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Dear members of the Allergy-discussion

I refer to Gina Tyler's posting on the wallpaper-sub-group.

She is pointing out that allergy is a reaction of the body after many surpressions.

I agree and think it will be helpful to have some reflections on the character of this illness.

It is a chronic illness, often longstanding.

I see it as a "general breakdown syndrome," it is like the body says, "its all too much, I can't take it anymore" and with great strength overreacts on stimulus that are not toxic.

I find it important to remember that the reactions come with great strength. The immune system is changing its precisions rifle with a machine gun, shooting without aiming, just shooting all the antihistamine it can mobilize.

The ability to distinguish what is the enemy and what is dangerous is partly lost. The reason for that may be vaccinations which confuse the immune system (very interesting topic too) or/and  an overload of toxic substances.

So, which treatment strategy will be the best to take, either the constitution or acute, with isopathics or going deep or a mixture?




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As a parent of a child born with SEVERE atopic (allergic) response and as a homeopath, my opinion, which is based on personal experience, is BOTH! It is of utmost importance to be able to control a reaction when it happens, because strong allergic reactions put great strain on the individual, and much good constitutional gain may be lost or at least stymied, when acute reactions occur. Only managing the acute reaction, though, without employing deep constitutional therapy is merely "hacking away at weeds on the surface" without touching the deep taproot that exists and is FUELING the allergic response. In my opinion, allergy is ALWAYS miasmatic, not necessarily a product of toxicity (although that certainly can be a factor), but more to do with the miseducation or misunderstanding of the immune system. This miseducation happens because of PRIOR DISEASE MISMANAGEMENT (ie allopathic suppression or other). The miasm (which is usually sycotic) has developed because in the past, either the individual themself or a direct ancestor has acquired a disease or "infection" of some nature and instead of treating the disease homeopathically and fully eradicating it, the disease was "successfully treated" with some form of suppressive therapy (mainly antibiotics, or antibiotic-type substances--could be herbs). The disease withdraws into a deeper level of the organism and symptoms shift or change such that the individual does not recognize the disease for what it IS. If this occurs enough times, the disease becomes very complex and hard for even a professional to sort out. What is important to remember is the common THEMES that run through the miasms, so that when you see a pathological state, you can recognize the miasm that is being expressed, even if its symptoms appear much different than the original disease process that was suppressed (ie gonorrhea, tuberculosis, syphilis).
Although I had treated my daughter almost exclusively with Homeopathy since birth, we did not begin to gain good, solid ground until she received Bacillinum (Burnett's tubercular-sputum nosode preparation). That "unlocked" the door and allowed us to penetrate into the miasm. She did not have a similar response to Tuberculinum (bovine glandular) at all, it had very little, if any, effect. It will take time to fully eradicate allergy; you have to reeducate the immune system, reduce the susceptibility of the individual. Most of this occurs on the level of the DNA, as much atopic potential is inherited.

I have found the homeopathic preparation Histaminum hydrochloride to be IMMENSELY useful in managing the acute reactions when they occur, I wish I had known about its existence when we were in the real "thick of it" with my daughter and trying Apis, Urtica, Arsenicum, etc with little success. However, it was the Bacillinum that gained us the most ground LONG TERM and reduced her terrain (roots) so that other remedies would be helpful. Now when she has an allergic reaction, it is much milder and easier to manage, much less detrimental to her entire organism. Have patience! These deeply embedded disease-processes have usually been strongly suppressed at some point along the road (maybe not even by the patient, but prior in the bloodlines) and can be difficult to unravel, but when you finally reach the end of the road, you can truly celebrate, for your cure will be permanent, you will have eradicated the allergic tendency from the DNA, and the next generation will thank you for relieving the bloodline of this annoying, perhaps even debilitating, syndrome of immune disfunction!
dear Karla !
thank you for your wise and personal post !
you are so right! especially when you treat allergies that severe, as you do.
it is so good to be able to learn from your many years of intense experience.

