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Dear homeopathic community.

Let's work together to find a genus epidemicus for this year's (2013) seasonal flu.

Please suggest predominant remedy/remedies that are showing up resulting in cured cases.

Please also include their characteristic symptoms and possibly number of cases.

I would love to hear all of your ideas.

Message from Paul Herscu

Dear colleagues and friends,

We have been inundated with questions about our thoughts on the treatment for the current flu. To help us broaden our understanding of this year's flu, please write to us BRIEFLY about what you are seeing: physical symptoms, mental or emotional components and modalities, as well as remedies that have been effective. Include the state or country where you live and in which week you saw the particular flu case. PLEASE BE BRIEF, you should be able to say everything relevant in a paragraph. Send to <>. We will post our thoughts on the NESH Facebook page & at Herscu Laboratory Flu
Our goal is to have something posted by 1/16, so send information ASAP.

And don't forget, wash your hands, take your probiotics and cut down on your refined sugar to help stay healthy!

Drs. Rothenberg & Herscu

CDC Tracking Influenza Map

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Replies to This Discussion

So far I have noticed that people are suffering with head/chest sx.  Had friends exhibit Bryonia symptoms, head cold, dry cough worse at night, then going down to the chest. I've used Bryonia 10M for this in 8 oz bottle of water, 2 succussions, taking 1 capful, redosing according to symptoms.  By the time friends came for my advice they were well into their suffering! so 10M pulled them out quickly and the first day they felt immediately better, and increasingly better until 3rd day they were completely on the mend.  I live in the Northeast, just west of Boston, in Ayer MA.

Super. we need more reports from members. 

I agree, Mary. Seen quite a bit of Bryonia flu's.

A few weeks ago I was seeing a number of flu's accompanied by a sore throat with characteristic Hepar sulph symptoms: sharp pain, in the throat  as if a splinter or bone stuck in the throat with pain radiating to the ears. Other symptoms include: fatigue, malaise, cough, low grade fever, marked chilliness with sensitivity to cold air/drafts and desire to be covered.

I have also seen a number of whooping coughs and increase in sinus infections this season.

I have found this year's infections to be more severe and go on for longer than previous years. Perhaps due to the exceptionally cold weather we are experiencing in the northern hemisphere together with an increase in financial stress due to the recession.

I'm located in San Diego, California.

Seattle, WA area
Patient 1 , female, mid-50s
came down with the flue Dec 23 and stayed in bed with fever (don't know exact temp), no appetite, but was drinking, slept a lot. raging headache, fever.
Was past the worst stage when she contacted me, at that time: very tired, easily fatigued, coughing - 'it is in my chest coughing up crap, that is exhausting, no more headache.'

Patient 2, male, mid-50s
2-3 days 'behind' the wife in sxs development, same sxs as wife except no headache; at acute stage at time of the Rx:
feverish (101), congestion, needs sleep, his face is flushed. he did not get the headache, fatigued.. and drinking water pretty well, sleeping pretty well, he is mostly sore from laying so much, some chills at times.

both got Gelsemium 30c on Dec 28th to take as needed.

FU: 1.8.13: both have recovered fully, are at 100%
her cough has resolved as well.

I hope this helps,
Lilith Meurer

Flu epidemic strikes millions of Americans already vaccinated against the flu. Pandemic Influenza Season 

NYT | New York City Mayor Cuomo declares Public Health Emergency Over Flu Outbreak. 

  • Under the order, pharmacists will be allowed to administer flu vaccinations to patients between 6 months and 18 years old, temporarily suspending a state law that prohibits pharmacists from administering immunizations to children.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta said that deaths from the flu had reached epidemic levels, with at least 20 children having died nationwide.


  • There has been a spike in the number of people going to emergency rooms over the past two weeks with flulike symptoms – including fever, fatigue and coughing – Dr. Farley said.

Thanks so much, Amy and Paul. Great info!


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