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The patient requiring this remedy would constantly blow nose, but with no discharge. Sensation as if stuffed up at the root of the nose. Dryness in the mouth and throat, uvula like leather. Burning eyelids, worse for turning the eyes. Dry racking cough worse inspiration. There can be incessant sneezing which then dries up.

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Four years ago used Sticta with instant and total success in two cases of flu which had continued relapsing for three months, and which Drosera had not helped. As well as the above nasal symptoms it has a deep and tiring cough, as if of pneumonia, but loose rather than dry. Anothr angle on a rather less-used remedy.

More information about Sticta Pulmo.

NOSE - BLOWING THE NOSE - inclination to blow the nose; constant
 NOSE - BLOWING THE NOSE - inclination to blow the nose; constant - amel.; but does not
 NOSE - BORING in nose with fingers
 NOSE - CATARRH - accompanied by - Mucous membrane; dryness of
 NOSE - CATARRH - chronic
 NOSE - CATARRH - dry, chronic
 NOSE - CATARRH - followed by - Frontal sinuses; complaints of
 NOSE - CATARRH - Postnasal
 NOSE - COLD - air - agg.
 NOSE - COMPLAINTS of nose - Root of nose
 NOSE - CORYZA - morning - amel.
 NOSE - CORYZA - afternoon
 NOSE - CORYZA - air; in open - amel.
 NOSE - CORYZA - cough - with
 NOSE - CORYZA - discharge, with
 NOSE - CORYZA - discharge, without
 NOSE - CORYZA - followed by - Chest; complaints of
 NOSE - CORYZA - followed by - Downward; complaints of air passages travelling
 NOSE - CORYZA - followed by - Frontal sinuses; complaints of
 NOSE - CORYZA - lachrymation; with
 NOSE - DISCHARGE - bloody


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