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Miro has a heart of gold and he is so handsome too! 
When someone calls for help, he is there in a moment's notice. 
He called a courier service right away and delivered this
little gem of a computer to Ingrid who was still in Miami 
for one more day. He exemplifies a person who takes ACTION
without any hesitation.

Kaviraj was at the airport and put his things down while looking for his driver to take him to the clinic. He was in the airport with 100 doctors and all his belongings got mixed in with their items and taken to their cargo. This is when his computer was misplaced. He was able to regain the medical supplies, but the computer was not to be found.

MiroMiroslav Posavec , a Vero Beach Homeopathic consultant has donated almost a quarter ton of Natural medicines to be used to help people in Haiti. 
"As soon as the news about Haiti came out, we began to organize and put aside medicines that would be important there. Homeopathy is used extensively in poor countries and is very effective with the health crisis that arise from poor sanitation, improper nutrition, and injuries. A skilled person with a good kit of remedies can treat many people quickly and safely. "

At Miro's office they help people with Homeopathy locally, and also sell a huge variety of Homeopathic and Herbal remedies over the Internet. Due to the large amount of their Internet sales, they usually stock a HUGE inventory. This was how it happened that they were able to provide and donate this incredible gift to the HWC Relief Mission to Haiti.

Miro said, "We were able to put aside remedies for Haiti, and not leave our customers short. We've been sitting on this "bundle" since the crisis. Like everyone else, we were concerned about our contribution getting directly to those that need it most. "

Fortunately, Miro had joined HWC earlier this year and knew this was where his donations would go, because he could trust that these supplies would be used properly and have a home in Haiti. They were waiting for the right group to support. Miro felt that with Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj , a well-regarded homeopath, leading a group of Homeopaths in an organized effort through, the perfect opportunity presented itself. 
See photo of remedy kits stacked to the ceiling!

There have been many people involved in the arrangements. Ingrid Schutt has volunteered her father's Haitian mountain home as the basecamp clinic location. Edouard Broussalian, of Switzerland, will bring one of his students. Everyone will gather in Port of Prince with Kaviraj bringing all the supplies.  We are all looking forward to some photos once the clinic is established. There is an intention to deal with the current crisis, helping as many people with their emotional losses and griefs, physical wounds, and potentially epidemic diseases that are spreading. Ingrid would like to help establish an orphanage or find some way to help the many children who have lost their parents and families in the earthquake destruction. 

This project is being supported through the HWC website where you can give through a PayPal contribution. Every donation large or small is gratefully accepted, where 100% goes directly to the mission and none to salary or administrative costs. Of course, PayPal takes their usual fees. 

In addition, Kaviraj is a world authority on agro-homeopathy and there will be a drawing for a lucky winner to receive a hard-copy of his book and another winner of his soon to be  published E-book volumes. 

Miro states, " We encourage everyone to support the efforts in Haiti in whatever way that they can. Our Thoughts and Prayers are with the families and we hope that this crisis brings the world together to make positive and lasting changes to the island." 

Miroslav Josip Posavec 
Homeopathic Consultant, 
President, BestMade Homeopathic Products
2756 20th Street, Vero Beach, FL 32960 
HWC has not yet attained non-profit status. 
Please understand this is a pure giving opportunity 
and is not tax deductible.
Please Go To the DONATIONS PAGE.

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Replies to This Discussion

Thank you Miroslav for your huge heart and compassion for the Haitian Peoples, Kaviraj and for those who will go with him to Haiti....
In Gratitude and with All Blessings to all,
barbara and woody
Congratulations to Miroslav,for donating BESTMADE homeopathic medicines in large quantity for Haiti disaster relief.I have had the experience of using BEST MADE products back home,and found them of highest quality and well packaged.

I would just like every body on HWC to know that today Kaviraj and the supplies are scheduled to leave Miami for HAITI early evening.I just talked to him,and he has confirmed that all hurdle has been overcome.

Let us all wish him well and a safe journey on this great mission, for people of HAITI,for HWC, and for HOMEOPATHY.

May the vital force be with you all!
Miroslav Posavec is a wonderful man with a huge heart who has donated great amounts of remedies, a computer and a video camera to Kaviraj in Haiti. THANK YOU Miro ♥

Check also his short videos at the end!!

Miros Note from his facebook page: Follow up: technology to Haiti
First: a quick review of past events.

Last Wednesday evening, I met with a Dr. Kaviraj and he was going to Haiti to help with the relief effort.

His Mission was organized by the Homeopathic World community, and ( and Deby Bruck. Ingrid Schutt from Montreal Canada is also on the way.

My company, (BestMade Homeopathic products) had donated 450lbs of Homeopathic and Herbal remedies to be used there. And Kavi arranged transport.

To follow up with how they are making out over there, I was chatting (in the middle of the night) with Deby Bruck.

Kavi has made it to the home they are using as a base camp in Haiti. He finally fell asleep on his feet after being awake for days on end. The need is great, and there are many injured and sick people.

All of the supplies had made it safely, and are already in use. However, Kavi's laptop was stolen somewhere along the way.

Computers are very important to Homeopaths, as there are HUNDREDS of reference books available that you can easily look up and research cases, even if you have no internet.

As a bizarre coincidence, my computer guy was telling me earlier that same day that he wanted to sell a small computer that he had recently bought. It was an HP and had a solid state drive. In computer lingo, it means that you data is safe, even if the machine gets shaken. I was thinking to myself, if I had to go to Haiti, I would want a unit like this. Small, easy on power, and durable. Sometimes these things just fall into your lap.

First thing this morning, I called up my computer dude, and told him that I was going to buy his laptop and send it to Haiti.

Deby and I were also discussing how this Haiti Mission was also a great opportunity to document cases, and create a record of which remedies were most effective in this situation. This would be useful for updating educational materials, and to inform people about how effective Homeopathy can be.

Looking through my box of electronic gadgets (even though I gave up my past career as a computer guy, I am still nerdy), I found a very portable, and durable video camera. This equipment will enable Kavi and Ingrid to take video of their adventures, upload them, and let all of us see what is going on.

I love it when a plan comes together!!

Best regards to all of you, and best of luck to our friends in Haiti doing the hard work.

Miro Posavec
Thanks Miro and Blessings on All especially Kavi , Ingrid and the spiritual warriors in Haiti....


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