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First Amendment rights cited in objection to new vaccine exemption form; lawyer warns parents might sue state

Posted By Andrew Stein On October 19, 2012

Vermont Digger Article

The Vermont legislature created and passed a vaccine bill which essentially coerces a parent to sign a p

aper that may make a statement which is not within the belief system of the parent. In a way, we could compare this to a forced signature on a legal document. Could the government threaten a parent by putting them in an either or position. Either you sign this document, or your child cannot claim his or her right to an exemption. 

The bill, known as Act 157 

Does a parent have the 'free will' to sign a medical release form under state and federal laws for philosophic and religious reasons?

Mitchell Pearl, a First Amendment constitutional law specialist represents a group a parents from the advocacy group Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice.

The two contentious paragraph written in the required form state the following:

• “I understand that failure to complete the required vaccination schedule increases the risk to my child and others of contracting, carrying or spreading a vaccine-preventable infectious disease.”

• “I understand that there are people with special health needs in schools and child care facilities who are unable to be vaccinated, or who are at heightened risk of contracting a vaccine preventable communicable disease, and for whom such a disease could be life-threatening.”

Alan Phillips will explain how these statements do not follow our constitutional rights for free speech.

Mitchell Pearl feels the addition of a few words can repair the problem by shifting the belief system onto the Health Department, rather than on the person who signs the document, in this case, the parent. This also shifts the weight of evidence to prove their belief and philosophy onto the Health Department.

This contradiction in terms of freedom may go to court if the Vermont Health Department does not change the wording on the release form.

I wonder if it is legal for an individual to make a personal adjustment by writing in an insertion of a few words or crossing off words? Is this legally binding with new terms? I know when signing other documents we can do this with initials and a notary public.

The major problem will fall upon those too weak to stand up for themselves or unknowingly that this words have been written in this way. We see something similar in the realm of proposed drug testing on little infants. How many parents will understand the potential harm to their developing children if they sign a consent form? A major problem in the health care field today deals with both misinformation and a lack of full disclosure.

We at HWC are proud of those parents who stand up to the law, stand up for their rights and freedoms as citizens of the US in defense of their children.


Ban Lifted On Novartis Flu Vaccine

Internet Bullying Continues

Attempt to defame Alternative Medicine

Do you believe "He who has the money wins?" That's the game being played in the marketplace and in the market.

That includes the grocery market, the stock market and the political market where you legal rights of disclosure should be transparent.

Instead, a while label that you need invisible ink to read the chemical inside the food on your table presides in America

the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Dr Mercola leads the list of brave soldiers.

The top six funders of "No on 37" are also the six largest pesticide companiesin the world and they don't wan you to know what they are doing in the lab, how they manipulate the genes or play with your food.

The people cannot be fooled all of the time. The fact checkers in the house tell us about the presidential candidates lies and half truths. We also have groups checking up on the lab rats.

Covert Attack on GMO

Vote YES on Prop 37

Read The Label

The second hour of this show we read Dr Herbert Alfred Roberts, MD

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  • What must a physician know before he can successfully practice medicine? 
  • How can he learn what is curative in drugs?
  • Compare the value of homœopathy in chronic and acute work.
  • How does the homœopathic physician regard seemingly confusing symptoms?
  • In what relationship does homœopathy consider the sickness of local parts?
  • Why does homœopathy not give more weight to the experimentation upon the lower animals?
  • Why do we feel that the knowledge of drugs and their reaction, assembled and recorded by homœopathy, is truly scientific?
  • What is the larger definition of homœopathy?  
  • How does homœopathy regard gross physical pathology?
  • What did Hahnemann mean by "removing all obstacles to cure?"
  • How does disease manifest itself?
  • How much can we ever learn of disease?
  • How do we treat emergencies, such as poisoning, asphyxia, etc.?"
  • What do we mean by natural disease? By artificial disease?

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