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As Polio is still active in parts of Africa, homeopathy should step in for prevention of this potential epidemic. Our masters have recommended Lathyrus Sativa as a preventive for Polio with great success. Following are the experiences of few of our masters -

Against poliomyelitis, Lathyrus sativus has over a period of 30 years proved protective in many thousands of cases exposed to the infection. The remedy affects the same nerve centers in the spinal cord that the polio virus does. It is a pity that Homeopaths have not exploited the valuable possibilities that the wide application of this remedy would give. It is a real need against crippling and suffering
(Dr. Grimmer M.D.)
In families exposed to and fearing Polio, or where symptoms in a child point to Lathyrus Sativa, useful for many years. The 30th is okay.
(Dr. T.K. Moore M.D.)
I have always used Lathyrus 1M as a preventive in hundreds of families and during bad epidemics too, and as yet I have no case of polio to see progress to a dangerous stage. I have had 100% recovery and that many aborted.
(Dr Wilbur K Bond M.D.)
Homeopathic Physicians are satisfied that they have a really safe and better Polio preventive in Lathyrus Sativa when properly given. This preventive is absolutely without danger and will give immunity for a life time instead of for a period of about 2 years of the Salk vaccine.
(Dr. Dwight Smith M.D.)

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Do we need more ?
More Evidence


1850: during an epidemic of poliomyelitis, Dr Taylor Smith of Johannesburg, South Africa protected 82 people with homoeopathic Lathyrus sativus. Of the 82 so immunised, 12 came into direct contact with disease. None were infected.

Dr Grimmer of Chicago prophylactically treated 5,000 young children with Lathyrus sativus. None developed polio.

1956: In a study between 1956-58, Dr Heisfelder immunized over 6,000 children with this Lathyrus sativus. There were no side effects and no cases of polio reported in the group.

1957: A severe poliomyelitis epidemic occurred in Buenos Aires. The majority of homoeopathic doctors prescribed Lathyrus sativus as a preventative. Drug stores distributed thousands of doses to the public. None of those who used the prophylactic registered a case of contagion.

1975: During another poliomyelitis epidemic in Buenos Aires, 40,000 were given the homeopathic prophylactic Lathyrus sativus. None developed poliomyelitis.

(Ref -
Thank you. Very pertinent information during a time of increased infection.

Congo-Brazzaville: Polio Cases Confirmed 9 November 2010
Nairobi — At least 94 people have died, with 201 cases of acute flaccid paralysis reported in the Republic of Congo (ROC), since 5 November. Four cases have been confirmed as wild polio virus type 1, says the UN World Health Organization (WHO) who says the reason for the rise is unvaccinated populations. The link tells you that 1.1 million will be vaccinated. They plan to vaccinate 72 million children in 15 countries across West and Central Africa.

Most affected are people aged between 15 and 72.

U.N. Agencies, Rotary International Launch Mass Polio Immunization Campaign In Central Africa

Polio is an acute viral disease mainly affecting children under five that may attack the central nervous system and is characterized by symptoms ranging from a mild non-paralytic infection to total paralysis in hours.

New York Times: Congo Republic: Amid Polio Outbreak, Groups Begin Immunization Campaign

International aid organizations said Thursday that they were starting a campaign to immunize three million people in three countries to fight a new outbreak of polio. The service organization Rotary International said it would give Unicef and the World Health Organization $500,000 total for the campaign, set to begin Friday in Pointe Noire, a coastal city where about 100 people have died in an outbreak that appears to have an unusually high mortality rate. From there, they will spread out to the rest of the country, neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola, with the goal of vaccinating three million people of all ages by year’s end. Normally, polio drops are given only to small children, but many teenagers and adults in central Africa are unprotected.

What could homeopaths do with that kind of support?
Lathyrus undoubtedly acts as a preventive for polio, and I have also used this drug in polio cases where it is giving satisfactory results.
Other medicines for the prophylaxis against Polio are : Cocculus, Curare, Gelsemium.

DR.ROGER A.SCHMIDT [San Francisco,Calif]: Mr.Chairman, I want to congratulate Dr.Bond on those very illustrative cases and on the results he got with Lathyrus.

We have had some cases of polio on the Pacific Coast. I don't believe that they were,by far, as extensive and as serious as they were in the Middle West. We have had a number of cases,m incipient cases, let's call them that,that were probably aborted butt not confirmed, as far as a diagnosis is concerned, except for the Lathyrus in those cases,they have cleared up pretty nicely and quickly with Gelsemium in, the very early stage of the disease.

