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Hello Everyone.

I thought I would write up my experience with a mystery flu that I suspect might have been Swine Flu. Please note: these cases were not medically tested or confirmed. But they matched many of the symptoms people have reported. The same remedy -- Nux Vomica 200c -- was amazingly helpful to both me and my son who is a student at USC. So at least, this is a helpful remedy for something that seems to be going around the college campuses in California.

This all began when my other son -- a student at Stanford -- became sick. I saw him shortly afterward and a couple of days later became sick myself. At the time, two types of ailments were going around Stanford -- a lingering nose cold (which my Stanford son had) and the swine flu itself. It is my suspicion, because of the events below, that these two ailments -- the nose cold going around and the swine flu -- may somehow be related. [Also note, that my Stanford son just had the nose cold which got better on its own, but also lasted 3 weeks. We didn't want to interrupt his new constitutional remedy which he just started on a couple of months before, and he didn't need to.]

At the beginning, my symptoms were identical to those of my Stanford student son, but transformed into more classic swine flu symptoms after my body was put under a strain.


Upon hindsight, I realized that all of this began after I became annoyed by something a family member did. It is important to note that my USC son Max also became sick after he became very annoyed by something a friend did. The emotion was -- anger/irritable -- "ailments from indignation". This is what helped lead me to Nux-Vomica, plus the physicals then matched.

I suspect that emotional causation might be an important clue for this flu. For example, on the East coast, a friend who was severely depleted by emotional circumstances was helped by China.

My sequence of events:

a) A very dry throat that was sore where the palate meets the throat. I also had itchiness of the palate especially at night/morning.

b) Development of a severe nose cold with sinus kinds of pain -- root of nose, around eyes, etc.
Nasal catarrh at this point was generally clear -- runny during the day, stuffed at night.

c) Slight headache.

At this point, I had an important commitment that I had to keep and lost sleep for a night and had some strain on me. Afterward, my symptoms soon intensified beyond the nose cold.

d) In the evening, lots of digestive rumbling and gas after eating. < raw vegetables.

e) After a massive diarrhea after breakfast the next morning, I started feeling truly sick.

f) Development of a low fever (went up to 100.9), feel VERY COLD, must stay under lots of blankets, hands and feet feel very cold.

g) Symptoms are < night, and first thing in the morning after getting up.

At this point I started taking Nux Vomica. I started with Nux 30 (dry) and had a very noticeable lift within 15 minutes, but it only lasted about 4 hours. The next day I moved to Nux 200 (dry) and had a near miraculous response. Within 2 days, I was able to travel to the East Coast and deliver a major lecture. My stomach settled down so that I was able to eat normally, though I watched myself for a few days. However, I still had a lot of postnasal catarrh. Occasionally I coughed up some greenish mucus, but in general, I had tons of post nasal catarrh that would fill up the back of my throat that I kept having to blow and hawk out. After another dose of Nux Vomica 200c 5 days after the initial dose, this also cleared up.

Next I settled into a short dry cough that was < night, < lying down, < laughing, < thinking about it.
This lasted for the next 3 weeks.

All during this period I was on a long and arduous road trip, with lots of driving, seeing relatives, etc. and I had to be "on" all the time. Nevertheless, I pushed through. When I felt myself relapsing, with a "sick" foggy feeling, noticeable irritability, and a sensation that the cough was deepening into a wheezy feeling in my chest, I redosed with Nux-Vomica 200 (dry) and it popped me out of this state within an hour.

In the midst of all this, my son at USC became sick with similar symptoms, including the stomach rumbling from eating, especially from raw veges. I told him to start on Nux-Vomica 200, which he made up in a water bottle. I told him to just keep taking it as needed -- just succuss and take a swig from the bottle. Initially he took about 2-3 doses a day, then once a day, then every other day, and after about 10 days he didn't feel the need to take any more. His illness never progressed into a cough. He was able to function normally throughout, go to classes, etc. and never became really sick.

Currently, I am finally home from my travels and am finally able to rest. I do feel fatigued, like I was never able to fully recuperate. My fatigue is < after lunch and lasts the afternoon. However, this is slowly improving. I took one more dose of Nux 200 in water after returning home. My son at USC also still feels fatigue that is worse in the afternoon. It is possible we both need a "finishing" remedy at this point, and I may experiment with Nux-V 1M if I feel the need.

People on the East Coast have reported success with China for the flu, and this might be another possibility for a finishing remedy. But for now, I'm just going to try to recuperate naturally and/or maybe experiment with Nux-V 1M if necessary.

I hope this is helpful to all of you out there!!

-Amy Lansky

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A few more symptoms I thought of...

- With the cough and/or catarrh ++ > hot tea with honey

- With the initial fever and with relapses, sensitivity to noise, sensitivity to being around people. Want to be alone. Don't want any pressure on me from others.

- Also notable vis-a-vis mental state -- normally I am very much an "Anxiety about my health" type of person. But throughout, I was pretty calm about the whole thing -- even when my son at USC got sick, which would normally bring on some panic in me. So I would say this was definitely NOT an Arsenic experience.

- During this tired recovery phase, I've been feeling a bit of impatience with getting well, a little despair of recovery, but that is passing.

- I've also been craving comfort foods like soup and fried eggs.
For some reason this post appears twice ~ Check this one
Debby, I first put it in two pieces on the Group, but then I wasn't sure if that was the right place so I put it (in 1 consolidated piece) on the Forum. What's the right thing to do? The one on the FOrum is better since I put the 2 pieces together. Should I delete the 2 pieces on the Group? I'll do whatever you think is best..
p.s. Thanks for your bday thing vis-a-vis the NCH! Happy Birthday! :->
Hi Amy ~ I'm so happy that you are contributing your valuable knowledge here. We can leave it as it is since they are now linked.

My thoughts are that posting personal information in the blogs are best and posting in the FORUM discussions are wonderful for Threaded replies and more organized discussions.

Happy Birthday to all Scorpios! [that's me, too]


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