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Caralyn Vessal Interview About Vitamin C Super Supplement for Health

July 14, 2014 at 11AM EDT USA Caralyn Vessal will be the Health Inn Guest

Caralyn tells her story about how she became involved in developing a healthy organic immune boosting drink. As everyone knows, it's usually personal. Helping family and friends. Searching for something good for you and not finding it. 

Her research has taught her so many scientific and medical facts. I am excited to learn from Caralyn.

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Caralyn Vessal, female entrepreneur, inventor and developer of an organic, non-GMO tasty vitamin C drink talks about the benefits of ascorbic acid in the diet. 

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Join the live chat to comment and ask questions. We will talk about bowel tolerance when taking this supplement. How can you safely intake ascorbic acid and know when enough is enough?

Everyone knows about the benefits of eating lemons with Vitamin C when you have a cold or scurvy. Incredibly, there are a myriad of other benefits and uses.  How much is needed to elicit a healing response?

Could Vitamin C be the missing stress hormone? We think of a cold virus attacking the respiratory system and the lungs. Can Vitamin C help as a total immune system booster to assist in diseases such as mononucleosis?

Beyond oral supplements. Let's learn a little about hepatitis and symptoms from acute viral diseases that can gain benefit from intravenous sodium ascorbate.

Vitamins and medicine can be mutually beneficial. As in Chinese medicine, certain herbs work in harmony. It may be beneficial to take ascorbic acid along with certain antibiotics to actualize a synergistic effect. 

Seasonal allergies and chemical sensitivities. Join this talk if you want to find out about the role of vitamin c  in patients with allergic sensitivities. Ascorbic acid has a role to play when dealing with overgrowth, fungus and molds. Ascorbic acid seems to reduce the systemic toxicity considerably but does not eliminate the primary infection. Reduce allergic reactions to penicillin when taken with appropriate bowel tolerance ascorbate for several doses. Can vitamin c assists the uptake of anti-fungal medications, in general?

Could the high Vitamin C add to the healing process? For healing trauma, injury, swelling and surgery, think of eating pineapple with the bromelain enzymes. Our first homeopathic emergency remedies for injury and trauma include Calendula and Arnica. For burns, cantharis, causticum and urtica urens. However, we learn that burns may be markedly reduced by bowel tolerance doses of ascorbic acid, as well.

The Big "C" could help when the body needs help. Is there a safer way to enable the body to absorb and utilize Vitamin C in cancer patients? Has vitamin C been used to reduce chronic conditions, such as back pain? Let's find out. Ask your questions. In fact, the use of vitamin c in scarlet fever has been documented. What mineral combinations work in synergy with ascorbic acid for physical stress illnesses, such as herpes?

Learn about proper dosages and potential complications when using ascorbic acid as a nutrient supplement to daily diet. 


Each Week Is A New Healing Topic and New Expert Interview. Join us. Nissan Communications has been in service for over 20 years in the Raleigh, NC region. Presently, utilizing internet technology to reach an international audience and building host channels.

These programs are open to the public, with live chat and call in via telephone and Skype capabilities.

The Health Inn Show has been broadcasting since 2012 on a weekly basis each Monday at 11AM Eastern Time USA

Debby Bruck, show host with co-host Dr Deepak Sharma, of the Orbits Clinic in New Delhi, interview Health experts in alternative treatments and specifically homeopathy and energy medicine. We are environmentally and politically conscious, striving for peace and understanding. Full transparency with regard to drugs, vaccinations, food labeling, and toxins in the environment must be priority to create a cleaner world.

Sufficient-C® is a high dose vitamin C Lemon Peach Iced Tea Drink Mix with great flavor! So good in fact; it could be sold at any respectable lemonade stand! One would be surprised to learn that not only are there high doses of non gmo vitamin C… also TEAVIGO® patented green tea extract, L-Lysine and bromelain have been added for a strongly immune supportive, anti-inflammatory punch, that would make any respectable cold virus heed and take notice!

Behind Sufficient-C’s uniquely pleasant flavor are immune boosting ingredients that are begging to be acknowledged. Of course QUALI®C's NON-GMO ascorbic acid takes center stage. It is our key player because the body fundamentally needs adequate Vitamin C levels for the immune system to function properly.

