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Cholera Epidemic on the Rise in Haiti and Cleaning Up The Contaminated Garbage


The Latest News:

Recommendations for HWO to use Cholera Vaccine to control the continuing outbreak in Haiti and the Dominican Republic and stockpile 2 million doses.  Sierra Leone declared its cholera outbreak a national humanitarian emergency; it has had almost 11,000 cases and 176 deaths since January.  



Another encroachment of vaccination mass campaign begins in Haiti

New York Times Reports

This will take Time, Money and has not even been tested, yet they will go ahead with their plans.

Cholera vaccination will be another added to the list as scientific medicine. 

* * * 

Do you feel the persons working to clean out the garbage, stench, and rotten debris from the Haitian Canals are immunizing themselves in some fashion? Since there is no work, people are taking the job for $112 per month. 

In a matter of weeks, the disease has killed more than 1,000 people, hospitalized around 17,000 with choleralike symptoms and prompted violent protests against international peacekeepers, whom residents accuse of importing the illness from South Asia.

There is no sewage plant in Haiti; some hotels and private homes have their own septic systems, and entrepreneurs scour the city cleaning latrines, often dumping the waste in the most convenient canal or drainage ditch.

Even the work of cleaning the canals is a testament to the extreme difficulties of preventing cholera in a country where infrastructure was minimal long before the earthquake and where sanitation crews have to descend into the muck with hardly any tools, much less gloves or suits to protect them.

“Sometimes I get a fever and I thank the Lord I am O.K.,” Mr. Fils-Aimé said.

  • UN worries its troops caused cholera in Haiti

    It began as a rumor that farmers saw waste from a U.N. peacekeeping base flow into a river. Within days of the talk, hundreds downstream had died from cholera. 

  • Cholera protests ebb in Haiti but anger remains

    Protests over the cholera epidemic faded Friday but young men burned tires and threw rocks at police near government buildings amid surging anger over a disease that has killed more than 1,100 people so far. 


Please Post Homeopathic Information About Caring For Those Suffering Through Cholera Epidemic in the FORUM EPIDEMIC CATEGORY or HERE in this thread. 
NY Times | Cholera Outbreak Kills 150 in Haiti
A cholera outbreak in a rural area of northwestern Haiti has killed more than 150 people and overwhelmed local hospitals with thousands of the sick, the World Health Organization said Friday, increasing long-held fears of an epidemic that could spread to the encampments sheltering more than a million Haitians displaced by the January earthquake.
As we have followed the situation since the initial earthquake in Haiti, we could have predicted massive contagious disease to occur in squalid conditions, where people live in close quarters. 
What steps can be taken to improve this situation? How can cholera be kept under control? Sanitation is of utmost importance. Providing adequate lavatories, access to well constructed homes in place of tent cities, nutritional foods and counseling to all families would go a long way. 
Homeopathic remedies alone cannot take care of a problem with sustained conditions and environment to encourage the growth of contagious diseases in a weather climate that favors spread of infection. 

Cholera In Haiti Here To Stay, Experts Say
by RICHARD KNOX  Thony Belizaire/AFP/Getty Images

A view of Artibonite Lake, a lake infected by cholera in Haiti. The epidemic stabilized with only six new fatalities on Monday, health officials said. The last major outbreak of cholera in the hemisphere started in Peru in 1991 and sickened nearly half-a-million people. It made it as far as the United States, but somehow missed Haiti altogether.

But now that cholera has returned to Haiti after a 50-year hiatus (with 3,015 cases and 253 dead), it'll be almost impossible to get rid of, says Dr. Jon Andrus, deputy director of the Pan-American Health Organization.

"It's clear this will not go away for several years," Dr. Andrus says. "This surge of cases will come down. But there probably will be cases in the future. And so we need to plan that way."

For now, experts are wondering if cholera will make its way to the crowded tent cities and slums of Port-au-Prince. The government and public health agencies are planning for a worst-case scenario, which Dr. Joia Mukherjee of Partners in Health describes as "a widespread epidemic in a really poor city that's home to 2.5 million people." She's most worried about people washing their hands in an open sewer

Dr. Ariel Henry, chief of staff at Haiti's Ministry of Health, predicts cholera will arrive in Port-au-Prince in the next week. That's largely because people travel between the region where cholera has broken out and the capital every day.

