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Dr Christina Chambreau returns for her once-a-month visit on BlogTalkRadio

The topic is seasonal for those nasty bugs in the garden and in the home. 

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What Are The Remedies To Prepare For Tick and Flea Season

Flea and Tick Handout 2013

Fran Sheffield Court Case

The Lone Star Tick Bite May infer Allergies to Meat

Published on Jun 25, 2012: A New Tick Allergy Affecting Many People - as part of the news series by GeoBeats. Some people are experiencing strange effects that are believed to be caused by a tick bite.  The lone star tick has been making its victims allergic to eating meat.  About three or four hours after consuming red meat like beef, lamb or pork the person who has been bitten by the lone star tick experiences hives. The allergy was diagnosed in 2006, but researchers still don't understand what causes the allergic reaction from the tick bite, or how long the condition lasts.  Some 1,000 cases have been reported, with the majority happening in central Virginia.  Best selling author John Grisham has struggled with his allergy for several years, along with the doctor who discovered its connection to the tick bites. 

Lone star ticks are common in the southeastern and south central part of the United States, but have spread and been found in other parts of the country as well.  Female lone star ticks can be easily recognized by the white spot on their back.  Ticks can be avoided by using a specific kind of bug spray and by wearing socks and shoes with long pants and checking yourself for ticks after being outside in grassy areas.

Resource Information about Lone Star Tick Bite


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Gabriele Sielmann provides this insight:
The riboflavin-season has been restored:
RIBOFLAVIN, also called vitamin B2 (popularly known as "growth vitamin") used as a yellow colorant in the food industry can be used a defense against insects, because the mosquito or tick finds the taste bitter. Riboflavin is apparently disgusting.
The pharmacy carries riboflavin vitamin B2 as expensive as a pill or for cents as a powder and can be found naturally in liver, yeast and wheat germ.
I fill the powder in a salt shaker along with a few grains of rice and dust it over the food once daily. I am no longer the victim of approaching parasites and even our dog catches no more ticks.
Perhaps it is a possible to stop the malaria mosquito to bite? I don't know. 

Excellent article all about spot pet flea applications, chemicals and side effects

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