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Dear Friends,
I would like to share a great treatment with you. My patients were cured by this way.
Case 1: Na-m, Euphrasia reached a kind of better level but the symptoms still stayed. After taking Pollen, she forgot that she is 'supposed' to sneeze and cough from April until September.
Case 2.: She took the Pollen cure and after a week her symptoms were gone. She forgot to call me back how she was, because she forgot, that she had a hay fever.

I've received a permission from Dr. Tinus Smits ( to share his protocol about hay fever.
The original text is in Dutch, so I apologise in advance for my mistakes in English. Here follows:
1. Remedy: Pollen, in four potencies, namely 30K, 200K, MK, XMK.
2. The treatment takes four days: first day 30K; second day 200MK; third day MK, fourth day XMK.
3. After taking the first cure, wait minimum one week and repeat it, if it is necessary. Sometimes you need to do it 3 or 4 times for a good result.
4. From 10 cases 9 patient is cured by that.
Good luck,

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Hi Ildiko,

I have discussed the treatment of hay fever with many colleagues worldwide. It is undoubtedly one of the more difficult conditions to treat, although in my experience with the right remedy it responds very well to treatment. Some homeopaths prefer the more isopathic approach using potentised antigen/pollen, others favour the selection of a simillimum based on the symptom picture which can involve complex differentiation and involves very through case-taking to get the full picture.
This week I have prescribed Arundo, Nux vomica to patients.
In my eBook Treating Hayfever Successfully with Homeopathy, which many colleagues have found helpful I differentiate between 40 hay fever remedies. There is actually very little written about treating hay fever with homeopathy and it takes a number of years to build up a good therapeutic knowledge.
I will of course look at the link you have shared.
Kind regards,
Dear Mike,
Thank you for your feedback and for you link to your eBook.
If you have any question about the link I have shared, I suggest you directly contact Dr. Tinus Smits.
Kind regards,
Interesting results Lldiko, thanks for sharing. Having lived and treated both in Europe (UK) and now Australia, I find I get better results using local pollens as a remedy. I made the assumption that the tree pollens medicine I obtained while treating in the UK was made from local pollens as it had very little effect once I arrived in Australia! Here we have many local pollen medicines and so I use those instead which makes a lot of sense.
Has anyone else had a similar result?
Indeed, it is great what you've found out about the local pollen medicines. Thank you.
Just another important information: Pollen might be repeated once a year. Before the symptoms usually start.
thanks Doctor for sharing this prescription with everybody. u have moderated comments at ur site. I want to be added as ur friend
Dear Dr Neena Singla,
I invited you to be my friend in this community, thank you.
Kindest regards,


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