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Report: 1 Million Haitians in 1,300 Squalid Camps

  • We all knew what would happen. Billions of dollars were donated by caring individuals, but there was not a competent system to handle the money, distribute proper care, supplies, and services and provide protection for a vulnerable peoples. 
  • That is exactly $1.15 billion dollars that could have purchased machinery, building materials, support staff to help rebuild schools, roads, wells, transportation, electricity, homes and much more. 
  • We watched as the medical system faltered and the Haitian people's could not return to their crumbled homes and shattered lives. With no infrastructure, no government assistance, no utilities like clean water, no means to rebuild and clean out the dust and rubble; nothing has changed since the earthquake torn country. 
  • The most recent report confirms our suspicions and predictions. There have been some heroic persons who have run to help the people and report on conditions. But, how much can be done without government support? How much can be done without resources. 
  • Remember the slogan, "Give me the money?" Well, I ask now, "Where is the money?" Just where the heck is all that money that was donated? 
The situation on the ground now is that a  majority of persons in the camps and the camps themselves are in the same condition as when they were set up. We have all seen the photographs on television and in the news. 

The greatest risk now, besides contagious disease, infections, and disease is criminal actions against the vulnerable. Reports of increased sexual assaults, gang violence and other hardships occur during times of war, hunger, poverty and stress.

When relief agencies are unable to enter these areas with supplies and a means to demolish old structures and build new neighborhoods, there is little hope of improvement.

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They are in worse conditions than before. Their tents have been torn by the latest tropical storm and their lives are shattered further. They still have nowhere to go and the danger of major epidemics has only grown.

Imagine, the supplies are still sitting at the airport, guarded by UN and US military forces. The "government" is allowed to sell those supplies. Of every ton donated, 200kg are allowed in after paying a 200% tax. 4/5th of every ton is allowed to be syphoned off by government officials and sold on the black market for 5 times its original value.

You ask, where is the money? It is in the pocket of the crooks that run the government who pay off thugs to protect them. They sold their soul to Monsanto, who brought in GMO's to devastate the populations further, through birth defects, birthing problems caused by Roundup/Ready soy and other assoreted mayhem and to enslave the farmers to their business model. Those farmers have stood up and burnt those seeds and are condemned for it by the local and foreign press, in cahoots with the powers that be.

I guarantee that in 10 years time, nothing will have changed, except that the developers will have rebuilt Port-au-Prince in their own image, with no room for Haitians and that tourism will have returned, to enrich the likes of Holiday Inn, Hilton, Sheraton and other assorted crooks and criminals, while the Haitians still scream for help.

You want another reason why the money did not go to the Haitians?
Because Sen. Coburn has put a hold on the money!!!
It is too sad to even think about this and the non-future of these people. I'm so proud of you, Kavi, for what you did over there.
I wish I could do more, but I am not rich enough (yet). Who knows, someone may have some compassion and loads of money. Then again, if they do, the government will find some way to take it from them.

Next time, I will go there to help the farmers. Teach them the agrohomoeopathy so they can make some money. Rich farmers always prevent economic disasters.
Similar scenario is being repeated in Pakistan also.

Today is the 5th year of earthquake in northern area of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.Billions of $$$$ came but "sign and symptom" remain same may be worse;

To make situation more grave the floods have done enough damage to send us to "Stone age",unless the Govt and the people take heed and act now there is bound to be a "catastrophe" awaiting,politically,and economically.There is not much time left to get their act together.
Why am I not surprised? Business as usual. Government officials pocket the money for their own pet projects and the people suffer.

Getting their act together? They consider their act to be perfect already! Imagine they had to let go of all that money and really do something!
The situation in Pakistan is so much worse and there seems as if a blackout of any news from there.
Yep. Imagine, we might find out those people are bombed by drones.
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