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Good subject for discussion dont you think?
Personally I do,Its the perfect time to bring up this subject,its often too late once the baby is older and the PED/MD has made their 'suggestions'(using fear of diseases) of vaccine scheduled shots.
Mothers are mostly not that well informed and place way too much trust in this information. Mothers need to have both sides of the vaccine story not only the side that promotes this.
What are your expierences?

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We are Addressing the Vaccine Dilemma by offering "Homeopathic Immunizations" for Children and Travellers at our clinic:

The Homeopathic Immunization Protocol (HIP) has been researched and proven over 90% effective. It is completely safe and does not require needles. Our Children's Protocol required a total of 23 visits over a three year period. The visits entail a schedule of once per month for the first 12 months, then once every two months and the quarterly for the final month. If the schedule is delayed, it does not disrupt the immunity-building process, it just delays it. The child can start at any age that the parent decides is best. This protocol can be done along side the conventional vaccines, if chosen.

During the first visit ('Child Constitutional' Appointment), the Homeopath assesses the child's overall health and prescribes a 'constitutional' remedy that is specifically chosen individually for the child's overall immune system. The other appointments that follow are either a 'constitutional' follow up appointment or the regular Homeopathic Immunization Protocol appointment depending on the level of health of the child.

The parents are super appreciative of the level of awareness and education that we share with them and for the fact that there are other options.

Homeopathy Rocks!

Secret Government Database
of Vaccine-Damaged Children

The general public is essentially unaware of the true number of people -- mostly children -- who have been permanently damaged or killed by vaccines.

In fact, most parents would be surprised to learn that the government has a secret computer database filled with several thousand names of disabled and dead babies, children who were healthy and alive just prior to receiving the vaccines.

Of course, the medical establishment and federal government don't readily disclose this information because they know it's likely to frighten parents into seeking other ways to protect their children. In other words, parents just might think this issue through on their own and decide to reject the shots.

Federal Admission of Vaccine Risks:

In 1986, Congress officially acknowledged the reality of vaccine-caused injuries and death by creating and passing The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (Public Law 99-660). The safety reform portion of this law requires doctors to provide parents with information about the benefits and risks of childhood vaccines prior to vaccination, and to report vaccine reactions to federal health officials. Doctors are required by law to report suspected cases of vaccine damage. To simplify and centralize this legal requisite, federal health officials established the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) -- operated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Ideally, doctors would abide by this federal law and report adverse events following the administration of a vaccine. However, the FDA recently acknowledged that 90 percent of doctors do not report vaccine reactions.

They are choosing to subvert this law by claiming the adverse event was, in their opinion, not related to the shot. In fact, every year between 12,000 and 14,000 reports of adverse reactions to vaccines are made to the FDA (data initially accessible only through the Freedom of Information Act).

These figures include hospitalizations, irreversible brain damage, and hundreds of deaths. Considering that these numbers may represent just 10 percent, the true figures could be as high as 140,000 adverse events annually.

However, even this figure could be conservative. According to Dr. David Kessler, former head of the Food and Drug Administration, "Only about 1 percent of serious events [adverse drug reactions] are reported to the FDA." Thus, it is entirely possible that millions of people are adversely affected by mandatory vaccines every year.

Maybe it doesn't matter that doctors won't report vaccine reactions, because the federal government won't investigate them. Government officials claim VAERS was designed to "document" suspected cases of vaccine damage. No attempt is being made to confirm or deny the reports. Parents are not being interviewed, and the vaccines that preceded the severe reactions are not being recalled. Instead, new waves of unsuspecting parents and innocent children are being subjected to the damaging shots.

Who Pays for Compensation?

In order to pay for vaccine injuries and deaths, a surtax is levied on mandated vaccines. When parents elect to have their children vaccinated, a portion of the money they spend on each vaccine goes into a Congressional fund to compensate them if their child is hurt or killed by the shot.

The compensation portion of the law awards up to $250,000 if the individual dies, or millions of dollars to cover lifelong medical bills, pain, and suffering in the case of a living (but brain-damaged) child. To date, more than $1 BILLION has already been paid out for hundreds of injuries and deaths caused by mandated vaccines. Thousands of cases are pending.

Vaccine Injury Compensation Claims do not include private settlements, or the many families that become dependent on public assistance for medical and living expenses because of vaccine injuries. Therefore, taxpayers subsidize vaccine manufacturers and the federal government by paying for their vaccine-liability expenses.

more from the website by a mother)
The episode began when she(baby Lexy) was given her first shot at two months of age. Prior to her first shot she was a normal and healthy baby.

After her first DPT shot, her appetite greatly decreased, she cried excessively and would arch her back as if in pain. She was also constipated and less active. X-rays and an MRI on the mid-section of her body did not reflect anything unusual. Lexy was given her second DPT shot when she was four months old. She immediately displayed distress and a lack of appetite. All of her previous health problems magnified. By the next day, she was crying excessively and was too weak to move her head. The pediatrician attributed this to the flu.

That night as I was trying to rest after comforting her all day, her crying ceased. I called out to my husband who had been in the next room to check on her, and then there was complete silence. I asked my husband if there was anything wrong, yet there was still silence. I went into her room and found my husband giving her CPR. He yelled to call 911 which I immediately dialed. After completing the call, I watched in horror as my husband continued to give her CPR. She was bluish-gray and still not breathing on her own.

Less than five minutes later, I watched as if in slow motion the paramedics pick up my daughter and carry her into the awaiting ambulance. The same pediatrician was in the emergency room with no answer to account for her grave condition. She began to breathe, yet every breath was a struggle. A team from another hospital arrived and transferred her to the nearest PICU unit. She was placed on a ventilator that night. For the next week, my daughter was put through every test imaginable, including numerous MRIs. Each test was inconclusive. My daughter remained on a ventilator as I painstakingly realized that medicine was indeed not a perfect science. An MRI the next week confirmed that my daughter had Transverse Myelitis, inflammation of the spinal cord including the brain stem. As the doctors told us this news, they informed us that her condition was grave. She remained on a ventilator for the next month; each day she slowly began to show signs of improvement. She was eventually taken off the ventilator and two months after her being admitted, she was finally discharged.

I thought this real life experience might make a difference in one child's life whose parents are still contemplating the decision to vaccinate their child. I can only say that this is a personal decision, yet every parent should know just what might happen if they vaccinate their child.

A.(reply from website owner neil) Thank you for sharing your story.
We receive email every day and the stories are remarkably similar. We are trying to make a difference by educating parents regarding the serious problems associated with vaccines. We are also trying to wake parents up to the criminal behavior of the perpetrators who refuse to acknowledge or inform parents of the associated risks.
Thank you for providing this necessary information to the HWC community.
Hi debby,yes it is important information-
Women that choose to use midwifes are normally already headed towards the direction of holistic healing,ecofriendly practices,greenthinkers,so you would think speaking about the toxic dangers of shooting babies with chemical poisons we call vaccines would be a natural subject addressed with practicioner and parent.But not all do. Many have no knowledge of how dangerous vaccines are for our babies/children,if you look in the 'Mothering Forum" Run by Mothering magazine you would be surprized and shocked! I was kikked off by all the administrators because of my stand on vaccine toxins and speaking about using homeopathics for our babies and children. Yes True,Sad but true-I am still banned from posting there.
You are quite vocal Gina. That is why they kicked you off the website. Maybe if you said your message one time. Okay. That would be at rest. But, you keep poking away. LOL.


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