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Breast fed babies are treated by giving medicines to the mother. This is true. Experiments are being conducted on plants to prove this.

We have reference in our materia medica too, in Chamomilla

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This is the norm today whats new?

The new ness in it is that it has to be scientifically proven and that is being proved by the Sukul Institute of Research, West Bengal.

There is a related discussion by Dr.Vikas. I post here the link. Readers may read it. Its very informative. I would also thank Dr.Vikas and hope he doesn't mind if I link it here.



Nutrition of Mothers during Lactation

Anyone here gives medicine to the mother instead of the child in their practice? Please share your experience. In my clinic I prescribed the mother of a baby of 11 month Rhustox 1M for cough and coryza with results. Today a baby was brought to the clinic who was 3 months old. Mother was prescribed Chamomilla 1M and was askd to feed the baby frequently.

i would like to know the benefits of same as compared to done otherwise ,

i have always prescribed directly to children starting from the age of one month ,

by dissoving a drop of the medicine in expressed milk ,or in water after age of six months where child is being given boiled water and have always found results ,like that ,infact i have seen infants respond very well and improvement is seen in just few hours of the single dose and repetition is not usually required ,so now when i dont see improvement very soon i know reemdy is not correct and i change

my query is why to mother ,what 's the added benefit

The mother is a different individual, so why should we give a medicine that is not indicated for her? Nowadays, most of the mothers ask medicines for their own troubles. So how can we administer two medicines to her? If the baby is not in a position to take the medicine, then we can consider this route of administration. Some practitioners say that this method will prevent medicinal aggravation. However, they never mention about the mother who takes the medicine - she may also have some side effects from administering a wrong medicine. Hence, the BEST way is to give the medicine directly to the baby. So far, i have not tried this indirect route!
It is illogical to give medicine to a person who is not patient. These false theories are exploited only in homeopathy.
Perhaps there is a complementary relationship between the mother and the baby. Each in a symbiotic relationship that need each other, work in harmony, and nurture both. Are the remedies that mother and child need related in some manner. We can review on the proving charts.

Dear all,


This is for the followers of Hahnemann, who himself says in his Organon aph 284.....

"The power of medicines acting upon the infant through the milk of the mother or wet nurse is wonderfully helpful. Every disease in a child yeilds to the rightly chosen homoeopathic medicines given in moderate doses to the nursing mother and so administered, is more easily and certainly utilized by these new world-citizens than is possible in later years."


I hope I prove that my comments are not against Homoeopathy or Hahemann?

i agree that hahnemann has advocated that ,but we started with the idea to discuss the utility of same and infact we should compare the benefits of both ,as i said earlier i have seen results in children within few hours of giving the medcine directly to children and also seen that children respond very well even to 30 potency (in comparision to 200 or 1m)..for example i had a case of a 1year child where the child was having severe vomitings ,high fever ,drowsy ,and thirsty ,weakness 2+,i gave arsenic ,at begining i felt that the medicne arsenic is helping and child is relived after vomiting ,that is why he sleeps but thn child vomits again and is drowsy after vomiting and then sleeps ,i checked the tongue it was coated white and i gave one dose of ant.tart 30 ,fever came down within 1hour to 98.4 which was 102 fact this case is that of my own child and i feel if we give medicne to child we cannot see result so soon and time factor is also important in children

howver ,i would like to know results from cases where mother is given the remdy ,im very keen to learn if that is mroe beneficial we have to devise ways which will improve results and th number of people we can help with homeopathy .. how long we have to wait for the response if we give to mother ,but yes i feel if theere is a chance or risk of aggravation and if this method works we should consider this  

AS Hahnemann himself mentioned "it is more easily and certainly utilized".

In my opinion it works as immediately as given directly. In my case mentioned above the baby was benefitted too when Cham was given to the mother and asked for frequent feeds.

sounds good ,shall try ! 


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