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Homeopathy for Children, a charity focussed on gentle healing

Our children are our future. They deserve the best of everything:
clean water, good organic food, the best education we can provide, a safe environment to grow and
And when they get sick, they deserve gentle, effective healing.
Healing that does not violate their natural immunity, respects their body's own wisdom to return to better health and does not
have toxic side effects.
And most of all, they deserve free and unrestricted access to this healing!

This is what Homeopathy For Children is all about: treating our children with
respect, gentleness and at no cost.

Homeopathy is a gentle, effective medicine system which respects the body and does not
use toxic drugs. Homeopathic medicines are economical to produce,
sustainable and respect the environment.

Come and join our growing community of gentle, effective healing.

For our children; for our planet; for us all.

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