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The Health Inn for Monday September 10, 2012

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Jayney Goddard, Homeopath, Hypno-Analytical Psychotherapist

Jayney has an unsurpassed knowledge of all types of complementary medicine and natural healthcare.  Recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on complementary medicine, she presides as president of The Complementary Medical Association (CMA), the world’s largest professional membership body for complementary medicine (CM).


In addition, Jayney has a vast knowledge of the research base supporting complementary medicine and natural healthcare and has written and edited three encyclopaedias on the subject including ‘Complementary Health: The Scientific Verdict on What Really Works’ for Collins which involved Jayney scouring over 10,000 published studies, turning them into “English” and arranging them in an extremely useful and accessible format – which appealed to both professional and lay readers.


Jayney initially qualified as a homoeopath having studied for over 5 years at the London College of Classical Homeopathy. Uniquely among practitioners, she has an excellent knowledge of both conventional and complementary medicine. Jayney’s post-graduate work involved studying under one of the world’s leading psychotherapists, Norman Vaughton, to gain her additional qualifications in psychoanalysis and hypnotherapy.


As the CMA representative for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Complementary and Integrated Medicine, Jayney has liaised at governmental level to help set policy regarding complementary medicine. She has performed a similar role in the USA for the Whitehouse Committee for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and also works with a number of other governments worldwide to assist them in developing sustainable complementary medical policies. She was awarded a Professorship by the College of Naturopathic and Yogic Sciences at Mahendra Sanskrit University in Nepal where Jayney also held the post of International Honorary Advisor. (Due to recent political issues the degree course was suspended but plans are in motion to re-open this course.) Most recently, Jayney has been teaching on the MSc course at The Graduate Institute in Connecticut where faculty colleages include the “Father of Mind/Body Medicine” Dr Bernie Siegel, Professor Rupert Sheldrake and renowned cardiologist Dr Steve Lipowitz. 


Jayney was recently the recipient of the “Outstanding Achievement Award” for her exceptional contribution to complementary medicine. She has a busy practice in London where she works as a homoeopath and psychotherapist.

Jayney is editor of “With Our Complements”, the journal of the Complementary Medical Association and Director of Content for The Complementary Medical Association’s web site. 



Royal Society of Medicine, Fellow
Royal Society of Public Health, Fellow
Health Food Manufacturers Association (HFMA), Advisory Board Member
Guild of Health Writers, Full member
Integrated Healthcare Symposium (USA & International) CAMexpo, Founding Contributor & Advisory Board Member Advisory Board Member 



Passionate about natural and holistic medicine. We will learn Jayney's attitude about the "anti-aging" craze. What connotations does it have for you? Can we really halt the aging process and why do people have such a desire to find ways not to show their actual chronological age?

What will the future bring as the population ages? In the United States alone, persons 65 years or older numbered 39.6 million in 2009 and that number is growing. They represented 12.9% of the U.S. population, about one in every eight Americans. By 2030, there will be about 72.1 million older persons, more than twice their number in 2000. People 65+ represented 12.4% of the population in the year 2000 but are expected to grow to be 19% of the population by 2030.

People may be living longer, but what about their health and who will care for all these people? The messages and health care systems do not promote "health." Instead, all the drugs and disregard for promoting and teaching "healthy" living and habits have brought us to this sorry state. Looking forward to speaking with Jayney about how she empowers people to achieve a better healthier life. 

Most of the chronic diseases that we are increasingly seeing have an underlying inflammatory component. We will learn about some modern tools to address inflammation. As homeopaths, we must keep an open mind. 


Americans are living longer than ever before, yet their life expectancies lag behind those of other developed nations. Death rates for certain diseases have declined over time, while others have increased. Older age is often accompanied by increased risk of certain diseases and ]disorders. Large proportions of older Americans report a variety of chronic health conditions such as hypertension and arthritis. Nevertheless, most people age 65 and over report their health as good, very good, or excellent.


In addition to all she does, Jayney hosts a conference and expo called "Younger ByThe Day." The next one is on the 9th November, with a line-up of outstanding international speakers and first class exhibitors.  You can think of "Younger By The Day" as the antidote to the 'nip/tuck' culture.


