers who were recently revaccinated with MMR get the Mumps or Measles.

Cathy In addition, vaccines are designed to stimulate production of antibodies.  Study after study has been showing for years, as far as pertussis, that the presence of antibodies does not correlate to immunity.  These are orthodox/allopathic studies showing this.

Phyllis Measles was never a terror for anyone who I went to school with in the 50's and 60's.  The vaccination of MMR has caused a virgin population that starts back the beginning of the genetic exposure.

Phyllis I love you Dr. Isaac.  Yours was the only homeoprophalxis that I read.  Dr. S. K. Banerjea gave me your book because of my work with children and vaccine damaged children and the prevention of epidemic diseases in my clients and the parents' concern.

Cathy The pathogens-- viruses, germs, and so on-- are living entities of our world.  They adapt, they change.  They want to survive.  Living and working with this reality will help us so much more and more effectively.

Debby right Cathy. Mother nature much smarter than lab rats

Debby thanks to all those who have contributed thoughts and experience in the chat

Debby Medicine can become more affordable with integrative medicine

Debby Bruck amnon - please show slide #5

Rochelle Yes I did that one

Debby Bruck

Rochelle survey I mean

Debby Bruck W.H.O. WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy  2014 – 2023. World Health Organization 2013,  Geneva.

Debby Bruck “T&CM is an important and often underestimated part of health care. T&CM is found in almost every country in the world and the demand for its services is increasing. TM, of proven quality, safety, and efficacy, contributes to the goal of ensuring that all people have access to care. Many countries now recognize the need to develop a cohesive and integrative approach to health care that allows gove

Debby Bruck . Many countries now recognize the need to develop a cohesive and integrative approach to health care that allows governments, health care practitioners and, most importantly, those who use health care services, to access T&CM in a safe, respectful, cost-efficient and effective manner”.


Debby Bruck Attacks on Homeopathy in Australia

Debby Bruck The NH&MRC began by making the following exclusions of evidence from its analysis: Evidence of “whether homeopathy is good for general health.”

Debby Bruck “Evidence for whether or not homeopathy is effective for preventing health conditions”. Any evidence examining the economic cost-benefits of homeopathy.

Debby Bruck Evidence supporting homeopathy that was not derived from “prospective, controlled studies”. Evidence examining the safety and quality of homeopathy.

Debby Bruck They eliminated anything to do with health and well being and preventing illness. Did not look at cost benefit

Debby They did not look at safety and quality. They looked at narrow definition of efficacy; and prospective controlled trials

Debby They said there were no high quality trials of homeopathy

Debby When you read the report, the research group identified high quality trials of homeopathy

Debby The conclusion did not match the data and research.

Debby Treat sickness rather than create health

Debby if you want the right answer ask the wrong question

Debby Bruck It is proposed that the NH&MRC report fails four tests: The common sense test The reasonable question test. The appropriate methodology test The freedom from bias test

Dr. Bob LOW tech is often much better than HIGH tech in solving real world problems

Debby Bruck how to contact Dr Golden

Debby TCM Traditional and Complementary Medicine is needed and wanted by the people

Debby Bruck upcoming show June 30 -  JUNE STOYER BEES neonicotinamides

Phyllis Thanks Dr. Isaac and Debby and Amnon for you time today.  Blessings to you and keep us informed about any future exploration in Homeopathy and holistic health.

Cathy Thank you, Dr. Golden, Debby, and everyone!

Ann,, is her coming to Europe? anytime

Phyllis Bye.

Debby Bruck Hi Ann. I'll put Dr Golden's calendar on HWC

Debby Bruck Thanks Amnon

Ann,, great thanks Debby,,

Rochelle Thanks Debbie- harvested my radishes and my veg patch is now weed free!!

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