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Some notes from the second hour on Light Therapy with Linaya Hahn

Continued work with light

24 years with Full spectrum Light
Think rainbow, all the colors, chakras

The rainbow makes everything in the body work
Live in Colorado with John Denver

son sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
raises serotinn to see, think, feel better

bilirubin babies, yellow, jaundice yellow
in England in the 40's 50's
babies near the windows the babies got pink
she would take the little ones outside in the shade
skin would get pink except under the diaper

something about sunshine really helps people
one of our indoor sunshine lightbulb to go home with every parent
A town called hygiene with a TB sanitarium
the greeks went down to work with the sun

Nehls symptoms for curing TB lesions with sunshine
including ultraviolet

if you have a little bit it is positive
it needs to be in balance
the same way the sun has it at noon

go thru the colors

purple or violent and ultraviolet
Russian RED LED Lights removes toxins from cells
YELLOW works with pancreas creates anger
Yellow orange lights not seeing well, angry, frustrated, not calm
need the blue and red and all the colors in between
Violet for peace in the correct amount

A woman could find different colored objects and covered her eyes
could identify the colored objects with her hands

Even though we don't know that, its like having perfect pitch
red-orange-blue in balance
may want over exposure in red to heal something

working with Phd to heal directly than simply lightbulbs in the house

it's when it is overloaded when only yellow coming out of lightbulbs

In india in all the clinics -- green curtains --
For the Heart and Thymus - gives joy -- unconditional love --

Each person is going to choose the color that they need
mother's house was always a sea mint green
my house was all blue
one kid needed blue
another best choice was RED Rug and needed that to help what his body feels better and works better

like flowers we absorb and reflect different colors

Dr Rob Bruck wanted to learn what plants will do with different colors of light and the pathology. vitamin, mineral, yield and

wouldn't it be great to have healthy food
PILOT STUDY and assisted living centers with studies
save energy - better for planet and build health

15 watt is the electricity usage
25 watt
35 watt
3-way lamp
no dimmer switches
the goal is to make sure they are full spectrum

buyer beware. Lots of lights say full spectrum and give you a KELVIN which is the appearance of blue 65 kelvin harsh like martian blue

CRI is how the color rendering how they look indoors as compared to outside
In Washington DC when number were taken 100 CRI 5500 K
6500 K is called full spectrum
need to have the CRI
our lights are 95 CRI

kelvin appearance of blue, will look blue
color rendering is missing
CRI must be listed

Can make it look blue without the CRI
the only way to do that is with the fluorescent tube with phosphors to be full spectrum.
if you write in HEALTH to get 10% discount
guarantee you love them or your money back

If you think about light and humans
our ancestors grew up at equator with lots of light
Scandinavians are fair, blue eyes, they absorb the tiny ray of sun
when near equator need protection from the light

in the USA we work inside all the time
all at risk for light deficiency
need proper amount of light and right kind

people don't light fluorescent but our lights are flicker free

Body just goes finally, the stress is down
Light deficiency syndrome
seasonal affective disorder
rather than a light box
just simply the lightbulbs around the house
giving as presents to every one in the family

if get 10 of same kind get one free
Study in 1960's

yellow orange light in an office
I want colored light
Pink fluorescent light in the office
within a week, saw the research of scientists
put mice under all kinds of light

pink light developed tumors in 7.5 moths

full spectrum 15
natural life 16.1 month

full spectrum increased
cool white decreased -- yellow light standard in schools, offices, hospitals

Warm white color - orange, can't see with it
our bodies use blue to see

we have not

surprised study of blood test before and after
Put the lights where and when they wanted
since colorado, if a nice day
don't go ride your bike for hours
stayed inside during the study period
did not see increase in vitamin D3 in this set of bulbs and people
thrilled with immune system response
what people eat, body type, activity, closeness to the light, so many variables to know e

1989 started the PMS Center.
learned about lights

Lights make such a difference in our lives
and PMS women
PMS in winter and not in the summer
san diego is far south
what's happening to women in Chicago
doing counseling, one women said, i love your lights
you are practically leaning on it, closer and closer
body was drinking that in and that is what i

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