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"Comment by Dr. Robert Bruck on April 26, 2009 at 4:15pm
That is a great question. The CDC and the feds in general are not telling all they know so as not to create a panic"

I BEG to differ:
No effort to create panic has been spared !
The recalcitrant "flu" has failed to live up to the VAST amounts of propagandizing and scare tactics, and I would bet my life that it will not either in this Winter.
Being prepared is good and useful; knowing that SOMEday it is likely that SOME kind of severe pandemic will once again decimate human population (whether in our lifetimes or not is anyone's guess) should be mere background information rather than HYPE. All of the ways that we homeopaths may deal with any other epidemic are applicable.

To put this in proper persective, I suggest we all get excited & worked up about the greatest challenges to health in our "modern" world = #1 the deadly "epidemic" of iatrogenesis, which is arguably the leading direct cause of death in the U.S.
-- or how 'bout multivalent POLLUTION, which is clearly the reason for the greater morbidity of this latest otherwise MILD "flu."

Latest news:

The WHO Plays with Pandemic Fire
The Continuing Saga of the Flying Pigs Pandemic Flu
By F. William Engdahl
Global Research, June 5, 2009

According to information from within the World Health Organization in Geneva, the UN organization supposedly monitoring global health dangers, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan plans to declare a Phase 6 Official Pandemic Alert in the coming days. This bizarre act if declared would come at a time that the country which had to date reported far the latest number of suspected H1N1 cases, the USA, has simply arbitrarily stopped reporting new cases.

If you consider to let your family get scared into taking drugs like Tamiflu that not only do not prevent or even ameliorate symptoms of flu, but in some cases are so toxic they cause severe paralysis, breathing problems and even death, you should at least know the facts before.

The report that WHO may declare an official Pandemic global alert any time is all the more bizarre given the fact that the global wave of cases reported to date to WHO from around the world reportedly have been so mild as to be indistinguishable from the symptoms of ordinary flu.

And the relatively small number of deaths allegedly tied to swine flu as it originally was named, appear in no way definitely tied to to H1N1 causes. In a May 28 CDC press briefing, the CDC reported, ‘When we look at our deaths, we have information on 11 of the 12 deaths that have been reported to us so far. And it appears that 10 of those fatalities occurred in people who had an underlying condition that put them at greater risk for severe complications of influenza.’ That is what epidemiologists call correlation not causality or ‘opportunistic infection’ deaths.

European epidemiologists privately believe that there is no proven link between supposed H1N1 Influenza A illness and the deaths, rather that the deaths are ‘coincidence’ or what health professionals term ‘opportunistic infections.’ The CDC report would seem to strengthen that argument.

US CDC stops regular reporting?

Even more bizarre for a supposed pandemic ‘threat to all mankind’ the official monitoring agency in the nation with so far the largest number of reported case counts, which notably include ‘probable’ ad well as ‘confirmed’ H1N1 cases, namely the United States, the CDC announced en passant, on that May 28 press briefing that, ‘beginning next week, we're going to shift to a different schedule. We'll be updating our case count information less frequently.’ That statement came from Dr. Anne Schuchat, Deputy Director for Science and Public Health Program of the US Centers for Disease Control. She declined to say what ‘less frequently’ was or even why such a decision was reached at the same time the US Government is dedicating billion dollars fast track funds to drug makers to produce H1N1 vaccines.

Oops! Wait a minute. I thought we were teetering on the edge of declaring a global Pandemic Emergency, Phase 6 where travel restrictions, mandatory quarantine and other extreme steps would be implemented. Then the responsible national agency in the country with something like 67% of all reported cases of H1N1 Swine Flu decided casually not to report so often?

Another anomaly in the increasingly bizarre situation is the release of new WHO Pandemic guidelines on April 20, 2009, conveniently enough just in time to affect the current world pandemic scare. According to a WHO official responsible for the report, the revision of revised 2005 WHO Pandemic guidelines was begun ‘well before the Mexican flu cases were first reported.’ The official spoke off record.

Even more curious is the fact that the latest April 2009 WHO Pandemic response guidelines prescribe the exact same response for Phase 5 (sub-pandemic) and Phase 6 (so-called Pandemic), namely ‘implement actions as called for in their national plans.’ For that we need WHO?

Drug giants gearing up

The situation is becoming a golden harvest for the giant pharmaceutical makers as they receive samples from the CDC to begin producing possible vaccines as well as so-called antiviral drugs like Tamiflu.

