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I used to have hay fever in a rather benign way, watery eyes when pulling grass from the garden, but it later developed into the worst discomfort I have ever experienced - a sudden rapid & extreme swelling of nasopharynx, with inability to swallow. Had the usual itching & burning of palate, corrosive hot salty saliva, numbness about the lips, & no air passing in or out through the nose.. It progressed so that I was having these attacks nightly, & had chronic difficulty breathing during the day. I would put my arms into hot water up to the elbows & also press hot wet cloths to my throat & face to try to relieve it. Belladonna 30c used to help at first.. overtime it worsened until I had such severe sinus infection that my gums were numb. Once I rang for the ambulance & they hung up on me. Locum doctors called at night didnt know what to do, & no-one referred me to hospital. It was only after 5 years when I purchased the RADAR software, that I found my answer via the Vithoulkas Expert System. Among the rubrics I chose, was "History of Glandular Fever" - remedy Carcinosinum. I had amazing relief within 24 hrs, feeling of another attack coming after 2 weeks, a second dose, then a few doses over the next 3 years. 10 years later, still no recurrence. None of the sore throat I had daily for much of the year since GF at age 14. I had tried many other remedies & other homeopaths, with no result. Deepest gratitude to Dr Vithoulkas & the developers of RADAR.

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Whaooo ! Fantastic ! Carc. in "History of GF" ?
Thank you very much for sharing this case with us.
Kindly - Alain Picard
Hi Anne - Great story - great result!!!

I once had a case with recurrent sore throat (at least once a month) it always showed strong Phosphorus symptoms. Throat always got better, taken Phos. but obviously didn´t hold. After hearing from the mother of the patient (21yrs) that he had had Glandular fever when he was 10 yrs. old - I gave him Carc. 200c, c.s.d. next time he showed up in my clinic with very similar results you mention above. (Add to reperitory - Carc. in N.B.W.S. Glandular Fever)
Hello Gudny & everyone,

Yes, it shows the importance of past history which may be not relevant to the condition of the moment, but will be important sooner or later, & must be considered. Important to just write down EVERYTHING.

I had one lady who had nightly cough for most of her 57 years, could not sleep for 2 hours at a time. She had been given Carcinosinum & Tuberculinum by another homeopath with no result. I asked about the usual childhood diseases, & she had had pertussis - whooping cough at age 3, & the cough probably came after that, as she had it for as long as she could remember, imagine that. She had some peculiar symptoms of Drosera. I saw her shopping a week later, and she told me "oh, the tickle went from one side of throat to the other, then, gone!"

She returned some months later with her daughter, & for a while they could not remember the original reason for her coming in. Eventually they did, & I then had some people coming from their church.

Its not unusual that people soon forget about their long standing problems, when a little pilule or 2 makes all well again!

Ive never put my cases in writing for other practitioners/public, so it's good to have a practice run here. So much is said about different methods of analysis, potency & repetition etc, but every patient is different, & also constantly changing. What matters in the end is the right remedy at the right moment, however we come to it.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to discuss with other homeopaths, as I have been a bit isolated for much of my 14 years practice.

Returning to Carcinosin, I wonder if anyone has had a patient needing this remedy, who also had a strong need for very hot applications, hot water, & radiant heat as from a fire? I have had this modality in most conditions over the years, whether for headache, nausea, the swelling of nasopharynx (angiodema?) sore throat etc. I believe that this need for very strong heat is gone since Carcinosinum, which I had 10 years ago. Wondering if it could be added to repertory?
Although Kent in his Lectures on Materia Medica states that hayfever is a psoric condition I have seen Carcinosin work very well for hay fever symptoms. [NOSE-HAYFEVER-chronic is an addition from Foubister in Synthesis - one might ask why other remedies are not listed here, part of the problem when repertorising hayfever!]
Very good experience.....

Excellent result, This medicine acts wonders on totality of symptoms.


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