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Medical Reporter’s Casebook: Big Government And Big Medicine
by Jon Rappaport, No More Fake News
21 October 2009

Editor: I'd been planning to write something along these lines, but Jon Rappaport beat me to it—and did it much better than I could. With a deft touch, he explains how influenza, a minor disease—one thought of as a nuisance until recently—became front and center in the news and public fear.

In my 20 years as a reporter, I’ve watched the connection between big government and big medicine blend into a single force. Oh, it was always there, but it took me awhile to see how tight it was.

And in the last few years, a new feature has been added: The frequency of (fake) epidemics.

Don’t underestimate this development, folks.

Let’s see. First, we had the anthrax scare. 2001. Remember? That was called bio-terror. At that point, federal legislation and presidential orders began to place terrorism and epidemics side by side. Emergency powers vested in the government could be invoked in either case. There were already rumbles and mumbles about something called West Nile disease. Case numbers however, remained small.

Then came SARS. Medical bureaucrats and the feds were screaming about it. It could be the big one. It wasn’t, of course. But WHO shut down the city of Toronto with travel advisories. The CDC was updating America with new reports about SARS cases every five minutes...

Then, the smallpox-imminent-terror-attack epidemic. Out of nowhere, the Executive branch and its CDC sub-section were warning us that terrorists could fly into the US with vials of smallpox virus. Tommy Thompson, the head of Health and Human Services, who knew less about medical matters than Brooke Shields, told the American people that every citizen had his/her name on a shot of smallpox vaccine, and everybody needed to get vaccinated, and he, Tommy, would not rest until it was done.

Some months later, the whole program to set up vaccination centers around the US fell apart. Doctors and nurses were saying no. The vaccine was dangerous. It could impart a case of smallpox. Oops.

Tommy then stated that no cabinet member should get the shot. He himself wasn’t going to get it. With a straight face, and no mea culpa, Tommy did a 180.

Talk about a scandal. Yet, typically, NO major media outlet in the US went for the throat. Reporters just walked away from the whole thing, yawning. It was already old news. Or maybe they were all suffering from short-term memory loss.

Then there was a blip about monkeypox in the Midwest.

Then THE BIRDS. More scary than Hitchcock’s movie. An attack from the air. Avian Flu. The whole planet was at risk. We could all die or turn into birds. We might be thrust back into the Stone Age. We might have to walk around shooting arrows at robins and larks, just to stay alive. That one was a dud, too.

But no matter. There was a new one, all of a sudden. A few people in Mexico were sick with something the CDC and WHO immediately claimed was a grotesque pig-bird-human combo virus. It had a snout and wings and shopped at Wal-Mart.

This time, the propaganda is very heavy. Well, the people in charge of Epidemic Central were learning how to do better PR. How many deaths? 4500? Wow. That’s almost as many as happen every year, globally, from ordinary regular flu---which is 300,000 to 500,000. Wait. I guess not.

What The Hell Is Going On?
Answer: When government and science and medicine are One, idiocy is sure to follow. That’s a principle I’ve followed for the last 20 years as a reporter, and it’s never let me down. It rises and sets like the sun, every day.

Now, some people, I’ve discovered, are upset when I talk like this. They want to be afraid. They love the feeling. They don’t like that fear being ripped away from them. My sincere apologies. But I carry on anyway, because fear isn’t a very useful tool, in the long run. What we’ve been seeing over the past ten years is one effort after another to scare people and bring them into line. THAT’S the virus.

Then, of course, we have the vaccine(s). Get the vaccine, have to get the vaccine, don’t forget to get your shot, must take that shot.

Do you want to know the real formula for mass control of populations? The gut-shot formula? Here it is. It’s very, very simple:

Make people afraid. Then give them something that will banish that fear. Then repeat steps one and two until the cows come home.

Hint: The Cows Never Come Home.
In order to carry out this formula, governments need programs that appear not to be political. Programs that don’t have the look of partisan wrangling. They need….SCIENCE. Science is neutral. It waves no flags. It only seeks to help. What branch of science will accomplish this mirage most easily?


"We only care about you and your children."

Get it?

Hence, the marriage of government and medicine. It works. It brings the herd into line. It has a nice humanitarian soft core, with a tough-love edge. "Get your vaccine. Protect your community. Don’t be a traitor. Nobody likes a traitor."

The government runs a special. "This week, you can get a Swine Flu shot and pay nothing. It’s better than cash for clunkers. Line up. No doctor’s visit. No forms to fill out. Now at a drug store near you. We promise we won’t stick the wrong end of the syringe in your arm."

From WHO reports, here are the latest global figures I’ve been able to ferret out on these "epidemics":

•SARS—774 deaths.•West Nile—1088 deaths.•Bird Flu—262 deaths.•Swine Flu—4500
deaths.Compare these numbers, for example, to chronic lung disease. The World Lung Foundation states that this disease affects 300 million people each year and causes 200,000 deaths. Every year. Not just this year. Not just last year.

The CDC and WHO are creating a kind of synthetic bubble of "epidemics" that is made out of PR, propaganda. Having enlisted the complete support of the media, this bubble encircles many nations and engenders a ludicrous fiction. Governments make hay from the fiction. Tighter control, more authority, the illusion of "concern." And above all, fear.

One supposed death from Swine Flu, shown in detail on a major television network, plus a few rumors, and the sheep are lining up for their vaccinations. It’s called brainwashing: the belief in a false and absurd proposition created by repetition and the mask of authority.

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Are We propelling these lies by posting epidemic remedy stats? Are we propelling this mass hoax?
Are we adding fuel to the fire?,Are we becomming part of this hysteria?
Gina ~ Thank you for always setting the record straight. There are epidemics, but those are obesity, diabetes, MRSA, Malaria, etc.


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