my allergy clients have been less acutely threatened, though not less sick. so I had more time to dig deeper than the acute state.
one of my patients, whom I treat for breastcancer, was thrilled with the homeopathic treatment - not because of effect on cancer, that she can not notice - but of the effect on her multiple food allergies. Over 2 months she gradually could enjoy cheese again and bread and generally said, that she just not needed to think and plan about food any more, which she felt as a great relieve in her life.
I had only used 1 rubric regarding her allergy: milk agg. otherwise the rubrics I used had nothing to do with her food allergies, but with her cancer.
so I take this for a good exampel for sucessfully treating allergy without allergy specific remedies.
I hope, that her getting better with her allergy is a sign of that her health geneally improves, so that her cancer does not have to come again either.

in other cases we will need the acute remedies,
when I get some more time these days I will post a case of a hayfever treatment where the acute remedy was the constitutional too.

hej Karla !
i announced a case, so here it comes:
in april 09 I got a new patient, neatly dressed computer specialist, familyman, father of to daughters. All his live he had, like his brother and father, arunning nose, itching eyes and astma in spring, extending to summer. never really free of symptoms.
i started with ARS C30, 4 drops dayly of a 5 ml dropper bottle.
in May much better, continued same remedy, potensy, dosage.
in June little worse, changed to ARS Q3, same dosage.
in august free of symptoms, though summer always lessens symptoms, he has not earlier been free of symptoms.
he got a better contact with his wife, was generally more relaxed, special incidences on his work, that normally bothered him, was now of no importance.
he was very content
case closed with offer to come again next spring, if he had symptoms again.
this year I have not heard from him.
as I wrote before, I take this as an exampel of treatment with a remedy, that fit both acute and constitutionally.
Hi Ingrid,

Don't you always find it amazing that when you hit the right chord with someone, it changes their lives on so many levels? It is truly profound medicine that we practice is it not?

It sounds like you are doing marvelous work with your "allergy" clients, I bet everyone you are treating is doing fabulously. I enjoyed reading about the "breast cancer" client as well, I am sure her cancer is being eradicated since she is seeing excellent improvement in food allergies. That means you are touching her very deeply. I think much allergy is "seated" in the bowel.

You are fortunate when you can find a remedy that can reduce the pathology of allergy so quickly. In Rowan's case, her terrain was so deep we had to launch some big missiles. She needed some serious reeducation! I am always amazed when I take someone's case with allergies and it resolves fairly quickly. I guess after my experience with my daughter I just expect a longer course. She was certainly a tough nut to crack. I am going to run a bowel nosode with her this summer to see if we can get a little further, because she seems to have hit a plateau.

My sister and her son experience seasonal allergies pretty severely every year. I have been treating both of them constitutionally for some time, so I was surprised when the hayfever symptoms kicked up this spring quite badly again. I decided to try Medorrhinum 200, just to see if I could clear a little ground, get the constitutional to work better or see if something else came up, but what happened was very surprising: It worked in just the way the Arsenicum worked for you in the above case! It effected results in the SHORT term! IMMEDIATELY! I hadn't heard from her for a couple of weeks after I had them take it, because I did not expect that kind of reaction AT ALL. So when she called me the other day to say Hi, I was absolutely floored to learn that neither she nor her son were experiencing ANY symptoms of hayfever, even though it is the time of year that she has them the absolute worst! I had no idea the nosode would take her pathology down so quickly. I asked myself if this might be suppression of symptoms, but they are doing great! There is no sign of any internalization of the allergy at all. If anything, they are feeling better than they ever have. They have only taken 1 dose of 200 Med and they have been symptom free for almost 4 weeks. My sister is amazed as well, she suffers so much every spring!

I'm not sure what to make of this, I am anxious to see what other improvements they make as the weeks go on and to see if the same or different constitutional remedy emerges. Homeopathy is such fun, never a dull moment and making people's lives easier one person at a time, I can't think of anything better to do with my time! I give great Thanks to Sammy H and all his buddies every day.

Glad to be in such good company here in this community with other true healers sharing their stories. Keep up the fantastic work, you are a certainly a leader in your circle and probably most appreciated!

In Truth,
Karla B
I am enjoying reading all of your stories, especially right now when so many are experiencing their hayfever flare ups. Take a look at this report on pollen count. I have given one poor soul Sabadilla for the constant sneezing, which has helped a great deal.

