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Swine flu H3N2v shows increase in mild cases that were transmitted directly from pigs to humans. 



Novel Influenza A Virus:
From July 12 through August 30, 2012, a total of 288 infections with influenza A (H3N2) variant (H3N2v) viruses have been reported in ten states (Hawaii [1], Illinois [4], Indiana [138], Maryland [12], Michigan [5], Minnesota [2], Ohio [101], Pennsylvania [7], West Virginia [3], and Wisconsin [15]).

So far during the current outbreaks, 15 confirmed cases have been hospitalized as a result of their illness; one death has occurred. The vast majority of cases have been associated with swine exposure though likely instances of human-to-human transmission have been identified. At this time no ongoing human-to-human transmission has been identified.

Public health and agriculture officials are investigating the extent of disease among humans and swine, and additional cases are likely to be identified as the investigation continues. Because of reporting deadlines, the state totals reported by CDC may not always be consistent with those reported by state health departments. If there is a discrepancy between these two counts, data from the state health departments should be used as the most accurate number.

Early identification and investigation of human infections with novel influenza A viruses is critical in order to evaluate the extent of the outbreak and possible human-to-human transmission. Additional information on influenza in swine, variant influenza infection in humans, and strategies to interact safely with livestock can be found at CDC Swineflu


You will hear many news reporters exaggerating the threat of epidemic swine flu this year.

It is now January 2013 and the cycle of flu is winding down. 

A number of videos may be viewed here.

An updated map from the CDC shows the Commonwealth presently in the red zone,
which is the highest category for flu cases reported in states.

Nurses at the CVS Minute Clinic said there are some myths about the flu and its vaccine.
1) It is too late to get the seasonal flu shot.

2) The flu shot can give you the flu.

3) If you got the flu vaccine last year, you don’t have to get it again this year.

4) There are serious side effects caused by the flu vaccine.

5) Natural immunity or living a healthy lifestyle is better than getting immunity from the flu shot.

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