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Dear HWC members and Friends

We will be getting a late start on the BlogTalkRadio show and have pushed up the date to January 15, 2014 at 12:30PM with Dr Christina Chambreau, DVM


We are making the Time and Date Change due to scheduling conflicts. Actually, it is because we are gearing up our Flexibility Factor For The Year


Contact Debby if you have any pet questions that you would like covered.


We will be discussing Potency Selection as the major topic.




Barbara Schelhorn Asks:

Hi Debby, I just listened to your radio interview with the vet. Thanks for that....are there any articles about how fluoride and other stuff damage the Pineal gland?


23rd January 2014


Delegates sat silent before voting to defeat a resolution asking the American Veterinary Medical Association to shun homeopathy via a policy statement. The measure failed by more than 90 percent.


Last year’s vigorous debate about the scientific and medical merits of homeopathy fizzled during an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) House of Delegates meeting this month. 

Delegates quietly and overwhelming rejected a resolution that called on the AVMA to publicly discourage and identify homeopathy as an “ineffective practice.”




You may listen to last show to see if you covered the Pineal Gland as you wished


Vet Dr Geoff Johnson talks about how he discovered homeopathy on a camping trip and went on to discover it can work for his animal patients too.

The Faculty of Homeopathy founded in 1844 and incorporated by Act of Parliament in 1950 provides internationally recognized training pathways in homeopathy for vets, doctors, dentists, podiatrists and other statutorily regulated healthcare professionals. Our courses are provided by our accredited teaching centres in the UK and overseas.

When Luc DeSheppard talked about potency and administration

key in the organon we want to individualize the medicine and the treatment of each animal and each person. We are assuming there is a CHI energy that is out of balance. Our goal is to push the vital force back into balance. Give it an artificial disease -- the remedy --

If you come to 5 homeopaths you will get five remedies. The goal is to match the potency to the strength of the individual. 

He was giving material doses, he was giving poison. He decided to dilute and succuss remedies. He was giving 6C, 13C, 30C doses.

He still had aggravations although not as bad. what if i shake and dilute or stir vigorously before giving it.

LM take 3C dilute one to 50,000 and 

potency and administration method are tied together

Dr Pitcarain did a lot of experimentation. He would read and try. Dose matters. Richard Pitcarain says potency mattered. He talked about matching potency to the individual. We have to remember that is most important. It is more important to match the potency to individual. 

low potency for abscess to drain

If have young animal has a strong vital force, with flaring up condition that is strong, therefore want to give strong high potency

if have 16 year old cat with renal failure without energy, loss of appetite, weakness, bad breath, throwing up, kidney not functioning, want to give LOW potency. The vital force is at a  low level. Dangerous organ changes. therefore. Use low potency repeated. LM or 6C or 6X or 12X That is main rule of thumb. 

Get puppies or foals that are already sick with skin disease. Digestive issues and hypothyroid at a year old. If they have ailments want to start on low potency. They have low energy. It has turned from skin to vital organs.

you must understand how disease progresses. From outside to the inside. From outer extremities upwards. Understand how animals and people become ill. First, just on vital force. Can't give remedy. Something is wrong. Intuitive, the animal is not well. Second is functional, scratching a lot . no raw spots. no hot spots. Cat seems happy. 

If cat seems happy, can use higher potency

if functional doesn't get cured. inflammation. heat, swelling, red, oozing, hotspots. Bladder shows red cells and white cells. then go to lower potency. 

if treatment not successful. Pathology. Tissue changes. Bladder wall thicken. Skin. Be more careful. Combination of understanding Herings Law. functional and tissue changes and pathology and knowing the different ranges of tissue changes.

more complicated. What's the right answer?

We know can give different remedies and still cure a case. After give a remedy, evealuate repsonse of body to that remedy. Curative, palliative, moving in right direction. if give wrong remedy and don't evaluate, may keep givinng wrong remedy for too long. 

The itching stopped by the dog is depressed. REmemdy helped one or two symptoms time to move on to related or complimentary remedy.

Same is true for potency. No right or wrong. multiple changes to healing with potency. Can give wrong remedy or wrong potency.

if potency is too low, it may not have touched the case. if too high can cause symptom aggravation. may need conventional medicine to help. Or lowering the potency will antidote the exacerbation. depending on how life threatening in the response. 

No one right or wrong. see how animal responds. What happens in practice. some people find one potency works better for them.

How to treat cat with rodent ulcer. if sure of remedy give 1 M

oh no. takes time to resolve need 1LM

No. like cancer need Ramakishnan's method

Take deep breath. not look at opinion. Look at YOUR animal and come up with best choice. if doesn't work move on.

Another thing to consider when choosing potency. How certain you are of remedy selection. As remedies become potentized. There effect is more pinpoint, laser like, more fine tuned. If more unsure choose a lower potency to bring out more symptoms to prescribe more accurately.

always have that in mind as well. How sure are you of the remedy selection?

Take into account what you are willing to do as the pet owner or as practitioner what client is willing to do

For instance, to give LM dose 3 times a day

so change administration 200C one dose and wait a month

because of person doing the administration and the time they have 

The bottom line of potency

some people will chastise me. when working with people by phone, what they have available is a grocery store selection of remedies. 6C and 30C boiron are available. even in LM potency is best, will start with 30C in a plus method 

other vets simply mail the remedy if not seeing the animal in person. they will wait

may have different potencies to be effective and give animal relief. Do no harm is the watch word. There is no one right potency. The remedies you use can come from the store. If need 200C or 1M you will need to order them. 

First decide ideal potency. 

In this situation, with this situation, with this animal, with this care-taker

Which seems the best. 

