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Dr Robert Bruck Global Climate Change Expert Speaks on Health Effects December 10, 2012

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Dr. Robert Bruck is an alumni distinguished professor of plant pathology, forestry, environmental science and environmental technology and management at North Carolina State University. 

Dr. Bruck received an undergraduate degree from Buffalo State College of New York, his PhD from Syracuse University, Post Doctoral work at Cornell University, and has been teaching and doing research at North Carolina State University for 33 years.   

Dr Bruck is a recognized expert in the field of global warming, plant pathology and forestry and has been given numerous honors. His research on air pollution on forest ecosystems and his life-long career culminated with him being named the 1997 laureate of the North Carolina Award for Science by the governor. 

He developed the Department of Environmental Technology at the University and presently teaches environmental science classes to over 3000 NC State students every year.  One of his courses is "Global Climate Change Health Effects." which is the topic of todays show.


Most people call him a walking encyclopedia and he has been named by his students "Mr Planet" like a super hero. He has taken hundreds of students on travel experiences to South America to study the tropical ecosystems and instill a desire to learn about and protect our planet. 


Dr Bruck has hundreds of publications to his name, an award winning documentary, traveled the globe, testified before Congress concerning our environment, researched solar energy and sustainability, developed a distance education curriculum and journeyed with National Geographic to Mount Everest. He loves to climb mountains, read books, experiment in the kitchen making hot sauce and roasting coffee beans. His passionate lectures get rave reviews, challenges his students to be critical thinkers and advises many college students.  




Carbon Dioxide Emissions On Rise

The Ice Caps and Glaciers Melting


Please join us and ask any question you like! I'm sure he'll have an answer.

