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Population Reduction: Globalist Endgame Begins?
SkyWatch Canada | Infowars | November 12, 2009

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko wears a protective mask as she visits a hospital in Ivano-Frankivsk November 3, 2009.

On October 30th,”2009 editors of local papers in Kyiv, Ukraine received a flood of phone calls from citizens reporting low flying aircraftspraying an unknown aerosolized substance over L’viv, Ternopil and other cities. On October 27th”the Ukrainian media broke the story that on October 26th”in Ternopil an unknown flu had killed seven people , and that over the past few days about 6 thousand people had sought out medical attention in regards to flu like symptoms.

From this first report through to the 9th”of November over 1 million people inside the Ukraine people have contracted some form of flu like illness. This is almost double the number of ‘confirmed’ H1N1 cases worldwide in all other countries. There have also been over 155 deaths reported due to influenza during this time. This outbreak is unprecedented yet it has received minimal coverage in the western media. It just seemed to get lost amidst all of the swine flu coverage, and written off as just more cases of H1N1 before any lab samples had been processed.

In the Ukrainian and”Russian media however the outbreak has been treated more seriously and has been referred to as ‘pneumonic plague’. On October 29th”a report came out of Ukraine describing the deaths of 6 young people in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. After the autopsies were performed it was recorded that the cause of death in these individuals was “severe hemorrhagic pneumonia”. Also unconfirmed reports from bloggers in the Western Ukraine that doctors were seeing that this was a new form a flu that killed much faster than the regular H1N1 virus. “Soon Ukrainians started to panic, and the stores emptied of masks and all forms of flu medication.

Even onions, garlic, and lemons became scarce in some cities. As a countermeasure to this outbreak 9 Oblasts (cities) were placed under quarantine by the government. The WHO sent a team of experts to take samples of this new flu and send them back to the Mill Hill lab in London to determine the gene sequences of this flu, and to discover if this was in fact the same Californian/Mexican A/H1N1 virus.

“On November 3rd”the WHO announced that the samples had been received at Mill Hill, yet almost a week later there have been no reports issued and no gene sequence data released. If these were typical samples it seems that an announcement would have been made already. “The silence is deafening. It should also be noted that rumors of the doctors being told not to disseminate any information about the new flu cases that would incite any panic, were later confirmed by statements made by the Ukrainian government that police have been told to confiscate hospital reports on patients who have recently contracted the flu.” All things considered, it would not be a surprise if this unidentified virus turned out to be far more serious than the mild A/H1N1 circulating the globe.


Swine Flu? Typhus? Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever? Pneumonic Plague? Panic...

Ukraine : Mutant Swine Flu or engineered Pneumonic Plague?

Mutant H1N1 Swine Flu Or Pneumonic Plague? Number Of People In Ukraine With Mystery Illness Almost Doubles In Two Days To Nearly Half A Million!

The pandemic situation in Ukraine has rapidly gotten worse. In fact, the number of people in Ukraine who have contracted serious respiratory illness has almost doubled in two days to nearly half a million. The number of confirmed deaths is 81, although there are some sources that suggest that the number of deaths is actually much higher. While some mainstream media outlets still refuse to consider the possibility that the outbreak in Ukraine is anything other than the H1N1 strain that is found in other areas of the world, the reality is that the hemorrhagic nature of the respiratory disease in Ukraine has many health experts speculating either that the H1N1 swine flu virus has mutated in that region or that what is happening in Ukraine is an outbreak of pneumonic plague.

For those health experts that believe that the outbreak in Ukraine is primarily being caused by the H1N1 virus, the fact that the cases in Ukraine appear to be clustered is raising concerns that the H1N1 swine flu virus could now have mutated into a more virulent form. Recombinomics is quoting an earlier report about some of these patients in Ukraine to show just how severely the virus is affecting patients in that region.....

