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... is suffering mightily from 'never been well since' cesarean delivery.
She had intended a 'natural childbirth' and had taken appropriate classes / training, done exercises, was quite fit, etc.
Below are salient points from a conversation last night;
I intend to open with Ignatia, unless you have a better idea.

"ugly scar, I want to cut it out with a knife" (cesarean scar)

"when just waking, I often feel as if I have not yet given birth, and must get it right"

"dreamed I gave birth in a parking lot, baby came out elbow first, woke thinking I had delivered Callie vaginally, then realized, not."

anger (self, doctor, doula)
obsession with what might have been done differently
delusion (persistent, while waking, of having NOT given birth)
unable to lose fat / weight put in during pregnancy
stoic (suffers in silence for 1yr)
fear of ridicule ("couldn't even consider telling anyone else")

love & warm wishes,
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lots of staphisagria imho , it also covers the obsession with what she might have done differently and going over and over that and staph is one hell of an anger remedy. HTH Fiona x
Hi David,
Ign+Nat-m ermerge first when repertorizing your symptoms, but it is not much that you have given. Ign is more for acute grief, Nat-m more the chronic remedy. Do you have some generals and peculiar, uncommon, characteristic symptoms to complete the symptom picture ? Does she only perceive the scar as being ugly or is it really disfigured ?

Best wishes,
I agree with Fiona, start with a 200c,plus Staphisagria is wonderful after any injury/invasion/violation of an orifice for instance sexual abuse or a hemmorhoidectomy. For the ugly scar, if it is raised and keloid I recommend a Thyosinuminum ointment in an x potency applied to the area daily for three to six months.
If you are looking after pregnant women you may like to check out my childbirth kit at
Kind regards
Her first line 'I want to cut it out with a knife" made me think Staph. Anger seems the over riding emotion.... not grief. be prepared for Staph to stir it up so make sure she is well supported now.

I would also like to know why the decision for C/section & was she feeling supported at the time in that decision.... was it fetal distress, how was her pregnancy overall.
Is there a constitutional to deal with the 'must get it right" is she an over achiever? did she work late in the pregnancy?
Hi David,

To me this also sounds like Staph, but it only sounds like it. She is angry and resentful. But I don't think it will do very much.

However, "never well since" makes me think of Silicea. Also stubborn and headstrong when sick. All the anger is directed at the scar and that is the keynote here.
As for that scar, you might want to use Silicea in a 200C or 1M and be surprised how fast it will be reabsorbed by the body, leaving only a thin line. I had a kidney operation when i was 21 and for years the scar was about 1cm wide. Once i got into homoeopathy, I read that Silicea reabsorbs scar tissue and used it on a ptient in Australia who had tuberculosis scar tissue in the lungs. Six month later and 3 doses of Sliciea 200C, 1M and 10M respectively cleared that scar tissue up completely. Then i took some myself and after the second dose the scar was hardly visible.
Also, it will do much for the mental state - fixed idea she has not delivered the baby and even dreams about it. That to me is another keynote that deserves careful onsideration. You could have another pleasant surprise there too.
Please let us know what you decide and how it developes.
fear of ridicule, desire for perfection and anger about her "mistakes", grief and suffering in silence, regret, feeling of guilt, obsession (compulsion neurosis), obstinate, obesity, slow recovery, keloid scars, disfigured scars, these make me think of Carc. It corresponds to people who declare "Sir, there are some things that should remain unsaid" (I couldn't even consider telling anyone else).
I see both Staph. and Carc. in this picture. Because of the feeling that something was done to her, over which she had no control, and the sensitivity, suffering and regret that comes from that, I see a plant remedy. Reproaching herself and others, anger about mistakes, grief, shame (I couldn't consider telling anyone else), silent suffering, anxiety of conscience, regret, guilt. Any mother who had planned and hoped for a natural birth would experience grief and sadness -- but most would accept and move on, so the real question is, why is she stuck here? I would also look back at her state during the delivery - usually the most uncompensated time ever for a woman.

I would begin with Staph. and consider Carc. later if there is not sufficient movement.


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