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Ruthe Schoder-Ehri, P.D. Hom. (UK)
Douglas, AZ. 85607

Ruthe-Schoder, a classically trained homeopath through the Devon TSOH distance program has been in practice in Alaska, Arizona, and now Malawi Africa for the last ten years. She came to homeopathy after being an RN in public health and providing care for both women and their children for 25 years.

She is reaching out to all the homeopathic community, colleagues, teachers, and mentors to let them know about a project that will touch your heart. How many people have the courage to leave the safety and security of their home and travel to a far distant country, like Malawi, Africa? By listening to Ruthe's story, you can play a part in her journey. We hope her message will resonate with you in some way, "If one does not ask, one does not receive!" Therefore, the evolution of this interview comes from a place of bravery. Courage to ask for help, to call upon the generosity of strangers, daring to inquire about an interview to spread this message, and fearlessly getting out of her comfort zone.

How many people out there have purchased an airplane ticket to an unknown location, set a date and do not have any idea what will happen next? We call this, "taking the plunge" into the great vast unknown.

In 2012, Ruthe volunteered for three months in the western Malawi Chintheche Homeopathy and AIDS clinic. Upon hearing the "Call to Homeopaths" through the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation website :

Perhaps you too would like to travel to Chintheche and see how homeopathy benefits the people in one of the poorest countries in the world? Homeopaths from countries in the developed world visit Chintheche for various amounts of time, paying their own way, in order to assist and teach in this busy charity clinic.

Ruthe says, "It was quite an experience! We worked hard and it was so rewarding to see how well homeopathy suited the thousands of people that visit the clinic each year, which is the only place to access this kind of care in Malawi. In particular, I was impressed by the simplicity and success of PC (Peter Chappell) remedies for AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, asthma and trauma."

Visit her blog page for more about Chintheche for a general audience and posted photos and short video links on my blog(

Homeopathic medicine is an elegant and affordable way to join in the global goal of eradicating malaria and other epidemic diseases. We know that our remedies are very effective but in order to apply for grants and wider funding, we need to have reliable data that clearly shows this.

Homeopathic malaria prophylaxis and treatment is already being done with children in day care, refugee camp and school settings in African countries. These promising efforts have been explained on video (see the latest posts on my blog). They have not been documented in a way that can be used to apply for grants or other funding to improve and sustain them.

She wants to return to Chintheche soon and contribute something very specific and practical. Her proposed project is to keep records for a group of children that will receive PC malaria doses before the malaria season begins (November) and then continue to receive less frequent doses as the season progresses. It will be a retrospective records study, "proof of principle". She has some expert help to write up the protocol and results.

Many people believe that funding for homeopathic treatment of malaria and other epidemic diseases in Africa can be secured in the next year or two--if we can put together an excellent proof of efficacy in the field. She already has the familiarity with the clinic, remedies and contacts in the Nhkata Bay region of Malawi in order to do this next step.

Last winter Ruthe financed her own volunteer stint through savings and donations from family and friends. This time she reaches out to the homeopathic community in a more concerted way. In addition to offering some direct service, she is committed to furthering our profession by this focus on one disease and one treatment protocol.

Will you help Ruthe by making a personal contribution?

Please share this request for donations with other colleagues, potential donors or organizations. You can also refer people to my blog.

Her budget is modest -- $9000. In spite of inflation, this should be enough money for her to live simply for 5-6 months near Chintheche. It will help to cover travel, communications, supplies and small stipends for interpreters/project assistants.

"I'm donating my time and energy because I really believe in the potential and promise of health through natural medicine."

Here are ways that you can contribute in the currency of your choice:

Tax-deductible on-line donation via paypal: (please earmark for MMP-Malawi Malaria Project)

Checks to: Ruthe Schoder-Ehri
817 East Ninth Street
Douglas, AZ. 85617

You can count on Ruthe to use your contributions wisely and to report back through her blog and personal emails. She has more information if you or anyone you contact has questions or wants more photos, stories, details about the ARH Foundation, the Chintheche clinic or this special project.

Thank you for all you are and do,



Ruthe spent last Christmas testing her traditional dancing skills in the local villages. The women in black dresses were part of a village team readying for a competition. 

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