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Ocimum Sanctum Is a wonderful medicine for URTI and hay fever. It is a very fast acting medicine, it shows excellent results in hay fever . Few note worthy symptoms of ocimum sanctum in hay fever and URTI
Headache heavy, throbbing pain, as if nails were driven into it, relived by pressure; giddiness worse while walking, better by wrapping up the head; heat on vertex better by pouring cold water over there and fanning.
 Eyes  :Pain, redness; lachrymation of eyes due to nasal catarrh; ophthalmia, mist before the eyes when fixing them on something.
 Ears : Noise in the ears; loud sound appears to be very painful. Watery discharge from the ear; offensive pus from the ear; shortness of hearing; hot flushes in the ear.
 Nose : Nasal catarrh associated with sneezing; white or yellow discharge from the nose; nostrils ulcerated; epistaxis. 
 Throat  : Pain in the throat with difficulty in deglutition. Pain while coughing, hoarseness. 
 Fever : Excellent remedy in influenza and fevers associated with cough; acute pains in the body; bone-pains; soreness of the muscles and terrible headache; typhoid fever with chilliness; burning sensation all over the body; delirium; drowsiness and comatose condition.


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