The US government recently made available one billion dollars to help big vaccine makers like Sanofi-Aventis and GlaxoSmithKline ready production of new vaccines. Novartis leads the herd with $289 million in federal support, followed by Sanofi Aventis with $191 million and GlaxoSmithKline, which gets $181 million. In addition the US Government had decided to ‘de-risk’ the vaccine production, presumably removing usual safeguards for new vaccines. The US Health and Human Services Department (HHS) is placing orders with manufacturers with which it already has contracts to produce a pandemic vaccine for the never-pandemic H5N1 avian flu. More than $3 billion in federal funds since 2005 have gone toward developing, building manufacturing and stockpiling a vaccine to fight that disease. How long do such vaccines hold in stock?

Fittingly given the bizarre nature of the entire Flying Pigs panic being spread by WHO and CDC, the CDC reports that it expects the first H1N1 approved vaccines to be ready by Halloween. Trick or Treat?

In Australia the government has ordered 10 million doses of a new vaccine being developed by CSL. CSL plans to start producing a new vaccine in the next days that can be used for human testing. A vaccine based on the California strain of the virus is being tested in ferrets. China says that it will have samples of swine flu on hand by June and plans to start manufacturing a new A/H1N1 vaccine in July.

Many drugmakers are using techniques of genetic manipulation to produce their new vaccine offerings in a race to market. The Maryland drugmaker Novavax which reported severe annual income losses prior to the current Swine Flu scare, now is preparing a genetically modified vaccine they claim is suitable for H1N1 flu.

The 1976 Swine Flu fiasco

Once WHO declares a Phase 6 Pandemic Alert, all hell could break loose with governments and population going into panic, cancellation of international travel, severe domestic travel restrictions and other emergency measures resembling martial law.

In 1976 President Gerald Ford issued an Executive Order calling for every man woman and child in the USA to be vaccinated against a suspected outbreak of swine Flu at the Fort Dix US military base. Within months more than forty million unknowing Americans had been vaccinated, some 20% of the then total population despite the fact that no pandemic ever appeared. The flu was restricted to Fort Dix.

Interestingly, aside from severe weather and crowded barrack conditions at Fort Dix, every recruit coming in had immediately been given multiple vaccinations as routine, similar to what US soldiers are given today before being shipped to Iraq or Afghanistan, or similar to what US and European soldiers were given in 1918 during the spread of the misnamed Spanish Influenza of 1918. Was the Fort Dix wave of illnesses and one death a consequence of the vaccinations? We may never know as no government agency was interested in pursuing the notion.

In that 1976 US swine flu panic, aided by a nervous President eager to win re-election, there were thirty deaths due to adverse vaccine reactions and dozens if not hundreds of cases of the rare Guillain-Barre syndrome which led to halting of a national vaccination that was being given for a non-existent pandemic.

Free from liability?

There was one very significant difference between 1976 and today however. In 1976 US insurance companies refused to insure vaccine manufacturers against lawsuits for vaccine-related illnesses or deaths. Today drugmakers need have little fear of damages from product liability lawsuits. They can unleash whatever substances the FDA lets them, and indications are that under Pandemic declaration safety standards would be dropped in the rush to stab the population as widely as possible with vaccines.

Under rulings made under the Bush Administration, vaccines can be labelled as “unavoidably unsafe” meaning that when a product is ‘carefully designed, manufactured and marketed, but is dangerous nonetheless,’ it is not a defective product, even though it might cause injury. Clear? It certainly is clear to the pharmaceutical industry which lobbied hard for the determination.

A decisive victory for the drug industry came in January 2006 when Bush Administration Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt announced a new ruling in defiance of established precedent and the expressed intent of Congress. The new FDA rules pre-empted any state laws that allow citizens to sue drugmakers for producing unsafe drugs under the dubious claim that the FDA, an agency under HHS, had national responsibility for certification of drug safety and state lawsuits impinged on that national responsibility. As several Congressmen at the time pointed out the FDA track record for timely response to clear drug dangers as in the Vioxx cases was hardly to the benefit of the health and welfare of citizens suffering needless heart attacks and death as a side effect of the drug.

It would be relevant to ask if the Democratic Congress that protested the 2006 FDA liability-free ruling has plans to change that free ride for vaccine makers. That might do more than anything to reduce the effects of Swine Flu. Then people might realize where the real swine danger lies.