All the six dead young people had symptoms of severe hemmorhagic pneumonia. The disease starts slowly, with temperature rising to 37.2 - 37.3 degrees, slight cough and pain in joints. Nasal catarrh developed at the end of the second or third day. Autopsy revealed that the lungs were soaked with blood, the oblast chief specialist said.

Recombinomics is also reporting that the severe respiratory disease cases in Ukraine "are clearly hemorrhagic disease that fills lungs with blood and produces bleeding at all orifices, which are stark reminders of 1918 pandemic cases which were also linked to a swine H1N1."

A disease which fills the lungs with blood and produces bleeding at all orifices?


It is funny how this outbreak in Ukraine is increasingly being compared to the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.

Perhaps it was not a good idea for scientists to dig up and reconstruct the Spanish flu virus back in 1998. You see, in February 1998 Johan Hultin recovered samples of the 1918 Spanish flu virus from the frozen corpse of an Alaskan woman buried for decades in the permafrost near Brevig Mission, Alaska.

Was it really such a grand idea to bring back a flu virus that killed approximately 50 million people across the globe in 1918?

Could this virus, or a similar virus, be causing the problems that we are currently seeing in Ukraine?

Perhaps it is not the flu at all. In fact, there are some health experts that are claiming that what we are seeing in Ukraine right now is an outbreak of the pneumonic plague.

From the very beginning of the outbreak, many Ukrainians were buying into the rumor that Ukraine has been infected with pneumonic plague by their neighbor Russia. Now it seems very unlikely that Russia is involved, but the rumors that pneumonic plague is involved will not go away. The following are quotes from one international website.....

"In Ukraine over the past week about 1500 people have already died. As noted by some doctors, the reason - pneumonic plague. High temperatures from the first day, a burning sensation in the chest, the desire to drink cold and nausea - all of these symptoms are frightening. People die within few days."

"Odessa and the region is already infected, most likely, is mutated pneumonic plague , - said one of the doctors of private clinics in Odessa."

"I have met with friends from the western Ukraine, the doctors say that the lungs of the dead were black. And that, perhaps this is not influenza but pneumonic plague."

Not only that, but on Steve Quayle's website, one eyewitness reportedly from Romania is insisting that the mystery illness in Ukraine is the pneumonic plague, and that it has already spread to Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary.....

It is quite possible that what they are really dealing with is the Pnumonic Plague or black death. There are outbreaks all over Romania now, however they will not give any details on the infection and are still insisting that it is all swine flu. My bravo sierra detector is going off big time. What I am seeing here in Romania and getting reports of in Ukraine, poland, Bulgaria, and Hungary is afast moving disease. If is is the black death, you should be concerned, when the black death wiped out 25% of Europe it took 4 years before the plague subsided. It is virulent however it does NOT burn itself out quickly. Sounds like I need some thieves oil.

It is still early and details are sketchy, but the Romanian authorities and the press here are definitely covering something up.

Whatever is going on over in Ukraine, it sounds like it is extremely serious. Up until now, the whole swine flu crisis has mostly been a bunch of hype. The H1N1 swine flu has been a mild flu bug that has been killing far less people than the normal seasonal flu does.

However, this situation in Ukraine may represent something else entirely. For the number of cases to double in just two days is extremely alarming.

The following video report from Russia Today posted below is one of the few mainstream video reports out there that we currently have about the situation in Ukraine.....

This is definitely a situation that we all need to keep a close eye on. If any of you have any additional intel about what is going on in Ukraine, please leave a comment below.

Joseph Moshe (MOSSAD Microbiologist): “Swine flu vaccine is bioweapon” Friday, August 21, 2009

Joseph Moshe, MOSSAD
Today, the MSM are not talking about this case any more. Yesterday, they wanted us to believe that Joseph Moshe was a nutcase and a terrorist, arrested for threatening to bomb the White House. Interesting detail about his arrest (the “Westwood standoff”) was that he seemed to be immune to the 5 cans of tear gas and 5 gallons of law-enforcement grade pepper spray they pumped into his face. He very calmly remained in his car, as the video footage of his arrest shows.

