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Comment by Homeopathic Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz on May 21, 2009 at 5:41am
Hi friends,

I would like to tell you about a technique used by me first time in homeopathy which is the my clinical answer for such case, for the purpose of solving such cases of hay fever , i have introduced use of "Nebulizer Machine" for spraying water solution of recommended homeopathic remedies which was too much successful as compare to routine remedy intake methods. This process has been first time introduced by me and my homeopath wife at our homeopathic clinic and using homeopathic remedies for such cases is too much effective while it is being inhaled through a "Nebulizer Machine".

blessings from Pakistan,
Dr. Mumtaz

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Dear Dr. Mumtaz - this is absolutely fantastic way to apply remedies and have immediate absorption. Do you have any specific remedies used and results tabulated?

PS> I hope you don't mind that I put the information into a new discussion so everyone can comment and also search to find.

Debby Bruck,

Thanks for your interest in my technique of using nebulizer machine for the treatment of hay fever cases. I have found much useful these remedies for such cases.

Teucrium Marum Verum 3x dilution in water.
Lemna Minor 3x dilution in water.
Sanguinaria 6x dilution in water.
Lachesis 200 dilution add in water.
Sabadilla 30 dilution add in water.
Natrium sulph 30 dilution in water.
Arsenic Album 30 dilution in water.

Note: Amount of remedy will differ for all age groups and condition of patient.

hope this will be beneficial for all of you,

blessings from Pakistan,

Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz
Thanks for the post !! I am already using it in my practice & no doubt it gives the fantastic results . for adults add 2ml of saline solution with indicated medicine ( generally ipecac 6 or naphthalene 6x I use ) & in children 1ml of saline with the indicated medicine .
the rest of the medicines as you indicate I have never used except Arsenic but definitely I will try in some of the resistant cases of Status asthmaticus.
Dr Mumtaz this is very novel and fantastic way of treating not only hay fever but also in asthma cases where if patient had to be nebulized he can be done by homeopathic medicines
Yes I do agree to you as Dr Hahneman have told that olfaction is the best method of treatment.I have myself used Spongia,Aralea raesemosa, Sambucus, Blata orentalis, Aspedosperma ;etc, by giving nebulisation in children.It works very nicely.Ihave used this 12C tinctures.Take distilled water in nebulisation kit ,then add 10 drops of the indicated medicine and then nebulise the patient.

Oh great, I have never used this method of administring homoeopathic medicine by nebulizer machine, since all of you had enjoyed good results i will shall be trying this soon. thanks for posting

O' yes it is very interesting. Nebulisation is widely used by persons often undertaking allopathic treatment. Olfaction is a well recognized way of homeopathic drug administration. So administering indicated homeopathic remedies through nebulisation besides being perfectly ethical, will as well be readily accepted by such patients and equally effective too. It is worth trying.


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