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marilyn So interesting, more people should hear this. Bob needs a show
borealbob anybody there?
Debby Bruck hello -- we are here
Debby Bruck Welcome to everyone
Debby Bruck just one more minute
Debby Bruck we wil begin. I am refreshing my page
borealbob seems I am not connected= should I call again
lin can see you but cant here you. I hear someone saying "hello"
Debby Bruck we are starting over
Debby Bruck something happened with the sound
Debby Bruck okay. now we are REALLY LIVE!
borealbob live from NEW YORK= its Monday Morning!!!!!!!!!!!
Leslie Flowers Yea!
Leslie Flowers Debbie you look like an indian princess with two long pony tails!
Dr Wequar Good morning every body,
Debby Bruck hello Leslie -- no pony tails
Dr Deepak India Good mor everyone
Debby Bruck we've started and it will be powerful
Debby Bruck You can share this show with friends by tweeting, send to FaceBook, email
Debby Bruck Welcome Farzaneh, Dr Wequar, Health Freak, Fairy Mom, Lin, Dr Deepak, Leslie, KK
Dr Deepak India any person from USA can call at 919-518-9773
Debby Bruck Thank you Dr Deepak
farzaneh thank you dear Debby
Debby Bruck Call in via Skype to Computers2Kvoice
Debby Bruck 178 ppm
Debby Bruck 150 year cycle. the highest in 2 million years in 300 PPM
Debby Bruck warm temperatures means more decomposition of matter. Carbon dioxide is a thickener of atmosphere, makes more difficult for heat absorbed by planet to radiate back into space.
Debby Bruck Thus, planet gets warmer.
Debby Bruck What is it right now on the planet?
Debby Bruck 403 PPM
Debby Bruck Since beginning of industrial revolution. CO2 going up 2% per year
Debby Bruck Why? It's getting hotter here.
Debby Bruck 75 Giga tons of CO2 emitted by fossil fuel burning.
Dr Deepak India even duration of seasons are changing
Debby Bruck CO2 emitted by humans burning, coal, oil and gas at rate of 2,500 pounds per SECOND
Debby Bruck I think maybe NON-GMO plants are our friends.
Debby Bruck Amazonian rain forest being removed by the second. Just so that we can have meat to eat.
Dr Wequar But green plants are being gobbled up by humans at a fast rate,and theur are no ends.where do we end
farzaneh in this way iceberg will melt
Debby Bruck I believe he means FORESTS, TREES,
farzaneh then flood is treathening
Debby Bruck Yes. ICE bergs all melting.
farzaneh there would be another disaster
Debby Bruck this raises ocean levels and also dilutes all the salty water, which means the plants and fish cannot live there any longer
Dr Deepak India yes farzaneh they are melting
Debby Bruck The methane from animals, including humans.
Debby Bruck CO2 and methane concentration 10 times higher than ever before.
Debby Bruck worst hurricane in history. The oceans taking over the land.
farzaneh there is some things else will happen...some tropical diseases will spread in mountain regions
Debby Bruck These will be recurring events
farzaneh I mean in cold places
Dr Wequar May be i am talking out of my hat,by all holy scriptures have mentioned the scneriao
Dr Wequar What doe we as individual do,and how much
Debby Bruck This is the world shift. We better LOVE EACH OTHER AND THE PLANET before it is too late,
Health Freak yeah love is the solution
farzaneh if we love our planet we are going to save it
Dr Wequar Love for each other and love for the earth we live in
Debby Bruck How can we make this LOVE a reality? By recognizing the humanity within each of us. We are all brothers and sisters living on the same planet. OUR HOME
Dr Wequar We just have to be honest in our life and deal with each other honestly
farzaneh This is what we need in our life..Thank you Debby
Debby Bruck ♥.•**·. 1984 -- Important year - Global Climate Change and Human Health
Dr Wequar How many Davos ,before the world adopts some saner means to get over global warming
Debby Bruck If you live in a cold region, it will be warmer outside. We have little winter. However, all the plants that depend upon cold will not be able to survive
Debby Bruck No apple trees, other fruit trees. The deciduous trees won't live. We will have palm trees here soon.
Debby Bruck HOWEVER -->>> infectious disease on the rise
farzaneh oh think about those plants which we use for making remedies in Homeopathy
Debby Bruck Did you know that An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor away!
Debby Bruck That's right. We lose thousands of plants from the Amazonian Rainforest which could all be medicinal plants
Dr Deepak India we can say that Earth is suffering with  Hypertension
Health Freak maybe we shud all take swimming classes
Debby Bruck The earth is suffering many diseases. Toxins.
Debby Bruck Noah was right.
Debby Bruck No air conditioning in many places on the globe. HEAT EFFECTS.
Debby Bruck All meteorology. Wet, dry, hot, cold, hurricane, drought, etc. This is all transfer of heat. In homeopathic terms.... Modalities. Seasonal effects.
Debby Bruck Human thermals we say in homeopathy.
Debby Bruck Do we perspire properly? Maybe earth needs silica!
farzaneh in this case perspiration will be fixed rubric for most of people
vik what will happen when the methane of Siberia will melt?
Health Freak good point VIK
Dr Wequar Its time to go for Solar,geothermal etc ,but why is it so costly to do such thing
Dr Wequar Is politic responsible for such technology to spread more?
Health Freak that was a good Chart Debby
Debby Bruck I prepared over 40 slides. He's not using them. :)
Health Freak lol
Debby Bruck He talks off the top of his head. It's all in there.
farzaneh there is  an other hemohragic disease :Ebola and Marburg
Debby Bruck Of the corn we harvest 44% went to ethonol
Debby Bruck ethanol goes into the autos, instead of corn going to feeding people
Debby Bruck Our corn goes to feeding ANIMALS for a meat carnivorous diet
Dr Wequar Corns are now genetically modified? with what result?
Debby Bruck Drought and heat stress.
Debby Bruck We waste and throw out so much food in America
Debby Bruck Going back 2.47 million years. The CO2 and temperature levels are the highest.
Debby Bruck Now.
Debby Bruck 150,000 year cycles observed.
Dr Deepak India that is too much sad to hear that how much we are hurting our mother
Leslie Flowers LOL
Debby Bruck We need to go to vegetarian diets.
Health Freak thats the best one
marilyn you are all brilliant
Debby Bruck if there are any comments and questions. We are finishing up now.
Debby Bruck It's happening NOW! The shellfish and crustaceans can survive. The whales will go exinct
KK Folks please, share this show on FB!
Debby Bruck thank you KK
Dr Deepak India yes we will share thanx
KK You are welcome! I am glad that you are doing a great job.
KK Thank you Debby and Dr Bob.
Health Freak Nice to know your husband Debby, he is full of good info
Debby Bruck :)
Debby Bruck echinacea, bryonia, arsenicum
Health Freak sometimes an arsenicum drinks more than a sip
Leslie Flowers Really enjoyed this show!
Dr Deepak India thank you Leslie
Debby Bruck Thank you everyone
Leslie Flowers My pleasure. I was working while listening.
farzaneh Thank you all
Debby Bruck blessings to all


Greenland is Melting


Western Antarctic Ice Sheet Melting

A new analysis of temperature records indicates that the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet is warming nearly twice as fast as previously thought, resulting in warmer temperatures which could contribute to sea-level rise. [Source: Nature Geoscience.] The scientists compiled data from records kept at Byrd station, established by the US in the mid-1950s and located towards the centre of the West Antarctic ice sheet (WAIS). Previous research published in Nature indicated that the WAIS is being warmed by the ocean, but this new work suggests that the atmosphere is playing a role as well. Change recorded in ocean salt content will affect the planet.

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