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Maharashtra Government Funds Homeopathic Research on A (H1N1)

Pune (PTI): Study Funding for Dhondumama Sathe Homeopathy College announced by state health minister Dr Shobha Bachhav targets Swine Flu.

Dr Sreerang Oak had advocates the use of 'Kali Mur' and 'Ferrum Phos' (with power of 12 X ) as a preventive treatment to arrest the spread of the H1N1 virus among population. Recommendation: Take Four tablets each of the two medicines.

Pune has registered over 90 positive cases of Swine flu, mostly school children, during the last three weeks which account for the largest share of the over 110 reported from various parts of Maharashtra.

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Homeopathy can be used to treat H1N1 flu: Pune doctor

Pune, Jul 31 : City-based Homeopathy specialist Dr Pradeep Sethiya today advocated the use of this alternate medicine for treatment of patients affected by H1N1 influenza Speaking to UNI, Dr Sethiya, the principal of Dhondu Mama Sathe Homeopathy College, said homeopathy could be a good option, especially for the minor students, who have been affected by this virus in the city.

He said Oxford of East, as this city is known, is grappling with this problem since the last few weeks and its students are the most affected forcing the authorities to close down many schools, which can have an impact on their education. However, he felt, that Homeopathy could be the sweet remedy for them. Dr Sethiya also demanded that government should allow homeopathy practitioners to treat the patients of swine flu, which is not just another option but also cost-effective and easy to use medicine. Dr Sethiya, while expressing his confidence in this alternate medicine, said the most important misconception of this flu is fear, which is very strong among people. There is a need to create awareness and guide people in a proper way about this virus as this virus spreads very fast and the children are the most vulnerable to it, he said. He also advocated to take the help of Genus Epidemics, which can be helpful if given to the unaffected people to develop anti-body, which would protect that person if he comes into contact with the affected person.

He appealed to the parents to come together and fight the virus without fear and face the situation with courage. ''Medicines like homeopathy can help you at every stage. There is no readymade medicine for such viruses but the doctors have to understand the case of the patients and the symptoms before prescribing the medicines,'' Dr Sethiya said.

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I think this is the best location to put this comment. I was reading the current Resources for the Future and came across an article about Pandemics. I am wondering why an environmental magazine overlooks a greed medicine such as homeopathy.


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