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Practitioners and those otherwise knowledgeable, seeking information to share with non-practitioners in vaccine groups:

What remedies would you recommend one have on hand for swine flu prevention?


If one takes a mandated flu vaccine, what remedies should they take, and when, to help reduce chance or severity of adverse reactions?

Also welcome suggestions for non-homeopathic strategies for any of the above. E.g., am aware of relationship between vitamin D deficiency and acute and chronic illnesses, etc.

Thanks! Alan Phillips, JD

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Thanks for this topic.

How to protect yourself from flu:
1. Do not get vaccinated!!!

2. Stay calm, do not panick, because fear is killing immune system

3.Do not spent all day in the front of TV watching the flu-news, imagining the worst. Be positive and go in the nature instead.

4. Boost your immunity naturally:

healthy food, vitamin minerals

Use antiviral and antibacterial herbs and products as:

lavender oil
thyme and oreganum
sage tea
black peper is great to stop overreactions of immune system
bee pollen and bee products
vitamin C (and all others)

Various homeopathics for improving immunity, like Ferrum Phos, Kali Phos (which in addition heals the neural system)

In radionics homeopathy we use Organo remedies which influence thymus and boost the rest of immune system, various anti-inflammatory remedies, antiviral and antibacterial.....

There is no need to be afraid, all this panick is created just because Pharmaceutic industry needed more money.

About details, some recommendations about healing and prevention, please take look in my article (published on Hubpages and Wellsphere) NEW "SWINE" FLU, WHAT CAUSED IT and NATURAL PREVENTION & CURE which is so well excepted from the readers around the world.

Every person is unique, so it is not wise to generalize.

Kindest regards.
Dear Alan:

I use Arsenicum Album 30c for prevention (1 pellet in 8 oz water with 20 drops of vodka) and take it once a week succussing the bottle (whacking the bottle on the palm of my hand) 2 times before a dose of 1 capful (1 tsp.) In homeopathy we look at the total symptom picture which includes mental/emotional as well as physical symptoms. In mental/emotionals with Ars. there is a lot of worry/anxiety about security issues around money and germs/health...despair of recovery etc. The physicals of feeling chilly, restless, prostration, coryza, sneezing, clear runny nose, achey all over, slight sore throat, maybe diarrhea. You can always go online and look up the entire remedy picture. Of course if I actuallly got the flu I'd increase the potency to 1M and succuss it more, like 6 times, (makes it more powerful each dose) and take it more frequently (every few hours according to active symptoms).
Flu is a respiratory (viral) experience and it can travel from the upper respiratory track to lower quickly into pneumonia --I've used Bryonia 1M effectively as well (again go online to view the symptom picture). In the 1918 Flu Pandemic, Gelsemium (instead of Arsenicum) and Bryonia were used as well as Baptisia and Eupatorium. Gels. has achey eyes and chills down back, weakness etc. A book: The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza, surviving influenza epidemics and pandemics past, present and future with homeopathy by Sandra J. Perko is a good reference as well as Desktop Guide to keynotes and confirmatory symptoms by Roger Morrison, MD--a quick and easy guide to symptom pictures of most common remedies (Materia Medica). Finding the Genus Epidemicus for the flu season is based on the common symptoms of groups of people in your area...can sometimes differ regionally.
I've just spoken of some common flu remedies, there are others of course.
Great you are proactive! educating yourself and others on this topics.
Power Through Knowledge!

Also regarding your question to help reduce chance/severity of adverse reactions to magic bullet here..and maybe others can add their experience....I've used Sulphur and Thuja before and after vaccine. There is also Silica and Ledum (puncture wounds). Again looking at the symptom picture. But there is absolutely NO guarantee here...ONLY true safe way is to not get vaccinated at all. God only knows how deadly this so called vaccine for h1n1 will be, but I think the 1976 debacle will give you a clue.
Best to you,
The remedy Influenzinum Hispanicum is sourced from the sterile enzyme of the sputum of a person with the Spanish Flu of 1918 which was an H1N1 virus also. I have developed an Influenza Survival Kit about 2 years ago as I predicted there would be a pandemic Influenza.... it can be found at I also have a Prevent-a-Pack that contains both Influenzinum 30C & Oscillococcinum 200C with instructions for use.... please refer & click on Influenza Support.

In Australia Swine flu is categorised as a disease that is only treatable officially by General Practitioners (Doctors), and so homeopaths cannot legally comment on this disease.

Please refer to the website for information on this Influenza Kit. If you would like more detailed information on Influenza please email me for my Information Pack which includes a lot of general & practical information on influenza, its prevention & treatment...

I hope this information is useful to you... with kind regards, Christina

If the person can opt out of a "mandated" vaccine, I recommend that they do so. Thuja and Ledum are often recommended as remedies to take after a vaccination. If a potentized remedy has been made from the vaccine, that is sometimes recommended as well. I don't know if it will be possible for homeopathic pharmacies to obtain samples of the H1N1 vaccines.

I'm taking some non-homeopathic prevention drops, which I mention in case others are interested. They are easier to get in the US, but interenational shipping is available:
Dear Alan:

FOR PREVENTION: Arsenicum Album 200C add 1 pellet in 4 oz bottle of water, add 15 drops vodka, shake. Keep bottle where cool (not in sun) Each family member can take 1 tsp. once a week (like every Sunday) from bottle. Safe for babies, pregnant women, elderly. No side-effects, does not interact with drugs as it is not a drug. Works with vital force which harmonizes immune system to keep it strong via law of similars.