Professor Moshe had called into a live radio show by Dr. A. True Ott, (explanation of Joseph Moshe’s call at 06:00) broadcast on Republic Broadcasting claiming to be a microbiologist who wanted to supply evidence to a States Attorney regarding tainted H1N1 Swine flu vaccines being produced by Baxter BioPharma Solutions. He said that Baxter’s Ukrainian lab was in fact producing a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine. He claimed that the vaccine contained an adjuvant (additive) designed to weaken the immune system, and replicated RNA from the virus responsible for the 1918 pandemic Spanish flu, causing global sickness and mass death.

Sources tell us that Bar-Joseph Moshe made no threat against the President or the White House. He did not mention any bomb or attack. He then proceeded to inform the White House he intended to go public with this information. When he noticed men in suits in front of his house and feared that the FBI was about to detain him, he packed some belongings into his car and, him being a dual Israeli citizen, tried to reach the Israeli consulate located in close proximity to the federal building where the standoff took place. The FBI and the bomb squad prevented him from reaching it. Who is this man? His profile on says he is a plant disease expert with many publications on his name involving the genetic manipulation of virii. Photographic evidence that Moshe is who he says he is can be found here.

Joseph Moshe was soon after his arrest sent or let go to Israel. Nothing has been heard from him since. The Secret Service was not the agency involved in the surveillance of Moshe at his home in California. This was done by the FBI, who had orders to detain or arrest him. Mounted on top of a large black vehicle used in his arrest was a microwave weapon that possibly damaged the electronics in Moshe’s car as well as any communication devices he had which might have been used to contact the media or others who could help him.

Moshe did not suffer the same effects of the gas and pepper spray that others would have because he had built up an immunity to such weapons as a by-product of his Mossad training. Moshe was not handcuffed because he was not placed under arrest.

Does this sound like an insane conspiracy theory? Sure it does. Due to the scarcity and anonimity of the sources we would dismiss it as exactly that, if it weren’t for some uncomfortable facts: Baxter Pharmaceutical has been caught, red-handed, in spreading a live, genetically engineered H5N1 Bird flu vaccine as a lethal biological weapon all over the world, destined to be used for human vaccinations. This happened just a few months ago. And only luck prevented a global catastrophe of epic proportions.

Baxter International Inc. had mixed live, genetically engineered avian flue viruses in vaccine material shipped to 18 countries. Only by sheer luck, a Czech laboratory decided to test the vaccine on a dozen ferrets, which all died in days. The World Health Organization was notified and catastrophe was averted. This was clearly a deliberate act on Baxter’s part, because they adhere to BS3, bio-safety level three. Baxter admitted a “mistake”. Such monumental screwups are totally impossible at that level. Many safety systems would have needed to be sabotaged, many key personell would have needed to be bribed. It simply can’t be done without direction from the inside. They did not send out the wrong vial – they produced dozens of gallons of biological-weapon agent (genetically engineered live H5N1 / Bird flu virus), then sent it out as a “vaccine”.

Baxter knew full well that their vaccine was lethal, because the year before they had tested it on a few hundred homeless Polish people – dozens died as a result.

Where’s the meat? Well – Baxter is now being sued for the deliberate, repeated contamination of vaccines with biological weapons designed – by them – to mass-murder people. Here is the complaint (PDF). By some kook nutcase? Not likely – Jane Burgermeister is an experienced, respected journalist. She is not the only one suing Baxter for planning and executing a plan for global genocide: Others are filing complaints as well. Read a well-researched complaint here (PDF).

Qui bono? We think it may be profit-motivated or even sheer incompetence, but for the conspiracy-minded: The latter complaint alludes to intentional “culling of the herd”. Have you heard of the Georgia Guidestones? An enormous monument loaded with Masonic symbolism costing millions of dollars, it has been erected by unknown, powerful elites (multimillionaires with the clout to erect monuments wherever they please, obviously) around 30 years ago. It gives an “alternative ten commandments”, of which the first is the extermination of six and a half billion people from the face of the Earth. Half a billion will remain. This is the number of people the planet can sustain indefinitely, so that the descendents of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers can live in peace and affluence indefinitely. Slaves are needed to produce that luxury, but 500 million will do just fine. But how does one go about killing off most of the world?

