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This begins a brand new series of educational broadcasting to demonstrate the power of the CompleteDynamics computer software developed by Edwin van Grinsven.

Very first broadcast February 12, 2012

Upcoming Broadcast February 20, 2012

For the last three years, Edwin van Grinsven has provided a free browser edition as an introduction to his software, so that everyone may try on their own computer.

Edwin works closely with Roger is the author of the Complete Repertory and the former Repertorium Universale, which are homeopathic medical repertories. A repertory is an index of symptoms used by homeopathic practitioners to help find the right remedy for a case of illness.

We will provide examples of using the program for those interested in learning more. We encourage people to ask questions and you will receive quick replies.

Mark your calendar for each Monday at 10:45 AM Eastern Time USA

These quick 15 minute shows will go fast! We're looking forward to answering questions. See you there.

Have a super week


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Hello, I'm Edwin van Grinsven, the designer of the Complete Dynamics software.

I have my private professional practice in homeopathy in Arnhem, The Netherlands. 

Being a software professional (25+ years of experience) as well, I am very glad that I can combine these two areas of expertise and create Complete Dynamics for you, together with my friend Roger van Zandvoort.

We are very happy that so many homeopaths are using the free Browser Edition of our product!

Hello, How and where to get this free software? I'll be happy to try it

Sorry, this show did not get off the ground!  However, the CompleteDynamics program is available via


Please use this PayPal link to pay the Membership Fee

Existing members: $ 15

New members: $ 20

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