Adequate ascorbic acid levels also help all other immune boosting nutrients work much more effectively. Let's "C" ... The list of benefits from vitamin C are indeed long, but the catch is only when the body gets sufficient amounts through diet and supplementation! Here is a list of functions dependent upon vitamin C:

  • healing
  • aids in the prevention of chronic disease and is currently being used in the treatment of cancer
  • kills candida, viruses, bacteria and even paracites -Used to treat heart disease
  • lowers cholesterol
  • kills free radicals
  • essential for building of collagen
  • affects good mood
  • supports gut health ​

The following were also selected for their outstanding, synergistic immune support: L-LYSINE Let us begin with L-Lysine, one of the nine amino acids, but perhaps the most important.

Why? L-Lysine aids in the synthesis of collagen, something the body cannot do on its own. Collagen is important in maintaining healthy bones, tendons, cartilage and skin. It has the ability to encapsulate tumors and is crucial for the proper absorption of calcium. It is a go-to remedy for the treatment of cold sores and even canker sores. Many have been told that they are doomed to suffer with canker sores as there is no known cure( includingthis author).. We are here to give L-Lysine a voice. Yes, L-Lysine can help!! Coupled with Vitamin C it can help even more!

BROMELAIN Now moving on to Bromelain....This amazing enzyme works double duty. First is it is a great digestive enzyme. As our enzyme pool diminishes with age, our ability to perform the tasks that keep the body healthy also diminishes. Aging happens when enzymes decrease in concentration in the body. Lets face it; in this day and age pretty much everyone needs a goods digestive enzyme. The exception being for those that rely upon a diet consisting predominantly or soley of raw whole foods. But bromelain has proteolytic ability too. This means that bromelain digests more than just food. It digests or rids the body of the stuff that we prefer not be there. Here is the short list of what bromelain can do for you:

1. Helps the body fight off inflammation

2. Helps cleanse the body of harmful toxins.

3. Helps prevent blood clotting by breaking down fibrins

4. Improves food and nutrient digestion

5. Helps in fighting off viral and bacterial infections


We credit TEAVIGO® patented green tea extract for being the "real deal"! The way we see it, there is green tea extract and then there is GREEN TEA EXTRACT! TEAVIGO's® patented formula boasts 25 clinical studies to its credit. In addition the anti-inflammatory properties and immune strengthening properties of average green tea apply many times over with this exceptional product. Let’s give a little run down about green tea in general: Green tea is the least processed of all the teas, therefore it contains the most anti-oxidants.

Green tea is particularly rich in health-promoting flavonoids including catechins and their derivatives. The most abundant catechin in green tea is epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which is thought to play an important role in green tea's anticancer and antioxidant effects.

Catechins are potent free radical scavengers making them ideal for boosting the immune system.Vitamin C works synergistically with these powerful scavengers, preserving their ability to get the job done, making these feisty foragers even more effective! "REAL" FLAVOR ​

Now for our FLAVOR or what we refer to as the “cherry on top” (natural cherry of course). It is really good! How did we do it? This is our secret, but what we can tell you is, there is no artificial "anything" in Sufficient-C® nor did we add sugar of any kind. Sufficient-C® is 100% stevia sweetened, made with “real” flavors and is undeniably, thirst quenchingly delicious! Boosting your immune system never tasted this good!™ We drink to your health™,