“Vaccinating” the planet with a bioweapon with near-100% mortality would do the trick. Baxter would provide both the bioweapon as well as the vaccine against it to “civilized” Western peoples. Result: We can plunder Africa, we have no more competition from SE Asia, the oil is for our taking and only Western and perhaps Chinese sheeple remain.

BEWARE: The vaccines are far more deadly than the swine flu
by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins

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Hpathy Discussion Forums are also paying attention to the spread of this epidemic disease.

Jane Burgermeister of has been doing some excellent investigative journalism and activism. We need to be on top of the homeopathic treatment of this new mutation. Why are these threads so silent? What's up? Are there no homeopaths left in Ukraine? Poland? What are you seeing? What remedy epidemicus and GE remedies are you finding useful?

My own GE for it is Arsenicum album, Bryonia, Nux vomica, Phosphorous with Gelsemium, Glycerin, and Belladonna being useful to keep in the toolbox. + ample Vitamin C, D, multivitamin support, herbal teas as desired, and adrenal support of the weak cases.

by Dr Rebecca Carley
We do NOT know what disease the people were/are coming down with. We do know that doctors are describing the disease as Pneumonic Plague

Read More or as some type of hemorrhagic fever, or as hemorrhagic influenza, or as hemorrhagic pneumonia. We know that the illness, whatever it is, does not appear to be A/H1N1. We do not know if the disease is a recombination of A/H1N1 with other viruses or some totally different virus or if it is in fact a virus. We know that the World Health Organization (WHO) has had several days to sequence the genes of the disease but has failed to release this data.

We know that WHO has NOT called for the quarantining of the Ukraine or the shutdown of all global travel to/from the area of infection and that this is the same thing that they did when Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1) first broke out and that the failure to contain that virus early on ensured its spread throughout the world.

We know that the internal temperature of the lungs of those with a terminal case of what many are calling 'Ukrainian Plague' is often from 130F to 135F. We do know that autopsies show that the lungs are filled with blood, and are black in color, and that the lung tissue has turned to mush. We know that patients who first show any signs of illness usually crash in less than 48 hours, sometimes the same day.

We know that the disease was spreading by about 200,000 per day but that this has slowed to about 100,000 day now, in the Ukraine, as people take extraordinary steps to contain the spread of the disease. We know that well over one and a third million people in the Ukraine are very ill with the disease (according to published official sources) and that over 60,000 are hospitalized in serious to critical condition.

We know that the disease has a very high transmission rate with a likely low amount of viral (if it is in fact a virus) material needed to cause an infection. We know that the official reports of deaths are under 300 in the Ukraine. We also know that it is normal for hospital admissions of people with ARI (acute respiratory infection) to have a fatality rate of from 5% to 10%.

We know that non-official sources were reporting over 3,000 deaths several days ago and that this number is more in tune with the 5-10% fatality rate than the official figures. We do not know what effective treatments are for this illness. We do know that young adults seem to be more in danger of this illness.

