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A large number of pregnant ladies prefer to take Homeopathic medication during pregnancy, considering the fact that they are safe and harmless to the fetus.
But as Homeopaths do we need to take any special precautions while prescribing the medicines. There are certain points which come to my mind where no studies have been done, to the best of my knowledge.
1.  For common conditions like cold-cough, urinary infections often seen during pregnany, can any medication given to the mother for the same, have any effect on the fetus.
2. Do high potencies have to be given with caution or are best avoided.
3. Is frequent repitition of a medicine needs to be avoided.
4. Can Nosodes have any harmful effect on the fetus ?
5. Are there any specific medicines which have not to be given to pregnant mothers, like Puls, Sepia which act cheifly on the female Genitilia.
6. In case of a wrong prescription by the doctor [ unintentional ] can it effect the fetus too ?
Your experiences and views are welcome from all.

Dr. Rajiv Chopra

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Do you think then that PULS 200 has a wrong effect if the mother is in need of it?
Puls 200 is well worth prescribing to a pregnant mother about to deliver if fetus is facing the wrong direction,but only if well indicated. Not as a general overall 'one size fits all prescription'.
Thank you Gina, so you're saying its wrong? I'm new at this and have a pregnant patient for the first time. She was in a complete PULS state, nausea and complaints for being pregnant as she got married and is not happy about the pregnancy so quick. She complains that she wants her husband to change, to be responsible, though, he is happy about it. A very sweet person in general.
Yvonne said:"Thank you Gina, so you're saying its wrong?"

my reply; No that's not what i am saying,sorry its difficult to communicate in these short blurps. Is the fetus in Breech position? if yes-then its well indicated.

But I would start at a lower potency and work upwards IF NEEDED.
I had nothing but Puls 200 throughout my pregnancy, about one every month, and had a very easy pregnancy and relatively painless and quick birth (5 1/2 hrs), at home in a birth pool, with no drugs necessary.

Puls has been a constitutional remedy for me in the past, and was clearly my similimum throughout pregnancy.

My son however is nothing like a Puls baby, and has needed very few remedies, none of them Puls
Awesome, thank you very much
@ Siblini, usually Puls should be avoided during pregnancy as is cause abortion. But if it is indicated you can give it in fifty millesimal potency.
Hmmmmm very interesting perspective, PULS is a known state in most pregnancies, would you care to elaborate, the abortion part of it Nilanjana?
Oh yes, Pulsatilla is a very good medicine to bring back bleeding per vagina in case a period is missed. So it has capability to cause an abortion.
Surely any effects of homeopathic medicines on pregnant mothers can only be considered on an individual basis. If it is the similimum, and helps the mother, in my opinion it can only be good for the baby, not matter what the remedy, Puls, a nosode or any other remedy, and no matter what the potency. The similum is the similimum is the similimum.

As for frequent repetition, again, this depends on the indiviual. But I would tend to only use low potencies such as 6c for daily repetition, such as with Thios to help dissolve scar tissue and allow the tissues to stretch, for example. But again, only if it is indicated as a similimum.

As for research, it would be great to do a comparison study between mothers and babies who have had regular homeopathic treatment throughout pregnancy and birth, and those who have not. Within that, if there are enough homeopaths involved in the study, some comparison could be done between the methods used by the homeopaths, but this would be much harder to do. Only in India I think would such research be possible at the moment, in order to get a great enough number of participating patients and homeopaths.

What do you think?
I agree with you on the issue that it is the Similimum which matters most. However useing a remedy like Puls the only precautions one can take is regarding the dosage. This is because , in case of any aggravation of any kind it may have undesired effects.
Regarding the reasearch, a campaign has already started inDelhi, India on Healthy Mother and Happy Child using Homeopathic remedies only. So one day we will get some amazing results... RC
check at this site
So what is your opinion of doses during pregnancy? Are you in favour of low or high doses?


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