How to give to horse, cat, or a zoo animal

Administer in food or squirt in water. Take everything into account. 

Even though might be more ideal potency would be best match, may not be most useful or practical


what symptoms the animal is producing

Historically has this animal just gotten ill or has it be going on a long time

The level of symptoms are they reflective of serious of pathology and gently nudge

or from Vaccination has propelled into asthma, diarrhea from a drug

use higher potency because more acute

Michelle called in 

Cat is older. Find a remedy to give with pancreatitis, looks like kidney disease. Cat is 16 years. His mind is going. sit and stare into space. 

Where do they live? Phoenix, Arizona

As talking earlier on the show. 

There is no one right remedy and potency

Give your best guess and re evaluate 

Partner with vet in Phoenix help to continue the treatment to allow this cat to live to be 34 years old. 

A cat shelter called Bright 

Adopt cat that is 16 or older and give them a home for live

Some are very ill 

The cat I adopted live to be 28 years old

Flower essences

Green Hope Farms has flow free for kidney and bladder

Stomach soothe for pancreatic symptoms

Healthy helper to support immune system and energetic balance

Happy Tummy bowel disease and pancreatitis

Flower essences excellent emotional component of staring into space

With body ailments. 100% safe. REIKI

1. Send Reiki

2. Get Attuned

3. Diet change to raw food

4. Probiotic

trick when same house, set the intention for the one who needs to accept it

Just do reiki for yourself. The cat can just be in the room.

Mitomax - anxiety issues.

Once bought horse enzymes

equine live. microbial additive for food

Does it need to be specific to the different animals

Excessive length of time that food stays in the intestines for 4-8 hours

May get broken down

One form of baccilus coagulens does okay to get through the stomach



Is organic ground beef. hesitated raw chicken

Whatever meat family eats.

Whether raw, canned, roast chicken

kidney issues may have appetite problems

soak raw meat 

don't worry about e-coli with chicken

Feed 90% meat

Pitcairn book, Barbara Royals book, list specific meats and veggies for kidney problems.

If a Chinese medicine practitioner may have foods from tongue and pulse

For Paws Five Directions

People in Phoenix

Bill Peterson does acupuncture

Leonard Partridge cares for horses

Jim Arner 

AVMA state vet board in Connecticut

it was unsafe for any vet to prescribe homeopathy

They put a bill to forbid vets from using homeopathy

when this first started we responded and told people not to inundate with calls don't you dare do that, we want the privilege

leave up to vets to decide

The AVH and AVMA members from those organizations took time from work for two meetings. had conversations with our delegates with AVMA 

the first meeting I missed. Shelly Epstein went

They said we disagree with all calls from vets

pass back to the board to bring back to house of delegates

Couldn't get handled

last weekend had final meeting House of Delegates resoundingly said if a vet chooses they have the right to use that modality along with any other modality

Now fine for VET To use homeopathy

What to do to prevent this in the future?

Please send any cases of animals treated with homeopathy successfully. Or even a palliative result. Or you saved a lot of money. Write the case up with basic information. The animal, age, what was given, what worked. 

Post at HWC or send to Dr Chambreau

what if 5000 cases were posted and on the animal wellness and all magazines, journals, if every day a case is posted on FaceBook

What stopped it from going this time. Each vet called delegates. Would you want them to tell you can't use aspirin because it has not been tested on cats?

The truth is nobody will want to do this. We are working at different levels. The AVMA is official recognized organizations of AVA. We have a vote. We have a seat. Lessons to be learned. We have not been collecting and recording cases.

George Guess left NC because law suits went on for so long. 


Cat treated for respiration and coughing problems

Had been using 30C

Runny stools with blood

Wasn't any more ill or less ill

At same plateau of energy level

The diarrhea seems at FUNCTIONAL inflammatory level

Was not eating

cough worse

had been using 30C effective when repeated enough

can go to 200C or stay with 30C

Not clear this is a similimum

Did not get any concomitants

Practically just continued on 30C

Switched from THUJA to NUX-VOMICA

Hiding and more sensitive

NUX-V twice a day

Cat got better

No improvement with the respiration

New symptom diarrhea and not eating

Which Potency? What is status of animal? What is vital force?

Around a 30C is working. 

Are you sure of remedy? If a clear symptoms 

Ie restless and throwing up while diarrhea and fearful then would be sure it was ARS. then can jump up to 200C with acute

In this case not sure and can get 30C locally






A young animal gets vaccinated and two days after vaccinating starts muscle tremors. Not quite seizures. Enough symptoms to distinguish remedies

Start with 200C or 1M

or if 30C is all available then give more frequently, with succussion.


Cat came one and half years after 4th year vaccinations. Given everything FIP and was given asthma medication and even hospitalized

Any time tried to stop drugs, would need to go back to hospital

On drugs lethargic and not happy

Over all vitality? Not well since birth. Low potency required

Now cat 5-6 years old depressed from treatments

A high potency may not work

This cat was currently on 3-4 drug medications

A high potency to wait, the drugs would antidote good reaction

Need to repeat remedy more often

Reevaluate 5-7 days

Cat is STILL ON DRUGS. The homeopathy may still be given.

Gave and noticed improvement.

As soon as cat felt better decreased 



symptoms of cough reappear.

Repeat the remedy. 

Do not change the drug.

When feeling better. 

Then decrease drugs.

Four times over a month can continue to decrease until off medications.

This is all 30C. Now cat is off drugs and symptoms reappear

no drug interference and then increase the Homeopathic Potency of 200C one dose for 4-5 months

The cat outlived the owner 

February 12, 2014 at 10:30AM

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