MURPHY: Nose: Hay, fever: Spring: all-c, ars, gels, lach, naja, sabad, sang, tub

Eastern North Carolina is going through one of the worst years for pollen that it has ever experienced. Daily averages during the spring in North Carolina are 1,000 to 1,500 grains per cubic meter. The pollen count reached 3,524 grains yesterday. Winston-Salem had a count three times higher at over 9,000 grains. Scientists credit the recent dry spell, early, extended period of warm weather and flowering multiple species of trees over the past week with the coating of yellowish pollen that dusted the central part of the state over the past few days. In eastern North Carolina everyone can see the evidence of high pollen from pine trees. It gives a green and yellow look to almost everything outside.

The good news is that showers should arrive late tonight into early Friday as a strong cold front pushes into the area. We should see much lower counts of pollen over the upcoming weekend.

I should take some photos. It looks like a yellow coating of snow covering the car and just about everything. If you touch anything outside, your hands are heavily coated with a thick layer of yellow pollen. Don't forget to take off your shoes when you go inside.
dear Karla !

thank you for continuing our exchange, and sorry, there will be times, where I cant answer.
thank you too for sharing your family story.
my thought were: when MED works, and when several members of a family are sufferers of the same illness then there might be a history of severe illness, - with MED you think of gonorrhoeae - it might be another sycotic miasme illness too.
you have been fighting a lot, out of concern for your daughter.
as you are part of the history, it might be worth a reflection if an outsider would have a better chance to to see the profounder lines.

I find it more and more striking, how chronic illness continues in families.
as a psychologist I have a natural tendency to look for behavior patterns and their repetition over generations, and as a homeopath I find repeating patterns on the physical level too - over and over again.
inside the family you are part of that intrinsic weaving and it is not easy to rise and reflect with no influence of your own part in the story.
my family were of course the first persons I treated when I learned homeopathy and I still treat my sister (for other patologi), so ... I know how one feels in that situation. (i tried to send her to another homeopath, but it did not work)
as I believe that especially allergies are the icetop of a deeper and much bigger chronic illness, that we have to treat with a lot of respect for the seriousness of the case.
i hope, i did not step too close with my commentary

yes, it is fantastic to be a homeopath, i enjoy it every day.
how lucky we are to use such a beautiful method for being helpful !
Hi Ingrid,

Thank you for your concerns. I had consulted with MANY holistic practitioners, since a bad experience with a root canal and gold crown left me in a rather toxic state. I had the teeth removed and my health began to gradually improve. Rowan was born in the aftermath of this poisoning, and must have inherited much poisoning of her own while she was growing in the womb. To make things worse, she received a large dose of antibiotics right after her birth.

We treated Rowan homeopathically from birth, but most of the professionals I saw and spent thousands of dollars with, were of little help to her at all. All of these individuals were highly credentialed, certified and reportedly reputable. It was not until about a year ago when I met the homeopath who treats Rowan now, Gail Wilson, that things began to move forward, and at a very rapid pace. So while I mostly manage Rowan on a day to day basis (with Gail's blessings) we still consult regularly on where she is at in the "long term".

As for my sister and her family, we do not share the same heredity, as we have different fathers. Her constitution and personality is quite different from mine, although we do share common circumstances, growing up together. I knew Med was in her picture from the very beginning, what surprised me was how WELL it worked, when other well-indicated remedies had failed to produce lasting results.

I don't have any allergies at all and neither does my son; we do not share this with Rowan and my husband, but the allergy tendency DEFINITELY runs in my husband's family, they all have allergies, to many things and in varying intensities. So while I have been a part of this history, I do not feel like I have a direct attachment to the allergy portion of the recipe. Other than to feel slightly resentful that their chronic maladies are so difficult to eradicate compared to most other people's who are not allergic, that it creates a somewhat difficult task for me, as a homeopath, to be successful in assisting them in clearing these old disease patterns. What great poster children for Homeopathy they will all make when we have arrived at that fortuitous day!

Best wishes,
Karla Bartlett
hej Karla !
thanks for your answer.

yes - I wonder too - why is it, that some allergies just disappear in the process of constitutional treatment, or in response to an acute remedy, while others give most hard-necked resistance?
I do not have any explanation.
good luck with your treatments !!!


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