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Fiona Dilston on April 26, 2009 at 8:34am
Hi Jolinda , I practiced Reiki and Intuitive Counselling as well as having made my own range of gem essences before studying homeopathy ....people still come to me for healing or the intuitive work and I think it is important to give your client what they are after and resist the urge to turn them on to homeopathy. I use remedies as an adjunct and see things in a different way to how I did pre-homeopathy in some ways but I repeatedly remind myself that the clients needs are paramount and some come needing bodywork or/and to talk ...the important thing is to be client centred at all times

Jolinda Rockett on April 14, 2009 at 9:46am
When practicing more than one modality things can get interesting. I prefer using homeopathy in most cases because it is clinically effective and costs effective. My reputation is in acupuncture (23 years of practice) so that is what most people expect but I'm always trying to turn them into homeopathy clients. Do you have this difficulty?

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For those who are not fortunate to be near to a skilled homeopath and suspect liver hyper toxicity, after, at best ,ruling out tumors, other specific organ damage, according to readings from Edgar Cayce, can , for 3 days, eat nothing but RAW apples, drinking distilled water, followed on 3d evening by drinking 1 half cup of olive oil before retiring. The following day, when individual has 1st bowel movement, he may pass even gallstones, if had them without knowing.  Edgar Cayce said this treatment would cleanse All toxins from any system.Incredible concepts from this man- Read my Einstein quote at end of my profile, if you wish. Best Regards, William...





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