But this brings me bad to the very early days of my practice,maybe twenty five or twelve-eight years ago,when, as a young doctor in geneva, Switzerland, I took care of a case of polio which had at that time been a rather rare affair, a man of thirty years of age who got a very severe case of it, in fact going to the point of unconsciousness. I called in consultation the other homoeopathic doctor that was there at that time. Dr.Duprez (my brother wasn't there at the time), who advised me to give him Muriatic acid, I think the indication was, and I never forgot it,that you her terrifically dizzy as he was turning on the right side in the fact,he was a very, very sick man,m but he pulled put of it. We didn't give any Lathyrus at that time. He pulled out of it, intact, quite rapidly, with only a moderate degree of residual paralysis in the left leg.

And the interesting feature is, at the same time when that man become sick, another one in the town got sick also and was treated by the professor of medicine, the head of the medical faculty of the Geneva Medical School. That man had the privilege to have not only that doctor to attend to him but many others called in consultation.

Following the course of his disease,he didn't die but he was very severely crippled,and for years later had to use crutches to walk,whereas the patient I attended,married just a year after he had contracted the disease and was able do dance the day of his marriage, with his bride.

DR.LAURA B.HURD [San Francisco, Calif]: I would like to ask Dr.Bond what potency he gave the Lathyrus and how he administered


DR.BOND;In the 1M.

DR.CARL H.ENSTAM [Los Angeles,Calif]: Were there any characteristic symptoms of the epidemic in Indiana at that time?.

DR.BOND: That looked like the characteristic epidemic remedy,as far as I could determine.

DR.R.S.FARIS [Richmond, Va]: Did you use the 1M as the preventive?.

DR.,BOND: Yes.

DR.FARIS: Gives it more than once" Did you repeat it as a preventive?.

DR.BOND:As a rule, I just gave one powder. Sometimes I gave three or four powder, with instructions during an epidemic to take a repeat on it in a couple of weeks,if the epidemic was was still raging.

DR.A.W.HOLCOMBE[Kokomo, Ind.]: It seems to me that I am monopolizing. a good deal of time here. I have seen but two cases of polio, one a young fellow about fourteen years old,and I have forgotten now what I gave him because that was fifty years ago,but he still has a little limp.

But what I want to tell you more about is a homoeopathic doctor over a Monticello, a town about forty-0give miles northwest of me. He is a very busy man. I had a patient from there that came over about every three or four weeks, a lady optometrist.

One time she came over and I said, "How is Doctor So-and-so?.

She said, "Doctor is paralyzed".

I said, "How long ago has that been?".

"He has been in bed for weeks. Hew had polio. He can;'t

move, can't get out of bed".

"Well" I said,m "You have his wife call me up and let me find out about it. Homoeopaths are too scarce in Indiana to have them laid up. they have to get out and do their business.

She called me up. I went over rang I said, "Have you any Lathyrus?".

She said, "No What is it?".

I said, "It is my prescription fro your husband".

I sent her the thirtieth. I think I sent five powders to take night and morning. Always give an odd number of doses.

I said,"It is my prescription for your husband,".

I sent her the thirtieth. I think I sent five powders to take night and morning. Always give an odd number of doses.

I said," you report to me in about two weeks".

Well, in two weeks she called me up and said the doctor was resting better and he could move his limbs a little bit in bed; he couldn't get out of bed, however. ?so I sent him five powders of Lathyrus will do in the case of polio. Gelsemium is good in polio., if it covers the condition.

DR.ALLAN D.SUTHERLAND [Brattleboro, Vt.]: Mr.chairman, I have had two cases of polio,and my record is extremely poor.

The first case was a married woman with five children,who developed the disease and became completely paralyzed from her waist down.

At the same time she began to miscarry, being about five months pregnant. Nux vomica helped her through that rather trying time. She is still paralyzed; has had two pregnancies since,which have had to be terminated by caesarean section,because she has absolutely no abdominal muscles at all. We felt she wouldn't be able to carry through the second stage of labour successfully with no abdominal muscle since she has a little difficulty even in delivering a stool. But she is cheerful and relatively happy and thinks she is lucky to be alive, because she was really quite sick.

There second case was a fourteen-year-old girl who developed, first, paralysis in the limbs and eventually a paralysis of the diaphragm and chest muscles, and expired. The Homoeopathic remedy seemed not to help. It was probably the fault of her homoeopathic physician rather than of the system under which he practiced,and he felt pretty badly about that.

DR.BOND[closing]: I have nothing much more to say except there are, of course, other good remedies. Lathyrus has just been my champion remedy most of the time.

I did have one case that came in with very high, bring fever and responded very nicely to Belladonna,and not further remedy was needed. I am still waiting for that Curare case when we get

a bulbar type of polio.


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