We suspect that 'cytokine storming' similar to that in the 1918 Spanish Flu, that killed approximately 50 million people, is taking place. We know from official Ukrainian Health Ministry reports that the illness does not test out as Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1). We do not know if the existing Swine Flu vaccine has any effect, but based on the non-positive response to Swine Flu in testing, we suspect that the vaccine is ineffective as the viral protean shell is different than A/H1N1 (if in fact it is a virus that causes the illness). We know that the illness has spread to Poland, where over one quarter of a million people are now very ill. We know that it has spread to Belarus and to Hungary and elsewhere in central Europe. We know that 900,000 people are said to have Swine Flu in Norway but we do not know if this is related to Ukraine Plague in any way.
It doesn't matter what it is, as homeopaths we're not ultimately concerned what it is called. Each case is different. We want to know the symptoms, which in this case sound identical to hemorhagic fever during 1918, as do the demographics, young adults. The traditional homeoapthic method to treat the flu is by predominant symptoms, and this is the most best form of treament for the flu I have found. These were MDs reporting this.
I find 16 items in the materia medica for blood and signs of blood in the mucuous. Acon is indicated for heat in the lungs, which has been mentioned in the Ukraine reports. Nothing's new here. We've been through this before. You have the finest proven tool on the planet for treating hemorrhagic fever or any disease. Ars. for suffocative catarrh. Gels., hawks up what looks like bloody water.
Also Hep, Hyos., Iod., Lach. Lyc., Nux-v., Phos., Psor., Sabad., Sang. Sulph. for varying symptoms, all accompanied by bloody catarrh, sputum or expectoration to some degree.
But we are taught that every case ofinfluenza is different.
It is so virulent it will turn people blue, even black, because of lack of oxygen from the disintegratring lungs. Patients will begin to smell like corpses before they die. It will hit them suddenly, they will wake up feeling poorly and be dead by nightfall. Some literally dropped dead, from a living perpendicular one moment to a dead horizontal the next.
I've written to Peter Fisher and Ullman about this situation in the Ukraine. As in 1918 it is a training ground; the Ukrainians need this; lives are being lost; it is the supreme test of the doctrine, and from past experience it is where homeopathy shines.
As homeopathy grows in popularity, the attacks on it intensify. The major obstacle is ignorance. The medical monopoly has instinctively sanctioned it a sectarian doctrine of placebos.
I get attacked almost daily in my correspondence (hate mail) by mostly white, Libertarian, atheist, academic males who have been brainwashed into thinking there is no identifiable mechanism, no peer reviewed doubleblind studies to support it. And this is what is driving the suppression of homeopathy. So I've adotped a mantra: No one who confronts the literature can reasonably deny it. There's too many high quality studies now supporting it. This may seem off topic to hemorrhagic fever, but it is not.
The FDA warned Joe Lillard of Washington Homeopathic Supply about his wording for Influenzium. But the literature supports it. In a comparable number of cases, during the 1918 outbreak allopaths (mostly aspirin pushers, which is the worst thing to take for the flu) were lsoing 28 patients for every one that were being lost by homeopathic MD's.
So now it's go time gang. I don't see any one particular homeoapth standing up to the plate. The threads appear to be silent on this. Why? People are scared of getting in trouble with that same group that writes me every day.
We've let ourselves be bullied, hooted down. WHy? Because we don't trust our own medicine. We are too unfamiliar with the science that supports it, whichis growing every day.
What follows is correspondence to me last night from a Texas university student named "Adam Redwine:"

ADAM: "I hope you realize that you have the deaths and illnesses of thousands of gullible people on your hands. If you have any scientific proof at all of anything you say, the world deserves to have it published in a peer reviewed journal. If you deny your information to peer review, you are a bastard for withholding vital information. If you won't submit because you know what you spew is filthy lies, you are a bastard for misinforming people to their detriment. Either way you are a bastard!"

Here's my response to him:

"Adam Redwine, would you be willing to restate those charges under your real name? And how much money would you be willing to bet that scientific studies of homeopathy have never been published in a peer reviewed journal? Would you consider the Lancet a peer reviewed journal? How about Nature? Int'l Journal of Oncology? Scientific World Journal? Inflammation Research? American Journal of Pain Management? Archives of Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery? Pediatrics? British Medical Journal?"

