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Arnica in IHD Ischaemic Heart Disease

Arnica is our three in one Homeopathic Aspirin (a clot retarder and anti apoplectic) like alum, arg-n, cact, kali-i, kali-m, lach, lat-m,…

Started by Dr Dushyant Kamal DhariLatest Reply

Graphites In Complications of Diabetes

Graphites is a remedy for practically every complication of Diabetes. It has very often come to my rescue when I was at my wits to cope wit…

Started by Dr Dushyant Kamal DhariLatest Reply

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Theorizing and philosophizing, no matter how wise they sound, must go down when facts oppose them..... Dr. E. B. Nash on Sulphur in his exp…

Started by Dr. Rajiv Chopra

5 Oct 22, 2016
Reply by Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma

Saccharum Lactis The Fatigue Powder

Saccharum Lactis is a remedy introduced by Dr. Swan. It was his "Fatigue powder." The accuracy of which I have verified. When a man, woman…

Started by Dr Dushyant Kamal Dhari

5 Aug 16, 2016
Reply by Yvonne Siblini

Typhoid Fever

Baptisia is said to be specific for  Typhoid; but the statement is not true. It will abort the case at the beginning if indicated, but is n…

Started by Dr Dushyant Kamal Dhari

3 May 13, 2015
Reply by Debby Bruck

Chloromycetin in Typhoid Sequelae

Cases of typhoid sequelae react almost immediately to Chloromycetin 30, 200 or 1M administered according to patient's constitution. In most…

Started by Dr Dushyant Kamal Dhari

1 May 13, 2015
Reply by Debby Bruck

Congestive, Bursting, Headache and Usnea Barbata

Usnea Barbata An Excellent Medicine For Bursting And Congestive headache it has a bursting feeling, as if temples would burst or the eyes…

Started by Dr.Vikas Verma

3 Jun 1, 2014
Reply by Lynn Cremona

Valerian in Vomiting of milk

As a second choice to Aethusa when children vomit milk in large crds, without hesitation use VALERIAN. Dr. Robert L. Redfield.

Started by Dr Dushyant Kamal Dhari

3 Mar 3, 2014
Reply by Debby Bruck

Bach Flower Remedies for Hopelessness

Gentian, Gorse and Sweet Chestnut are the "hopeless" remedies. The Gentian state of mind is one of doubt and discouragement. The Gorse stat…

Started by Dr Dushyant Kamal Dhari

3 Jan 31, 2014
Reply by Kuldip Singh

Gelsemium in Chordee

I have treated several cases of violent, painful nocturnal erectioms (chordee) in  which relief was rapid and permanent after a short cours…

Started by Dr Dushyant Kamal Dhari

1 Sep 12, 2013
Reply by Pauline Ashford


Corns arise not only from tight boots and shoes, but also from a certain disposition with some persons, which may be lessened by Antimonium…

Started by Dr.Vikas Verma

0 Aug 2, 2013

Forsaken Feeling

PSORINUM: MIND-FORSAKEN FEELING.There is a lack of everything. It is the most psoric remedy. When your patient tells you a lot of times; "I…

Started by Dr. Aamir Mustafa

8 Jun 5, 2013
Reply by Dr. Aamir Mustafa


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