IF YOU GET THE FLU: STAY HOME! the body needs to lie down so that the central nervous system gets the message that it is time to heal. Contact a homeopathic practitioner to guide you! Read book by Sandra Perko, "The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza" She has a list in the back of the book, theMateria Medica & Repertory (list of remedies and description of symptom picture). There are a number of flu remedies and ones that I always have on hand if you get the flu: Arsenicum 1M for chills, exhaustion, sore throat, achey all over, restlessness, wants company for security, maybe nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. That describes the beginning symptoms of a viral flu and it can lead to pneumonia so REST! no kidding! If the flu progresses into the upper respiratory there are many remedies but one I always have on hand is Bryonia 1M, dry hacking cough worse eve., dryness membranes, needing to drink water, hot rooms bother you, want to lie down in bed and not be disturbed, worse motion, maybe headache. Make up a separate bottle for each remedy. I put 1 pellet of the 1M in 8 oz. bottle of water, add 20 drops vodka. Before each dose of 1 capful (1 tsp.) I succuss the bottle hard on the palm of my hand (hit bottom of bottle hard on the palm of hand and you see the water splashing vigorously), to increase the potency every time..THIS IS VITAL! as the vital force wants it a little stronger each time. If you feel better after a dose, wait and repeat if you feel like you have used up the dose and symptoms are returning. Usually people need a remedy every 2 hours of 3 hours IF they HAVE the Flu but it varies with everyone...If you feel well after a dose WAIT and repeat only if necessary.

Of course, I have to say PLEASE contact your health care practitioner if you get the flu and you are not recovering using Western Homeopathic Medicine. in 1918 flu pandemic 1 out of 4 MD's in the U.S. (we still had homeopathic MD's and schools and hospitals then) had near 100% cure of that flu using 2 main remedies: Gelsemium (like Ars. but has more eyes that ache deeply, chills down the back, legs weak and trembling, you can read more about that online) and Bryonia (pneumonia). They warned against using aspirin! it proved fatal to those who took it. Read about it in Perko's book.

I can't recommend homeopathic remedies to take if someone gets a flu shot as I feel I would be giving the impression that no harm will be done with the vaccine and homeopathy could restore them. You would want to contact a homeopathic practitioner and work with them.

I also have to say this is for educational purposes only. If you feel ill, please contact your health care practitioner for your care. Many people are also on prescribed drugs and already have chronic health problems that need to be taken into account. Be safe!

Thank you for your work Alan,
Dear All,
In Boulder Colorado, we have had a recent surge of H1N1 cases -- over 200 on the University of Colorado campus alone. In my practice, I'm treating each case individually based on the totality of symptoms -- have had good success with Nux vomica.

A local Acupuncturist and Chinese Medical doctor has seen many cases and has had good results-- see article below:

Best regards,Kathy Thorpe

Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy help Combat H1N1

Boulder, CO—September 4, 2009. The kids are back at school and everyone from anxious parents to stressed out administrators and health officials is worried about swine flu—especially because it’s already become a problem at the University of Colorado. Today’s Camera reports the presence of 50 or more cases on campus—and unofficial sources put the number at 200 or more. “This is happening much sooner than any of us expected,” says Boulder acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine practitioner David Scrimgeour, L.Ac. “We’ve seen a sudden rush of patients this week looking for help with H1N1, including a mother who flew out here to take care of her college-age daughter.”

Fortunately, swine flu is acting more like the regular seasonal flu we’re familiar with, and not like the pandemic we all fear. The dominant symptoms are high fever, sore throat, headache, chills and body aches. And this is good news indeed, says Scrimgeour, because alternative and complementary medicine has a number of remedies with proven track records against the flu.

With the very first onset of symptoms, Scrimgeour recommends taking three products: Oscillococcinum, a homeopathic remedy that reduces the duration and severity of the flu. Take 1/3 vial 4 times day for 3 days. Cold Nip, a proprietary formula developed and clinically tested in Scrimgeour’s practice. This Chinese herbal formula contains herbs to support the body's wei qi (or protective defense system) as well as powerful anti-viral herbs (including andrographis and isatis, which were used successfully to fight the SARS virus in China). Take a teaspoon every 2 to 3 hours for several days or until symptoms subside. Lactoferrin, a supplement with anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which appears to inhibit viral cell fusion and viral entry into cells.

Scrimgeour does not recommend getting a flu shot (except for people with compromised immune systems) because it tends to weaken rather than strengthen the immune system. Instead, he suggests taking one of two classic Chinese formulas—Ginseng and Astragalus or Siler and Astragalus—to boost your immune system when you’re healthy and adding a teaspoon of Cold Nip 3 times a day whenever you’re exposed to the flu. Taking 2 grams of vitamin C, 60 milligrams of zinc, and 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 a day will also help strengthen your immune system. Getting on an airplane? Take a teaspoon of Cold Nip and a 1/3 vial of Oscillococcinum before boarding and again during the flight to ward off the cold and flu viruses that circulate through the cabin.

If you do come down with the flu, Scrimgeour says stay at home, take the above remedies, rest, sleep, drink lots of fluids, and eat homemade chicken soup.

David Scrimgeour is a licensed Acupuncturist and Practitioner of Oriental Medicine. Trained in Taiwan and San Francisco, he has practiced in Boulder, Colorado for 20 years.


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