Thank you to Jayney for speaking up all over the internet, speaking engagements, and every form of media. News show debate with Jayney and Simon

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Jayney Goddard has written numerous books and been featured on many television and radio shows. 

  • Complementary & Alternative Health: The Scientific Verdict on Published by Collins What Really Works, CMA Publishing UK 
  • The Survivor’s Guide to Bird Flu: The Complementary Medical Approach, CMA Publishing UK 
  • Coming Soon: Developing YOUR Professional Practice


The Homeopathic Therapy of Diseases of the Brain and Nerves by George Royal, MD

Specific remedies including brief early 20th century case studies for clinical conditions, which are divided into four sections: the -algias (pain), the -itises (inflammation), functional changes and structural changes.

Dr Royal compiled this book of  homeopathic remedies for patients suffering from mental and nervous diseases providing the indications for the remedies from his student lectures and clinics, grouping the symptoms and ranking them from his experience.


Some say that such conditions as tabes dorsalis, in fact all mental conditions, are not treated fully enough in the homeopathic texts. A few suggest that the sub-division of many subjects which were treated as one twenty-five years ago would throw light on the "elective affinity" of drugs as well as the action of the drug upon the tissue affected, thus making the selection of the indicated remedy easier.

This book elucidates upon symptomatology and diagnosis to help prescribe according to homeopathic principles. 

We look forward to your participation in this hour, with call in guests, clients and practitioners using plant remedies to heal our inner and outer wounds. Please send us the questions you have and we will be happy to answer on-air. 


Homeopathy In Geriatrics

The Organisers of the International Congress of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis held in Rome in May 1901 assigned to me the subject of 'Homoeopathy in Geriatrics", which was to be one of the keynote papers of the Congress. In the process of reflecting on the subject it exceeded the usual limits of an article and requests were received from many quarters to make it available in a book form and also in languages other than English. Because of numerous preoccupations and other reasons it has taken unduly long to do so.

An extensive literature was scanned in the study of this subject from many angles as can be seen in the list appended. Anyone whishing to study some aspect in greater detail can refer to the corresponding sources.

The presentation is not meant to be an exhaustive treatise on the subject. In any case according to Steiglitz, "There are no specific diseases of old age. Any illness may occur at any age. But, certain disorders increase in frequency after the peak of maturity". Besides certain illnesses associated with ageing as Cancers, Metabolic disorders (Diabetes mellitus, Gout), some Endocrinal disorders and some others have been completely omitted.
Scanning the pages of the repertory would convince anyone of the great role homoeopathy plays in geriatrics. A compilation from Kent's Filial General Repertory has been appended for ready reference. In the different chapters of the book wherever any page number is mentioned it refers to this repertory. The reader will bear in mind that originally it was written as a lecture supported with numerous slides (diapositives).

I am grateful to Dr. Mohit Kundu for preparing part of the repertory study under my direction. I am also indebted to Vaid Bhagwan Das, then Dy. Adviser (Ayurveda) in Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for references on Ayurveda. The book is presented to the profession in the hope that it enables them to help the senior citizens through the benign system of homoeopathy, which is free from side effects or iatrogenesis, to which the aged are particularly prone.

India 3rd July 1991. 


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Emergency Remedy Kits from HomeopathyWorld


A remedy kit at home will be very handy in any emergency, including emotional situations. 


While we know that time heals all wounds, it does not help to say these words when living in the moment of grief. Sadness, emptiness, gloom are healthy natural responses to loss. 


“The deepest wounds aren't the ones we get from other people hurting us. They are the wounds we give ourselves when we hurt other people.” 
  ― Isobelle Carmody, Alyzon Whitestarr 


Betty Friedan (February 4, 1921 – February 4, 2006) was an American writer, activist, and feminist.

A leading figure in the Women's Movement in the United States, her 1963 book The Feminine Mystique is often credited with sparking the "second wave" of American feminism in the 20th century. In 1966, Friedan founded and was elected the first president of the National Organization for Women, which aimed to bring women "into the mainstream of American society now [in] fully equal partnership with men".



Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many. Author Unknown




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