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Ancient Chinese Gender Chart: Girl or boy?
Legend has it that this chart was found in an ancient tomb in China and is supposedly based on the Chinese lunar calendar. By using the mother's age at conception and the month of conception, supposedly you can determine with 100% accuracy if your baby is a boy or a girl.

Chinese Pregnancy
Chinese Calendar - Predict Your Baby's Gender With 93% Accuracy!

Boy Gender Girl
Is it a Boy or a Girl?

Mom's Age at Conception
Month of
Conception 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35
January G B G B G B B G B G B G B B B G B B
February B G B G B B G B G B G B G G B G B G
March G B G G B G B B B G B G G B B B B G
April B G B G G B B G G B G G G G G B G B
May B G B G B B G G G G G B G G G G G G
June B B B G G G B B B G G B G G G G B G
July B B B G G B B G G B B B G G G G G G
August B B B G B G G B B B B B G G G B G B
September B B B G G B G B G B B B G G G G G G
October B B G G G B G B G B B G G G G G G G
November B G B G G B G B G G G G B G G G B B
December B G B G G G G B G B G G B B B B B B

Mom's Age at Conception
Month of
Conception 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45
January G B G B G B G B B G
February B B G B G B G B G G
March B B G B G B G B G B
April G B B B B G B G B G
May B G B B G B G B B G
June G B G G B G B G B G
July G G B G B B G B G B
August G B G B G B B G B G
September B G B G B G B B G B
October B B G B G B G B B G
November B G B G B G B B G B
December B B G G G B G B G B

I use a pendulum on the pregnant mothers stomach,For a correct answer its best to repeat the same question 10 times in a row,if you get the same answer 10 times its a 100% for sure.
Her legs cant be crossed, make sure to verify a "yes or No'' answer prior to testing.The mother can be the polar opposite.
Any one else have a method,please post your replies.

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Fascinating. We're expecting a grandbaby in Nov. Let's see what happens.
Hi Debby
Can you use a Pendulum?
People who are good at Chinese / Tibetan pulse diagnostics can usually tell.
peace wasalaman, in malay tradisional knowladge if the baby in the mom sit more on the right side(psoric?) it probely aboy, a girl more to the left side(sycotic?). peace wasalaman
also if i might add-
boys are alkaline PH,girls are Acid PH levels
Parents that are exposed to more chemicals/toxins/pesticides have girls (its the estrogen factors in these toxins-yes pesticides have estrogen)
Parents that do NOt expose themself to external toxins such as these have boys.

I see this firsthand alot in bali with the rice farmers,they have given birth to many many female babies,the DDT/and other banned pesticides are still used there by many of the farmers.They take NO precautions for safety,not only does this create estrogen dominance in babies but many deformed children,tumors in parents.
No authentication....
There is no authentication for the below mentioned things.
Few years back I read this in some Ayurvedic books.
I never tried or suggested these things to my patients so can't say anything about its reliability.

It is said that the sexual intercourse during Even 'Sam' days results in baby Boy whereas during Odd 'Visham' days, it results in a baby Girl.

Now how to calculate these even & odd days...

The day when the menses starts is consider as an even day while the next day is consider as an odd day. (Mind well, here that it is not related with the dates of the month, for eg. if the menses starts on 3rd Sept, than the 3rd Sept will be consider as an Even day & consecutively, 4th Sept an Odd day).
So, if you want to give birth to a baby boy, do the intercourse during even days only i.e. 7th Sept. 9th Sept, 11th Sept... in above mentioned example.
Not on 3rd Sept or 5th Sept. as sexual intercourse should be avoided during menses.

According to Astrology, it is recommended that for a Boy, you should do intercourse only on Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays. These days are called as 'Purush Grah' whereas if you desire for a girl, do it only on Mondays & Fridays. These days are called as 'Stri Grah'.
Whereas Wednesdays & Saturdays are called as 'Napunsak Grah', so sexual intercourse should be avoided during these days.

It is also said that during sexual intercourse, for a male child, a man should lie on the left side of a women which is called as 'Surya Swar' whereas a women should lie on the right side of a man which is called as 'Chandra Swar', and vice-versa for a girl child.

Once again, I would give stress on my part that I don't know the reliability of all these things.
So, if anyone amongst you are gonna try or suggest these things to anyone, kindly do it at your own risk.
Don't blame me for anything afterwards. :)
But if something productive comes out, do tell me. ;)
Yes dr.Bidani, I have also heard few of the above written theories, but for its effectiveness i dont have a single positive example.

May it be a girl or boy, it should be a happy and a healthy child!

Ancient Vedic way of telling the sex of the child:

Conception on even days of the cycle of ovulation produces a male child. Conception on uneven days produces a girl. While pregnant, if the child's head is mostly on the right, a male child is born. It it is mostly on the left, a female child is born.

Pretty accurate, as I have had plenty occasion to verify.

Sir your reply is not visible.

I was saying that the ancient way is even days of ovulation boys, uneven days girls, and that if the head is on the right side mainly it is boy and left side girl. Strange it is not visible.

Thank you Sir replying again.


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