Adam avoided giving me an immeidate answer to the question. He tried insulting me some more and asked about my battle with Randi. But I kept dragging him back to the original charge. Determine what the major complaint is and address it. Don't be led bysecondary complaints. Don't allow traversal form the predominat symptom. Finally I got him to respond. He chose two publications, The Lancet and ventured one, the Journal of the AMA. I was then able to administer "the remedy:"

The Lancet, September 20, 1997, 350:834-843. "Are the Clinical Effects of Homeopathy Placebo Effects? A Meta-analysis of Placebo-Controlled Trials." Reviewed 186 studies, 89 which fit pre-defined criteria. Researchers pooled the data from the various studies to assess data. Results showed that patients taking homeopathic medicines were 2.45 times more likely to experience a positive therapeutic effect than placebo.

JAMA 2006;295:1590-1591: History of American Homeopathy 1820-1935. "In the 19th century it rested upon highly specific principles-- as a medical system was taken seriously by many thoughtful physicians & medical policy makers throughout the U.S. . . pioneered systematic drug-testing research, challenged the dangerously depleting procedures of mainstream physicians, established rigorous professional standards, & valued advanced education at least as highly as their mainstream counterparts did."

So I beat him in his own court. But these guys never give up. I have yet to see only one or two back down and apologize. For all practical purposes they never say "oh, I didn't know that." Adam has gone on now to ask about Randi. Once proven wrong they try to jump to another attack, or they just go silent. But its a matter of similia to be prepared to answer their tougest objections. As I explained to Adam, for all his howling for science, he will not embrace it when confronted by it. Its tines would pierce him through the heart if he did. His God has become his Devil.
The opposition is more concerned about how science will make them look than about what science is about.
No matter what the problem is, to trust the materia medica is to know it and your own instincts to guide you. No matter what the objection is, to trust the literature is also to know it.
It should be a requirement of every homeopath to conduct a physical study, and in vitro and in vivo trials, and to participate in a proving. Every homeopath should not only be able to answer questions by memory from the materia medica regarding the polychrests and be thoroughly conversant with it, but also be familiar with every physical, in vitro and in vivo experiment done on homeopathy since the turn of the 19th century. And every homeoapth should be trained to deal with the most ardent, vehement objections to his craft.
If there were these requirements, there wouldn't be all this silence on the threads during a crisis like this. We would be in the Ukrainian leaders' faces asking why they aren't putting this superior form of medicine to use, not only for the sake of their countrymen, but for the sake of the world.
But basically, what I get is silence. So far nothing from Fisher, Ullman or Chappell.
love to all,
John Benneth
Ukraine Flu, Fear Mongering at Its Worst
by Heidi Stevenson (HWC member)A great article Heidi!
17 November 2009

The widely hyped Ukrainian flu outbreak is nothing more than an election ploy.

All the media coverage, suppositions, possible connections to 1918, musings of a weaponized virus or leaking from a lab—all of it is a massive campaign of fear based on nothing but the claim of one politician. On trying to find real information beyond the claims, the only real data are the counts of numbers infected and how many have died. Those numbers tell a tale far removed from the hype.

The latest figures, as of 16 November, show that 299 people have died of "flu and acute respiratory viral infections". 1,364,939 have been infected. That is a death rate of 0.22% of those infected, about two-thousandths of one percent. Note that this figure is the total number of flu-like cases, a description that can easily be applied to a nasty cold. It is not the number of swine flu or seasonal flu or any other single infection.

There is no massive flu outbreak in the Ukraine and nothing to worry about. Nothing unusual going on in the Ukraine, except possibly an exceptionally low rate of death from influenza.

Yet, the media has been having a heyday over it. Particularly sad to me is the fear mongering that's been going on in many alternative medicine sites. Here's a quote from one particularly well-known site that's especially vocal about condemning fear mongering in the medical world:

The virus appears to be either a highly aggressive mutation of the globally-circulating H1N1 strain, or a combination of three different influenza strains now circulating in Ukraine. Some observers suspect this new "super flu" might be labeled viral hemorrhagic pneumonia (meaning it destroys lung tissue until your lungs bleed so much that you drown in your own fluid)...

Bollocks! There have not been any reports of hemorrhagic flu or pneumonia in the Ukraine outbreak. There has been nothing but speculation and suggestions that it may be so. The author rightfully and righteously condemns this technique in mainstream medicine, and then uses it himself. Ultimately, it does tremendous harm to the credibility of anyone who questions mainstream medicine.