F. William Engdahl is author of the just-released book Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order. He may be reached through his website at

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Are you still thinking about getting vaccinated? Well, THINK AGAIN! When this woman speaks, she speaks volumes! Many thanks to for giving me permission to post this update on Baxter Labs. Apparently they've been quite busy since their so-called "accident" where they sent live H5N1 and H3N2 viruses (avian flu mixed with human flu) to 18 countries as a "vaccine" to prevent those diseases. The avian flu has so far proven to be hard to catch, but the H3N2 is very contagious. So what do you think might happen if you got both of them LIVE in a vaccine? Isn't capitalism just grand when you can create your own market for a product by getting everyone sick and then telling them you have the cure?

Yeah yeah, the best business plan ever!

Their business comes first. Health is a by-product they don't even consider. Much better to make everyone sick. Guaranteed future income and in a financial crash, the only companies not going down are the arms industry, the insurance industry and Big Pharma. LOL!

Nothing to laugh about though, but you get my drift.

There is a play by a Frenchman - la triomphe de la medicine - in which a rural doctor convinces everyone they are sick and then procedes to treat them all. It is a great satire and depicts what is happening today.
No flu vaccines before mid-October, CDC predicts
5 hours 28 mins ago


Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
Scientific advisers to President Barack Obama may have asked the government to speed up the availability of swine flu vaccines, but they are unlikely to be ready before October, the new head of the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention said on Wednesday.
And imperfect tests for the pandemic H1N1 virus means it will be impossible to get precise numbers on how many people are infected, said Dr. Thomas Frieden.
Nonetheless, swine flu is the No. 1 priority for the CDC, Frieden said in an interview.

"We have literally mobilized more than 1,000 people at CDC who work on H1N1," Frieden said in the interview, conducted by Reuters and Associated Press to be aired on the C-SPAN television network on Sunday.

On Monday, the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology said the government should speed up the supply of swine flu drugs and vaccines, making at least some shots available by mid-September.

The group also said the government should take advantage of the pandemic to improve flu surveillance.

Frieden said it was unlikely vaccines against H1N1 could get out to the public sooner than mid-October, when mass vaccination is scheduled to start.
"We wish we had new vaccine technology that would allow us to turn on a dime and make new vaccine in terms of weeks or months. It's not possible with today's technology to do that," he said.

Five companies are making swine flu vaccine for the U.S. market -- AstraZeneca's MedImmune unit, CSL, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and Sanofi-Aventis. Tests have begun to determine if people will need one or two doses to be protected.


Frieden also distanced himself from some of the worst-case predictions outlined in the council's report, which included a "plausible" estimate that between 30,000 and 90,000 people might die and up to 1.8 million might clog hospitals.


"Unfortunately, the media coverage of it was not nearly as balanced as the report itself," Frieden said.
"Everything we have seen in the U.S. and everything we have seen around the world to date suggests that we won't see that kind of number if the virus doesn't change."

Because this virus is new, more people are susceptible to it and the World Health Organisation has been predicting for months now that 2 billion people will likely become infected.

"We will do everything in our power to reduce the number of people who die," Frieden said.

But officials fear H1N1 could worsen as U.S. schools start their fall terms. Frieden fears there could be a rush of demand for vaccine if that happens.

"As people become sick or severely ill or die from flu we'll get an increased demand for the flu vaccine and that is one of the challenges we have," he said.

The Health and Human Services department estimates only 45 million doses will be available by mid-October, with 20 million a week coming after that.

Asked about surveillance, Frieden said that will be difficult, too. The new flu does not always show up on standard, on-the-spot flu tests given in doctor's offices.

Special tests to differentiate pandemic H1N1 from seasonal flu have been sent to every state health department but it will be impossible to test everyone with symptoms, the tests are not 100 percent reliable, and there is not much point in testing everyone anyway, Frieden said.

"Once flu is in the community most people with flu don't need to be treated," he said. People at high risk of death or severe symptoms, such as pregnant women or people with asthma, need to be treated right away anyhow and it is not worth waiting to test them, he added.
Hi David
You wrote this post in june 2009
here we are end oct-2009
and the lies keep on propelling via the media-look at all the swine flu vaccine clinics that are open today.

Does it surprize you how many people believe that there is a pandemic swineflu?
Stupidity rules,what has crawled into people's common logic?
Its a sad state of affairs!


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