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Relief Project in Haiti- First Visit Report

This is a report and some case studies from last week 1-7 February 2010, by Harry van der Zee - see

Shortly after the event - all Haitians speak of January 12, as that is when their internal clock came to a standstill - I realized that homeopathy, in particular a genus traumaticus remedy for Natural Catastrophe Trauma (PC305z), would be very valuable in treating PTSD in Haiti. But as rescue, first aid operations and supplies clearly had priority in the first weeks I considered it premature to visit Haiti. When I was invited by Diane Cotman of Volunteers of America to come and work in Haiti and set up a small clinic in the tent city on the Episcopal Church premises of College Ste. Pierre I agreed, as in this setting we would not disturb or uses resources of those providing acute relief.

At College Ste. Pierre we treated hundreds of people from the tent city and instructed 40 priests and 10 deacons how to treat the people in the areas they represent. Diane is following up on this to realise the goal of treating all those connected to this church, so we hope that many thousands will receive the few drops that can get their internal clock into motion again, relieve them from the past and bring them back in the here and now.

Similar to treating epidemics in Africa I've used the simplest approach possible so others can easily, safely and effectively disperse the remedy. 555 stands for banging the bottle 5 times, giving 5 drops in the mouth that should be kept there for 5 seconds. As this is not a chronic conditions but trauma from an acute event giving one dose is usually enough.


The totality of symptoms related to the earthquake is very diverse, and include: palpitations; fear; the feeling the world is turning, moving or opening up; apathy with just lying or sitting and staring; no appetite or vomiting on trying to eat; restlessness with tendency to move or run; grief over loss; hopelessness; headaches or pain in the heart region or abdomen; pains related to injuries during the event; etcetera.

The usual response to PC305z Diane and I have seen is that in a matter of a day the symptoms clearly improve, and that only those that were severely traumatised either mentally or physically would need an extra dose. Others that we had instructed to go out into tent areas and treat people reported the same.

M.T. is a 62-y-o woman. Ever since the earthquake she has the feeling the earth is still shaking, so she is in continuous alert. She is depressed and looks miserable. Like many others she lost family members and her house. I see her again two days after one dose of PC305z. She smiles and even looks happy; a totally different woman. When I ask her about the feeling that the earth is shaking she tells me it is completely gone.

O. is a 23-y-o man. Ever since the earthquake he is afraid, has palpitations, and can't sit still. All of the time he has the feeling he should run. One day later the fear has gone down a lot. He feels much more relaxed. He still doesn't like to be in a building for too long, as aftershocks are still expected; a healthy response I think.

J. is a 25-y-o man that has the feeling the world is turning. Besides that he wakes up with palpitations and fear at least three times per night. The next morning he tells me he slept all night long without waking up once. At 7 AM he woke up refreshed without any fear, palpitation or turning feeling.


It may be obvious that even if we have reached several thousands of people to treat their trauma, this is still a fraction of those that could benefit from it. Treating an as large as possible number is not only important to reduce current suffering, but also to bring Haitians back into the driver's seat so they can built up a new future for themselves and their country. In the mean time another homeopath has travelled to Haiti with sufficient supplies to treat many thousands more, and we hope to send more homeopaths soon. Your help as volunteer or donor is therefore very much appreciated.

Here is the future project we envisage. We will have another homoeopath on the ground who goes there for the longest period of time as we can afford, ideally to overlap with and pick up when the present homeopath leaves.

With your help we think we can sustain and build this trauma recovery project.

We imagine that by using the networks that exist and the ones that will recover (church etc) we can then provide sufficient supplies for everyone in need. Technically it is possible to supply the entire population rapidly by this method. We need sustained resourcefulness to make it happen.

If you want to donate it's very easy, go to our website,, select PayPal, and you can pay if you have a PayPal account or from a credit card. Any size donation will be helpful. We need €5000+ now to keep this project running. If you don't have PayPal the website gives details for how to transfer money to our bank.

When we have made the next trip and done the best we can, if we run out of money, we will ask you again!

We have one homoeopath in mind for going out there but we would like other volunteers so that we have options. French language useful.

If you're interested in going please go to the website and contact us or contact me directly.

Peter Chappell


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Replies to This Discussion

Debby thank you for the information.Looking back HWC also rendered yeomen service to the cause of humanity.It was your bold initiative that got the ball rolling.

Kavi was bold enough with help from Ingrid to have braved the perils on the serious side and the lighter moments when Hatian's smiled after getting the Homeopathic treatment.I salute them all.
Thank you for this update Debby. I'm presuming that PC305z is a combo remedy, would you know the contents of this one?
Peter is a member here on HWC and you could ask him directly.


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