Here are a few more quotes found on various sites:

There is a very organized and structured system among us to coordinate the release of a weaponized flu with the goal of killing people at unprecedented rates. The pneumonic plague now being witnessed in the Ukraine may be just the beginning of this global effort.
We could be seeing something of monumental importance happening in the Ukraine. An advanced biological genetically engineered killer virus has been released. Some infectious disease experts are asserting that this virus is not A/H1N1 although it may or may not have some of "Swine Flu" genetic material in it.
There is a report that the temperature inside of the lungs of those dying from this illness reached up to 55 degrees Celsius (over 130 degrees Fahrenheit). In other words, their lungs virtually melted and filled with blood.
A cocktail of three flu viruses are reported to have mutated into a single pneumonic plague, which it is believed may be far more dangerous than swine flu.
These quotations have one thing in common. Not one is based on anything but supposition.

A Political Ploy
Ukraine's Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who is running for President, announced a swine flu outbreak on the 30th of October when only a single case of swine flu had been confirmed. She followed that up by initiating extremely harsh restrictions on citizens. All schools and universites were closed for three weeks. All mass gatherings, including political ones, were banned. Since then, she has gone on television every day to give updates on the so-called crisis, and has used the free public exposure to criticize her opponents, claiming that they have hindered her attempts to protect the public.

As generally happens when a country faces a threat, whether real or perceived, a leader who appears to be strong gains in popularity. That's exactly what has happened in the Ukraine. Though she'd been running far behind her opponent, Tymoshenko has moved to within striking distance in polls.

Of course, her opponent's response has been to fan the flames. He says he'll spend his campaign money for flu medicine and 20 million surgical masks, which, by the way, are useless in preventing the spread of flu.

In condemning Tymoshenko's actions, political analyst Volodymyr Tsybulko has stated:

And it now looks like people will vote for Tymoshenko simply because she is taking action on this flu issue, which has completely dominated public discussion. No one much cares that Tymoshenko was the one who created the issue she is acting upon.

Ukrainian public health officials have expressed dismay at the panic, saying that it's overloading the system with people who are not seriously ill and has caused people to buy up medical supplies, so they may not be available in a genuine emergency.

WHO, CDC, NHS, and Ukraine
What the Ukraine situation most resembles is the fear mongering promulgated by agencies like the UN's WHO, the US's CDC, the UK's NHS and so many other agencies that have come under the sway of Big Pharma. Most nations' medical agencies have been using fear mongering techniques over a relatively mild influenza to press the populace into submitting to pharmaceutical companies' vaccines and drugs.

All that's happened in the Ukraine is the same technique, used no more and no less shamelessly, to bolster the popularity of a politician who was facing an election loss. The sad part is that it has worked, just as it has in creating panic all over the world, stampeding huge numbers of people into submitting to swine flu vaccinations.

In both the Ukraine and agencies pushing swine flu vaccines, fear mongering has massively overstated both the severity and spread of disease. The swine flu pandemic has proven to be milder than ordinary seasonal flu. In the Ukraine, it's just the same. Reports of hemorrhagic disease are suppositions only, not based on any actual reports. There is no weaponized virus that's been unleashed on the world—at least, not from the Ukraine at this time. A new mutated virus has not leaked from a pharmaceutical lab, and fear mongering claims that it has only belittle the genuine risk of that happening.

We should be concerned about genuine problems, such as

•Fear mongering by our own governments about swine flu.
•Epidemic levels of MRSA and C. difficile.
•Epidemic levels of diabetes and asthma in our children.•Autism in more than 1 of 100 children.
These are real, and they're here now, right in our own lands. With all this going on, let's leave the Ukraine alone, except as an object lesson in how fear mongering can be used to panic and manipulate.
Gina ~ Thank you for your calming effect and perspective on Ukraine Outbreak of Influenza.


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