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The Obstetrician of Dunham College in 1901 at a clinic, witnessed by a group of students, changed a breech presentation to a normal delivery in less than a minute by 1 dose of Pulsatilla CM. Dr. Kent reported a similar result. In fact there are several cases on record.

When you have a case of prolonged labour with no progress, in a women inclined to be fat, with a mild, tearful disposition, who pleads with you to open the window, as she is smothering, and you think it is a case for forceps, just hunt for the forceps, while your  nurse gives the patient a dose of Pulsatilla any where from 30 to the CM. You will lay your forceps aside unless there is a malformation.

~ Dr. William H Schwart

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Innovative news concerning breech births and why homeopathic remedies make great rescue emergency remedies. 

CBC NEWS | Canadian statistics has indicated that 3-4% of pregnancies in their country [11,000 to 14,500] are breech presentations that have become standard C-section deliveries. However,  Dr. Robert Gagnon, a principal author of the new guidelines and chair of the society’s maternal fetal medicine committee, has indicated that most women should have the option of a vaginal breech birth. 

  • "What we’ve found is that, in some cases, vaginal breech birth is a safe option, and obstetricians should be able to offer women the choice to attempt a traditional delivery."
Since the medical community may be providing more flexible options for pregnant women to select a vaginal birth, rather than a C-section, homeopathic remedies that have been used for centuries would be marvelous to have in the hospital. Most midwives already use homeopathic remedies. 
In addition to homeopathy, gentle relaxation and a number of body postures, as in yoga have been helpful. 

Just to add to this, before full term, if you're wanting to turn a breech, its better to use lower potencies like 30 with frequent repetitions, rather than use a high potency. From personal experience - I tried to turn my baby at 37 weeks with a dose of Puls 10M  - (since 2 weeks before this Puls 1M had been successful but baby turned back to breech after a while) - within some minutes of the dose of Puls 10M there was a lot of turmoil in the uterus which subsided after an hour or so. All was quiet for a few more hours after which the water bag burst suddenly - had to then have a caesarian delivery since baby was still in breech...

Thank you for giving your personal experience in this matter. I hope all is well now. Debby

Oh yes, Debby, all's fine. She's over 3 years old now :)

Even though its not easily found in the repertory, Puls is mentioned in early rupture of membranes in the provings, hence we have to be careful with this remedy during pregnancy, esp. in these high potencies..I discovered all of this later at thanks to Katja and others. Also, Luc de Schepper (on his blog where he used to answer queries) wrote that the 3oth potency repeated would have been better, but all that was in retrospect. If this experience can be useful to others, it's worth it.  :)


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