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Both have rheumatic pains, especially in all the aponeuroses; worse when at rest; worse at night.

Rhod.-Pains do not admit of the limbs being at rest; desire to move, and moving, relieves.  

Rhus.-Rest occasions uneasiness in the painful parts, but, on moving, the pain is worse. Continued motion only relieves.

Rhod. has general aggravation of pains before a change in the weather-particularly before a thunder storm-even in dysentery indicated by this.

Rhus.-Has aggravation from the warmth of the bed, and as a general characteristic; in consequence of stretching, overlifting, overexertion of joints, and, or from getting wet while perspiring.

Rhod.-Acts more on the right side; and, according to Boeninghausen,

Rhus more on the left.

Rhod. has aggravation of pains in the night, but more towards morning;

Rhus, more towards evening and night.

Rhus corresponds to rheumatism in the cold season; Rhod., in the hot season. Rhod. worse before, and Rhus worse after, rain.

Rhododendron Flowers

Poison Ivy ~ Rhus toxicondron

aponeurosis [ap′ōnoo͡rō′sis] pl. aponeuroses
Etymology: Gk, apo + neuron, nerve, sinew
a strong flat sheet of fibrous connective tissue that serves as a tendon to attach muscles to bone or as fascia to bind muscles together or to other tissues at their origin or insertion. aponeurotic, adj. source

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“... The subject has the need of being drained by Rhus tox (which acts better when applied in the morning), by Rhus radicans or any other Rhus. Rhododendron is aggravated by cold and in humid weather. Rhus tox is one of the most unfaithful remedies, it often fails. When it fails Rhododendron may be used. Perhaps we do not know well the application of the dilutions of Rhus tox or its preperation is not from fresh plant. It is always difficult to have an active Rhus.....”

- Chronic Rheumatism by F. Bernoville. Pp.- 26
Comparative study of mental Symptoms of Rhustox and Rhododendron :
Mental symptoms of Rhus tox: He is always Busy and restless.
- Timid and mild, yet lively.
- Later on irritable, Pronounced impatience.
-Impatience leads to Depressed mood, morose.
- Becomes rigid and stiff as with the muscles and joints.
- SUPERSTITIOUS. Compulsive, ritualistic behaviour.
- Behavior disorders with restlessness, irritability.
- Fear of being poisoned.
Mental symptoms of Rhododendron
Nervous persons who dread a storm and thunder. Fear of storms.
- Fear of being touched (Arn).
- Forgetful of words while talking. Leaves out words when writing.
One of the important concomitant of Rhododendron -- Cannot get asleep or remain asleep unless legs are crossed.
Ref: Allen's keynotes
what is the hindi name of rhododendron ?
There are around 1000 species of Rhododendron. The Rhododendron Chrysanthum used in Homeopathy is not a native plant of India. It`s habitat is the highest snow-clad mountains of Siberia and the high Alps. So it has no Hindi name.
BURAANSH- Hindi name of Rhodo.
Thanks dr. sharma, the flower in the photograph seemed to be very often seen, Buraansh... i can recollect it now, In Nainital there are many trees of this species.It is Available in the market in the form of a very tasty extract of this flower which is sugar syrup base.
Rhododendron are native to the mountains of North Carolina.
Thanks Debby .
North Sikkim is a tourist spot where the main attraction is the beauty of bright red flowers of Rhododendron against the sharp contrast of whiteness of the snow clad area.... particularly so in Yumthaang, Laa Chung.


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