But not everybody thinks a widespread outbreak in Port-au-Prince is inevitable. Jason Erb of International Medical Corp told CNN he doesn't expect the situation to snowball into a massive outbreak.

Cholera is spread mainly by water contaminated by sewage. So avoiding a disastrous outbreak in Port-au-Prince will hinge on how fast officials and public health agencies can get clean water to the tent cities and slums of the capital.

Aid groups have trucks of water on the ground heading to markets and bus stations: places where people do business and buy food. "We can prevent this, but it's going to take huge will," Mukherjee says.

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Replies to This Discussion

To be brutally honest about it, I see a pattern here of disenfranchisement, meant to eliminate the local population as much as possible. Consider the following:

The city of Port-au-Prince is to be leveled completely with the ground and rebuilt in the image of the developer's dream. There will be no place for the locals in this "resort". The fact that not even a single site has been cleaned up to rebuild local homes is telling.

The fact that people are still living in "tents", if the rickety constructions of sticks and tarps can be designated that lofty description, is equally telling. The situation in which highly contagious diseases like cholera can devastate the local population is but corn on the mill of the developers and their plans for Haiti.

How convenient that those locals need not to be shot for being who they are and can be kept in control by fear of disease! Otherwise they might riot and loot the rich sycophants and assorted foreign interests that are literally looting the poor! The world would react in horror if that came to pass.

The inaction of the Red Cross, and other so-called NGO's that came to "rebuild" Haiti and provide "aid" is an equally glaring travesty of justice for the poor Haitians. They just drive around in their 4WDs and point at the things that need urgent attention. They gather in their air-conditioned offices to discuss the "problems", instead of rolling up their sleeves and sticking their hands out to do the necessary work.

To me, it is clear. A "population reduction" caused by contagious disease is applauded as a welcome distraction to the real problems facing Haitians and an equally welcome sign that the planned take-over of Haiti for the developers and western holiday makers is well under way. How convenient that finally "nature" is helping them to implement their plans!

So what steps can be taken? I suggest a petition, in which those real problems are addressed and an urgent call on all the world to send in heavy equipment and people that know how to work it. Inclusive of a call to people like Bahamas Habitat and similar building initiatives that rapidly build new homes and shelters that offer real protection. Inclusive of urgent sanitary construction to enable proper hygiene. And of course another group of homoeopaths to counteract the epidemic and provide prophylaxis for those threatened by it.
Reports have surfaced that the WHO is responsible for the disease through the distribution of contaminated water. Cholera is a disease unknown on Haiti and can only have been brought in from outside the country. It is high time someone or some organisation is held accountable.
RECENT NEWS: Published: December 3, 2010
United Nations teams in Haiti believe that the cholera epidemic’s official numbers of 1,800 deaths and nearly 81,000 people infected could be double that because of difficulties in reporting, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told the General Assembly on Friday. Mr. Ban also said there was an urgent need for more cholera treatment centers, and an additional 350 doctors, 2,000 nurses and 2,200 support staff members to run them. He called on countries to contribute more to the organization’s appeal for $164 million to contain the outbreak, saying it was still only 20 percent financed.
Cholera is an epidemic disease. To popularize homeopathy, is it possible to make a combination of few effective remedies and send in the region by the use of all public? It is difficult for homeopaths to visit the area, therefore, to select a low level evil, someone to formulate homeopathic cholera combo to be sent in large quantities to be used by the public to get familiarization of homeopathic system of medicine. I hope, we can protect and cure atleast 30 to 40% cases.

Ed Broussalian is going and takes enough remedies to determine the genus epidemicus, which the observant homoeopath can determine after 30-50 cases. He then goes around with water bottles full of remedy, to let each person have a sip.

People can collect bottles every 3-4 days to each have a single dose. The sick should be prescribed what they present, about 85-90% of the genus epidemicus and the rest an assortment of 3-4 other remedies.

This way, the rate of loss is about 8-12%, depending how many cases are there and in which stage of the disease they are found. In advanced cases the rate of loss is often higher.

Ed has asked me to post reports he will send me, since he will not have internet constantly. I shall do so, accompanied by his portrait, so that we know who is doing the actual work and it won't be thought it is me as the evil mixopath. Neither will it be Ed, who works the Hahnemannian way.

Thanks for the update


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