Sufficient-C®​ Copyright Sufficient-C 2014

****** CHAT

‹Debby Bruck› BOWEL TOLERANCE -- Diarrhea or cramps will be result. Now you know how much is maximum for you
‹Debby Bruck› Hi Cathy
‹Debby Bruck› how many people take extra vitamin C?
‹Debby Bruck› the body creates cholesterol. Linus Paulin research
‹MeMi› I do not currently but would like to - orthomolecular med is very helpful for health.  The RDA's for most things is far too low for vit C and many other things!
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Vit C does not stay in the body for long
‹MeMi› If one is ill with cold, flu, whatever, it helps boost the immune system
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› It is a great anti oxidant & has agreat phagoctyic action in the body
‹MeMi› Wonder if you couldn't take anything else, that you should choose to take vitamin C.  (Body falling apart like she said - is a great reason to take it)
‹Debby Bruck› China quality assurance is not good
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› A dose of 500 mg of ascorbic acid is prescribed daily as a prophyalactic dose
‹squidley› is there true evidence that megadoses of vit C really do anything? After the cells are saturated with a water soluble vitamin the rest is excreted in the urine-?
‹Debby Bruck› All Vitamin C in USA is from CHINA is GMO
‹Debby Bruck› This product comes from Scotland
‹Debby Bruck› good questions
‹squidley› its also contaminated with nasty adjuvents- not to be trusted
‹Debby Bruck› I'm wondering if it helps with depression?
‹Debby Bruck› IV vitamin C used by cancer patients a lot
‹Debby Bruck› targets cancer cells only
‹squidley› Dr. K 500 mg. is prophylactic against what? Can the body even absorb a half gram of ascorbic acid?
‹MeMi› Orthomolecular nutrition is used more for when someone is ill.  With colds & flu types of illness, I've read up to 10,000 i.u. which about the level of bowel intolerance(can cause diarrhea for most people at that amount)  Maybe that's part of it's healing effect is to help the body drain out toxins or bacteria affecting the person's health.
‹squidley› OK but how many Americans are deficient?
‹MeMi› With the quality of food available to most of us and denatured state of soil these days, it seems like most people would be deficient in nutrients
‹squidley› Wouldn't a TIME RELEASED formulation be good? Slowly releasing the vitamin into the intestine ALL day long?
‹MeMi› Whatever minerals are in green tea will contribute to the synergy of the drink
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Where does Caralyn Mam practice?
‹MeMi› Make some sole from Himalayan Pink Salt - that will give you plenty of minerals and very affordably
‹squidley› Yup the Himalayan salt has 37 trace minerals in it
‹MeMi› GREAT stuff huh
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› It does help in Rheumatic pains with encouraging results
‹squidley› OK what about citrate kidney and gall stones from too much ascorbic acid?
‹squidley› it is very yummy!
‹squidley› use it to fortify hot or cold tea drinks
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› For chronic infections like colds & coughs non healing wounds etc
‹MeMi› connective tissue
‹MeMi› bromelain is great for digestion
‹Debby Bruck› slide number 7
‹squidley› what is Teavigo?
‹MeMi› that's the patented name for this particular formula
‹Debby Bruck› has 25 clinical studies about this product
‹Debby Bruck› STANDARDIZATION of ingredients
‹squidley› how can you patent green tea extract 
‹Debby Bruck› good question. Let's ask.
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› All Citrus fruits are a good source of Vit C in daily use
‹MeMi› it's the combination of this formulation that is named and patented - NOT the green tea extract itself
‹squidley› ok thanks
‹Debby Bruck› perhaps a particular kind of green tea from a special location
‹MeMi› I'm fortunate to live near Phx - they have tons of citrus everywhere
‹squidley› super secret green tea
‹Debby Bruck› the extraction process is patented
‹MeMi› Monsanto would try - be sure of that
‹MeMi› ah...thank you for clarification DEBBY
‹MeMi› I really like what's she's created here - these are critical nutrients to have for the body to regenerate itself
‹DEBBY› herpes sores on mouth - L LYSINE
‹squidley› LYSINE is a good supplement for Vegans- it is found mostly in animal tissue and milk
‹Debby Bruck›
‹Debby Bruck› GUM DISEASE. plaque build up. wow!
‹Cathy› Hi Debby! What is the cost?
‹Debby Bruck› natural anti histamime
‹Amnon› Not just the supplement, but you will drink more water when taking this
‹MeMi› Thx Squid - I'm going to try it soon
‹squidley› Take a shot for me!
‹MeMi› If you think about it - our mouths and our bodies for the most part, are TOO acidic.  A lemon is alkaline.  If anything, eating a lemon would help to alkalinize the body
‹squidley› diseased gums cause heart disease- proven
‹DEBBY› great
‹DEBBY› don't take cookies and sugary foods
‹DEBBY› given to cancer patients in the hospital
‹MeMi› Great first show for her
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› A very brillant talk show today by Caralyn on sufficient C &i hope the impact will remain on us for a long time & keep infections away
‹squidley› fun show-  gotta go take my vitties!
‹MeMi› Thank you DEBBY, Amnon, Caralyn, everyone
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Oh Dr Jeremey Sherr?
‹MeMi› There's got to be some symtolic meaning of this Debby!
‹squidley› the FAMOUS Jeremy Sher!!
‹MeMi› That will be a great show Dr Kulbhushan
‹Amnon› Now we know why Rob is not right there   You must smell great
‹squidley› she tastes good too!
‹MeMi› You're just too sweet DEBBY
‹MeMi› and the bees and wasps know it
‹MeMi› Namaste'
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› DEBBY thanks for the wonderful show as always Namaste to all
‹squidley› great show
‹DEBBY› I was thinking that I got bee sting therapy this morning!
‹squidley› Namaste
‹DEBBY› HUGS TO EVERYONE! Share the show. All are archived.
‹MeMi› I think you did too.  They are helping boost your immune system DEBBY
‹DEBBY› both MP3 audio and video
‹DEBBY› Hi Michelle. I think the JUICING for a week just kept my body strong
‹MeMi› that too

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