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do your patients fully understand the differences between homeopathy and herbs?

I find it a common occurance with most of the population.
People lump this together as one and the same............
What do you do as a practicioner to help aid clarification?
1-I give them a print out of "FAQ" on Homeopathy/principles/prescribing

2-Explain to them the difference by speaking of how herbs/vitamins act on the physical body-to detox pathogen
3-how homeopathy can access their mental and emotional trauma history. Herbs/vitamins cant do this.

please share your thoughts...................................

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What you say is true. It is important to educate the patients about how to differentiate between homeopathic medicines and other material doses. Some are ready some are not, we need to move intuitively.
Giving examples from life processes makes all the difference. The subtle world is at the same time mysterious and attractive, and therefore uneasy to accept.
I have found a bit of Quantum Touch very useful to make them understand about the vibratory/dynamic nature of homeopathy. They can sense it within their bodies and in their palms. Actual tactile experience can help understand the changes in the subtle.
Has anyone else tried QT?
Hi Gina,
I think even with trying to explain, people will still not understand (and mostly not believe) untill they experience it.
Depends also what kind of patients we have, but some general FAQ should be in every practice at least to give them a first picture and also I find it important to differentiate from not sufficient explanations about homeopathy wich can be found sometimes in chemistries or in internet and lead to wrong directions (for example advertisement for combi-remedies leads to the tought that only this is homeopathy)...or...homeopathic remedies only for a common cold... it gives the impression homeopathy can´t cure "serious sicknesses"... On the other hand it should not be too much concentrated on cancer or other heavy cases because it can lead also to mistrust (allopathy can´t heal cancer, so why should homeopathy?)
Some cured cases could be also described in the FAQ prints to make work of homeopathy more understandable, also it is important to let people know about iatrogenic effects and how much use of allopathic medicine can damage the whole system...
It is a matter of education. Many people hear Homeopathy and think "natural" and this means "herbs." Especially when so many of our trauma / shock / injury and emergency remedies are originally from a plant such as arnica, ledum, hypericum and calendula.

They are often confused with the Latin names and wonderful why they are given instead of the common name like marigold, rosemary and St. John's wort which are commonly known from the garden.

That is why so much of the homeopath's job is to educate. I have also said elsewhere that when a client/patient takes a beginner course they become better patients. They begin to understand the depth of knowledge, art and practice to be a good homeopath.

Tihana ~ it is best to move slowly to teach that remedies can work on a different level than purely material with examples. Such as not only physical trauma, but emotional trauma. To begin with immediate demonstration like arnica, rather than the chronic conditions. People begin to accept slowly through their own experience.

I have found when I explain homeopathy to someone who is looking at alternative medicine (it is true most know of and use herbs and vitamins and want to compare homeopathics to them) that their understanding then excites them to experience the healing abilities of homeopathics.   I explain on a level that they will understand based on what I intuitively know they will understand.  This is different then I used to try to explain and this has made all the difference.   But I also understand that many will not get it right now and I will have to be patient with them and their understanding and will have to concede to not helping them until they are ready.  I believe that the collaboration of homeopathics with other energy healing modalities has given a greater understanding to not only myself but many others I have worked with.  Once they see the attributes of energy healing modalities they then are open to the purpose and capabilities of homoepathics.  


I do believe that a lot of the combination remedies out on the market are misleading to the general public.  I believe by them being there without the understanding, we are lumping them in with an herb or vitamin and the beauty of homeopathics is lost.  I appreciate homeopathics being in the public eye but I also understand the mindset of so many who are looking for a magic pill to cure their ills and their belief in the allopathic route.  I wish more were educated on homeopathy but I also understand the woo woo mentality of what people think when you talk about the remedy working not just with your symptom but your state of being, the cause, emotions and energy.


We can assist in healing those who are ready and open to be healed and it is through all facets of their lives rather then just a symptom.  That is what I love about homeopathy.


I just realized how old this discussion is but wanted to share. 


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