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Swine Flu Update – Epidemic hysteria revisited (PDF)nov 2009
If someone told you that 98 to 99% of people diagnosed with swine flu actually did not have it, you would probably say they were misguided or had simply lost their senses. However, that is what a 3 month CBS investigation found, just published three days ago, on October 21, 2009. Furthermore, in 86 to 93% of these “probable” or “presumed” swine flu cases, regular seasonal influenza did not cause the symptoms, either. The vast majority of people diagnosed with the swine flu today most likely have a viral syndrome similar to the common cold.

Unfortunately, good news about the swine flu is a topic that people do not want to hear about. That is why it does nothing to generate ratings, sell newspapers, or sell vaccines, and, therefore, is widely ignored. It is also unfortunate that the fear and anxiety created by this campaign undermines people’s health, probably having a greater impact on public health than the swine flu, itself. When subjected to chronic stress and anxiety, it is hard for people to get through routine illnesses, and makes it more likely that a routine illness will turn into a severe illness.

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