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The aim of Mother Care Clinic is to ensure that throughout pregnancy and puerperium the mother will have good health and that every pregnancy may culminate in a healthy mother and healthy baby.


1.     To promote, protect and maintain the health of mother during pregnancy.

2.     To detect “High Risk” cases and give them attention.

3.     To foresee complications and prevent them.

4.     To remove anxiety and dread associated with delivery.

5.     To teach the mother, elements of childcare, nutrition, personal hygiene and environmental sanitation.

Homoeopathy is safe for Mother and her Unborn Child.

Common symptoms which arise during pregnancy-

·        Nausea & Vomiting

·        Heartburns

·        Cough

·        Backaches

·        Urinary tract infection

·        Anaemia

·        Pruritus (Itching)

·        Headaches

·        Varicose veins

·        Pica-eating mud or chalk

·        Toothache

·        Constipation &Piles

·        Pedal oedema (Swelling of legs)




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Cool, I like it! Well done again, Nilanjana. This is what is needed everywhere.
Thank you Sir. I am now trying to get my patients attached to a nearby hospital and be with the Obstetrician while mothers are in labor. I try to motivate the obstetrician to try a normal delivery.
A happy mother is a happy baby!
Yes, thats true. All the mother experience during this period, everything gets imprinted on the fetus. Examples are coming from ages.
Arjun's son Abimannyu could not come out of the Chakravihu during the war of Mahabharata and died because his mother did not hear the tric as she went of to sleep. Arjun was narrating the art of coming out of a Chakravihu during pregnancy to his wife.
Yes Mahabharata is full of those incidences and so are the Puranas. The consciousness of the mother is always the most important before the birth of a child. We have seen more mundane examples with mothers who are drug addicts and the child is born that way. It is like the miasmas which are passed on from generation to generation.

So from the state of the mother during pregnancy we can learn what miasma.
1. Psora, insufficient reactions, low self-esteem, little resistance against disease. Nausea and vomiting. Anemia.
2. Sycosis, excesses during pregnancy, cravings. weight gain with or without diabetes. Excess blood, retained placenta.
3. Syphilis, self-destructive tendencies, eating too little, drug dependency, either legal or illegal. Risky delivery, baby small, incomplete, premature deliveries, from 6 to 8 months gestation.
4. Bi-misamatic, a combination of Psora and Sycosis or Psora and Syphilis. Thus particular symptoms and symptom combinations can be recognised as which miasm has the predominance, in this case a choice between two possibles.
5. Multimiasmatic, any or all combinations of all miasma. Thus particular symptoms and symptom combinations can be recognised as which miasm has the predominance and there are 3 possibilities as to which one does.
Thank you Sir for your valuable addition. I want to add one important feature of sycosis, i.e. Cord around the neck.
Very good observation Nilanjana! I indeed forgot.
Syphilis cord too short and heavy haemorrhages also.
Thank you Sir.
What about if the cord is around shoulder or another limb? What happens to the personality when the cord must first be unwound before bringing baby into the world? Please explain the effects that represent sycosis. Thank you.

In India, the cord around the neck is often seen as auspicious - a born brahmana. At least in the old days.

I would also like to know how you come to sycosis. Can you explain, Nilanjana?

Thanks for reminding me of this olden day talk. It again reminds me of another thing. The baby born out of podalic presentation were known to cure illness by touching the effective part with their feet which first came out! Great way of healing isn't it?

Please follow the link below. I already mentioned about the concept of miasms. The symptoms and indications give a clue to the miasm. Cord aroud the neck is not the only decisive factor of sycotic miasm. It is just a clue to it. Antisocial Personalities and Homoeopathy


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